2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 8



1. I’m ……………………………….to hear that you aren’t joining me tomorrow. We can meet up later then.
2. I think smartphones are ………………………………. because they help us keep in touch with people easily.
3. I’d like to ………………………………. a room for three nights at your hotel.
4. Everybody should know the ………………………………. numbers so that they dial them immediately when there is a need.
5. Could you speak louder and ………………………………. your name and surname, please?

(1, 2, 3 ve 4. soruları tarife göre yapınız.)
First, pour some oil into a pan and heat the oil.Next, dice the meat and fry it in a pan. Then, cut the onion, pepper, tomatoes into pieces with a knife. After that, add them into the pan and stir the mixture.Finally, sprinkle a spoon of salt, red pepper. Fajita is ready. Enjoy it.
Ps: For delicious Fajita, add some lemon sauce.

1. Which one is the step after stiring the mixture? (5pts)
A. Pour some oil.
B. Cut the onion.
C. Dice the meat.
D. Sprinkle salt.

2. Which of the following is USED for the recipe? (5pts)
A. Bowl
B. Grater
C. Pan
D. Oven

3. For better taste what should we do? (5pts)
A. Add lemon sauce.
B. Add red pepper.
C. Heat the oil.
D. Use a pan.

4. Which of the ingredients is NOT used for Fajita? (5pts)
A. Pepper
B. Sugar
C. Onion
D. Meat

5) You get some news on the phone. Your friend has got the flu and can’t join your slumber party. What do you say to your friend? (5pts)

a) I’m sorry to hear that.
b) I hope you can make it.
c) I’m afraid, I can’t join you.
d) I think that is awesome.

6) Teens mostly write text messages by using short combinations of numbers, words and symbols.(5pts)
For example, – – – -.

a) they prefer talking on landlines
b) languages are changing fast
c) they are fast and fun
d) number 2 means “to”

7) ………. after pour ½ cup of mixture into a frying pan. (5pts)

a) Put the mixture into a blowl
b) Heat it until golden, then flip
c) Put the eggs, sugar, flour and milk in a blender
d) Serve your pancake with butter and jam

________, crack the eggs into a mixing bowl
________, slice the tomatoes
________, put all of them into a pan
________, cook it for 5 minutes. Enjoy your meal!

8) Yukarıdaki tarifteki boşluklara sırasıyla hangi kelimeler gelmelidir? (5pts)

a) First / Finally / Next / After that
b) After that / Next / First / Finally
c) Next / First / Finally / Then
d) First / Next / After that / Finally

A: How about going to a rap concert this weekend? B: ……………………… I am going to meet my friends.
9) Boşluğa hangisi getirilmelidir? (5pts)

a) I would like to b) Yes, that’s great.
c) Of course d) I have another plan ,sorry.

10) Boşluğa hangisi getirilirse yanlış olur? (5pts)
‘True friends ………………………’

a) are always with you when you’re in need.
b) are like your true brothers.
c) can not get on well with you.
d) have a lot of things in common.

11) Teenagers usually use their PCs, tablets or smart phones to – – – – with their friends. (5pts)

a) keep in touch b) leave a message
c) hang on a minute d) speak face-to-face

12) You want to invite one of your friends to your party but she didn’t answer the phone. So you’d like to leave a voicemail. What do you say? (5pts)

a) Hello, Sarah. This is Martin. I’m having a party tonight. Would you like to join us?
b) Hello, Sarah. This is Martin. I’m busy that night. I have to stay home.
c) Hi, Sarah. This is Martin. Thanks for inviting me to your party. I’m going to be there.
d) Hi, Sarah. This is Martin. I can’t hear you well. I guess it’s a bad line

___ Secretary: I’m sorry, sir, but she is out at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?
___ Umut: Hi. Can I speak to Mrs. Johnson, please? I’m her friend.
___ Secretary: This is Mrs. Johnson’s Office. How may I help you?
___ Umut: That would be great. Can you please tell her to call me back as soon as she turns back? I’m Umut Aras.
___ Umut: A – R – A – S.
___ Secretary: How do you spell your surname

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