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2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 11

1. According to the passage, the study is about_________________
a-) how children use technology b-) how teenagers speak on the phone
c-) how teenagers keep in touch d-) the applications teenagers use most.
2. When we read the passage we CANNOT say that ________________
a-) 2000 teenagers joined the study. b-) Teenagers use videochat programs.
c-) Teenagers use technology while doing homework. d-) They never talk on the phone.
3. The word interaction means :__________________
a-) All people of about the same age b-) A process when two or more things affect each other.
c-) Parts out of a total of 100. d-) This person takes part in an activity or event.
4-) How often do the eighty-three percent of the teenagers use videochats?
a-) once or more times a week b-) at least every week c-) never d-) once a day


C-) CAN YOU FIND THE SYNONYMS (5X3=15 points)?

1.We _________________my sister’s birthday at Cafe Goriat every year.
2. My friend, Bob, is _____________________ heavy metal but I am not.
3. Today, it is possible to eat manti ___________________ in the world.
4. I know it is an ____________________ way but I love sending letters.
5. Social media use is now ____________ and more influential than ever.
E-) CHOOSE THE BEST OPTION(8X3=24 points).
1. Henry: Which type of food do you love the most?
Jack: Hmm, I am crazy about sweet things.
Henry: _____________
Jack : Yes, I am crazy about it.

Which of the following DOES NOT complete the gap?
a. Do you like pasta?
b. Do you love eating apple pie?
c. You always say “Yes” to baklava.
d. I think you like tadelle.

2. Secretary: Hello, Mr. Uluc’s Office. How can I help you?
Burak: Hi, This is Burak Aslan. Can I talk to Mr. Uluc please?
Secretary: __________________
Burak: Thank you very much. I will call again later.
Which one completes the conversation best?
a. Hang on a moment, please. I will put you through.
b. Why do you want to speak to him?
c. I am sorry but he is in a meeting now.
d. He is my boss. You cannot talk to him anymore.

3. Your uncle calls your father and wants to speak to him. You answer the telephone. Because your dad is very busy in the garage, he can’t come to the telephone.
What do you say to your uncle?
a. Hang on a minute, I will get him.
b. He is at the hospital now.
c. I am afraid, he is not available now.
d. Please do not call us again.

Send an
e-mail Text a message Make a phone call
Deniz + + X
Derya X X +
Defne X + +
Look at the table above. What can we say according to the table?
a. They all prefer texting a message.
b. Defne and Derya don’t like making a phone call.
c. Defne prefers texting a message but Deniz doesn’t.
d. Deniz and Derya have nothing in common.

Rukiye and Sadiye want to prepare a poster about the rules while using the Internet . Which of the following DO NOT they write on their poster?

a. Pay attention to the money of the people.
b. You should pay attention to the etiquette.
c. We should be careful about copyright issue.
d. Be careful about the rights of the others.

a. I can’t help you because you are a rude customer.
b. I am sorry ,we can’t help you at the moment.
c. Where is the device now?
d. I beg your pardon. Can you say it again?

7. 1. I would love to. What time?
2. No, I don’t Mike. Why are you asking?
3. Hey,Tom. Do you have any plans for tonight?
4. We are organizing a slumber party. Why don’t you join us?
5. Can we meet at 5 p.m if it is for you?
What is the CORRECT order of this dialogue?
a.2-3-1-4-5 b. 3-2-4-1-5
c. 3-2- 4-5-1 d. 2-3 4-1-5

Which question CANNOT be asked in this research?
a.How long do you speak on the phone?
b. How many hours do you chat online?
c. How often do you meet and speak to your friends?
d. How much time do you spend on watching movies?

2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 11 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.

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