2019-2020 İngilizce 6. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 7

Name&Surname:…………………………… Number:……. Class: 6/….


1. It is – – – –

a) snowy b) cloudy
c) windy d) sunny

2. We can – – – – because it is rainy.

a) take an umbrella b) wear T-shirts
c) fly a kite d) make a snowman

3. Cenk: – – – – ?
Kaan: It is minus ten degrees Celcius.

a) What is the weather like?
b) What ‘s the temperature?
c) How do you feel in cold days?
d) Is it sunny?

4. My favorite season is – – – – because I like sunny and hot weather. I feel very energetic and excited. I usually go swimming.

a) summer b) spring
c) winter d) autumn

5. soruyuaşağıdakitabloyagörecevaplayınız.

5. How does Jack feel on rainy days?

a) happy b) sleepy c) scared d) moody

6. I am – – – – now .

a) in the downtown
b) by the seaside
c) in the village
d) in the city center

7 ve 8. Sorularıtabloyagörecevaplayınız.

7.London is – – – – – –

a) hotter than Paris b) more crowded than Paris
c) colder than Berlin d) hotter than Ankara

8. Aşağıdakilerdenhangisitabloyagöreyanlıştır?

a) London is more crowded than Ankara
b) Berlin is hotter than Paris
c) Ankara is colder than Paris
d) Paris is more crowded than London

9. What is Tina doing?
She is – – – –

a) talking on the phone
b) feeding the birds
c) having a snack
d) doing homework

10. Pam: Would you like some bagel?
Ted: No, thanks. – – – –

a) I am happy
b) I am not hungry
c) I am not thirsty
d) I love juice very much

11. I usually – – – – after school.

a) do karate
b) have
c) have a rest
d) do homework

12. Bob: I think fairs are noisy and dull places.
Clare: _________. I think they are fun.

a) I dislike
b) I disagree
c) I hate
d) Yes

13. Frank: – – – – ?
Sally: I eat bagel, cheese and olives. I drink tea.

a) Can I have your order
b) What do you have for breakfast
c) Can I have some muffins
d) Where is he from

14. Harry: What do youthinkaboutghosttrains ?
David: I thinktheyareveryfrightening
Harry :_____________I don’tlikeit.I am scared.

a-I feelhappy b-I disagree
c-I don’tagreewithyou d-I agreewithyou

15. Andy :What time is it?
Karen:It is________________
Andy :Oh,Wearelate.Hurryup!

a-quartertotwelve b-twelveo’clock
c-quarterpasttwelve d-halfpasttwelve

16.” I gotobed at 10 o’clock.” cümlesinin görseli hangisidir?
a. b.
c. d.

17..Tom : Can I havesomeomelette?
Waiter: Sorry, …….
a. Yes, it is yummy.
b. it is allgone.
c. it is verynutritious.
d. of course.
18.Furkan: When do youvisityourgrandparents?
Fatih: ___________.
a) Yes, I do b) On theweekends
c) No, I don’t d) I take English course

19.Which one is true?
A) A skyscraper is higher than a house.
B) A house is bigger than a skyscraper.
C) A skyscraper is shorter than a house.
D) A house is taller than a skyscraper.

20. Diyaloğutamamlayınız.

A) Would you like a hamburger?
B) Would you like an apple?
C) Want some cheese?
D) Do you want some salad?
1. 21.Which one is true?

A) David is older than Jack.
b) B)Jack is taller than David.
c) C)Jack is younger than David.
d) D)David is heavier than Jack.
2. 22.Therearen’t …….strawberry in thepicture.
A) any
B) some
C) alittle
D) Much

23.. Ahmet often has dinner at …..
a) quarter past seven
b) fifteen to eight
c) quarter to six
d) quarter to seven

24. “I like sunny weather. I go out and play football with my friends. I feel ………. on sunny days.”
a) anxious b) scared
c) C) sleepy d) happy

My brother is doing his homework ________.
a)at the moment b)right now
c)never d)now


2019-2020 İngilizce 6. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 7 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.

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