2019-2020 8. Sınıf Seçmeli İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 7 (25 SORU TEST)

  1. Aşağıdaki resim ve sözcük eşleştirmelerinden hangisi yanlıştır?
  2. A)                                 B)    C)     D)

         frying pan           tin opener         grater                  plate




  1. 2. Aşağıdaki sözcük ve tanımların doğru şekilde eşleştirildiği seçenek hangisidir?
1) chop

2) boil

3) stir

a) to cook something in hot water

b) to move something around with a spoon

c) to cut something into pieces with a knife







A) 1-a /  2-b  /  3-c             B) 1-b  /  2-a  /  3-c

C) 1-c  /  2-a  /  3-b            D) 1-c  /  2-b  /  3-a



  1. 3. Verilen cümleye uygun görsel hangisidir?
First, knead the dough for ten minutes.




  1. A) B) C)   D)
  2. 4. Tabloya en uygun başlık hangisi olabilir?

* 2 eggs                       * 200gr of cheddar cheese

* 1 tbs of olive oil       * some salt






A) recipe      B) process       C) dish       D) ingredients
  1. 5. Görsele göre aşağıdakilerden hangisi doğrudur?



  1. A) He prefers fried fish to grilled fish.
  2. B) He prefers grilled fish to fried fish .
  3. C) He doesn’t prefer grilled fish .
  4. D) He can’t stand grilled fish .



  1. 6. Verilen cümlelerle anlamlı bir sıralama yapıldığında aşağıdakilerden hangisi doğrudur?


   I-   Finally ,serve it immediately

   II-  Firstly,dice the potatoes and add salt, pepper and olive oil

   III- After that ,take it out and put on the plate .

IV- Next,put into the oven and bake it for 20 minutes


  2. B) I-II-III-IV                        D) II-III-IV-I


  1. Aşağıdaki seçeneklerden hangisinde eş anlamlı sözcük-

ler eşleştirilmiştir?

  1. A) nerd – stylish             C)  fashionable – trendy
  2. B) snob – teenager          D)  formal – casual










8.Aşağıdaki eşleştirmelerden hangisi yanlıştır ?

  1. Accepting : Of course.What time?
  2. Inviting: Would you like to come with me?
  3. Refusing: Yeah,I’ll be there for sure.
  4. Apologising: I ‘m sorry ,but I can’t .


  1. 9. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.
Beril:  Hello! Is Selim there?

Eylül : I’m afraid. He is not available at the moment. ———-?

Beril: Yes, please. Could you tell him to contact with Ali?










A) Could I take your name, please
B) Could you please repeat that
C) May I ask who is calling
D) Would you like to leave messages




  1. 10. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.


Tom: Hi, Tina. This is Tom. How are you?

Tina: I don’t feel well. I guess I am sick.








A) We can go out
B) See you later then
C) I hope you feel better soon
D) I hope you can come with us


  1. 11. Boşluğu tamamlayınız.
…………………..  are popular among teenagers because they are cheap, fast and fun.






A) Newspapers B) Board games
C) Text messages D) Technology stores



  1. 12. Boşluğu tamamlayınız.
Bora : Is your PC online ?


Bob: I mean “ Is your computer connected to the internet?”









A) Do you mean the cable
B) What do you mean
C) I can’t hear you. Repeat it, please
D) How do you connect to the Internet


  1. 13. Boşluğu tamamlayınız.


Facebook  is the most popular————-on the Internet.




A) communication and science exhibition
B) cheap technology store
C) school counselling service
D) social networking site





  1. 14. Boşluğa uygun düşen seçenek hangisidir?
1) hold on

2) engaged

3) memo

4) available

a) a short note

b) present to talk

c) wait

d) in use










  1. A) 1-c / 2-d / 3-a / 4-b B) 1-c / 2-a / 3-b / 4-d
  2. C) 1-a / 2-b / 3-c / 4-d  D) 1-d / 2-b / 3-c / 4-a


  1. 15. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.
Sally : Hello, Sally speaking.

Amy : Hi Sally, this is Amy. Is your sister in?

Sally :———————, please. I’ll get her.















A) Hang on a minute B) I’m afraid not
C) Let’s meet there D) Thanks for calling



  1. 17. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.
İlayda: Do you have an Internet connection at home?

Yunus: ——————————–.







A) Yes, I use the Internet to play online games
B) Yes, we have, but it is so slow
C) No, I don’t have a smartphone
D) No, I sometimes upload some photos on the Internet




  1. 18. Boşluğu tamamlayınız.
I’m an Internet ————.I surf the Net for about 8 hours a day.






A) sender B)  addict
C) connection D)  upload


  1. 19. Boşluğa uygun olmayan cevap hangisidir?
Ece: What can a virus do ?




  1. A) It can destroy all your
  2. B) It can delete information.
  3. C) It can protect your computer.
  4. D) It can stop your computer.


  1. 20. Hangi seçenek boşluklara uygun değildir?
Mısra: Hello!

İrem  : ————————?

Mısra: Sorry, he isn’t here. Who’s calling?

İrem  : It’s İrem.

Mısra: —————————–?

Mısra: Yes, please. Can you ask him to call me back.

İrem  :———————–?

Mısra: My number is 0 232 321 16 89.












Sarah Hello,friends.I am going to have  a New Year Party.We ‘ll have a great time.Fancy joining us ?Please,let me know as soon as possible.
David I’d love to ,but I am going to welcome to 2018 with my family at my place.
Julie Sounds fun .I ‘ll be definitely there


Carol Sure.I love parties .














  1. ve 22. soruları yukarıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
  2. Which one is FALSE ?
  3. A) Sarah is organising a party.
  4. B) David will be busy on 31st December.
  5. C) Julie isn’t going to attend to the party .
  6. D) Carol accepts the invitation.


22-Why does David refuse the invitation ?

  1. A) Because he is going to be at home with his family.
  2. B) Because he doesn’t like parties
  3. C) Because he will be out of city then
  4. D) Because he is organising a New Year party,too.




  1. 23. Boşlukları sırasıyla tamamlayan seçenek hangisidir?
-We use the …………………… to connect to the internet, ……………………….. to type and  …………………… to print documents.









  1. A) modem – keyboard – printer
  2. B) mouse – scanner – keyboard
  3. C) printer – speaker – monitor
  4. D) monitor – printer – scanner



  1. 24. Diyaloğu uygun cümle ile tamamlayınız.
Emre: Oh no! I don’t have any money to buy some bread.











  1. A) It’s OK. I will answer the door.
  2. B) She is going to fall down.
  3. C) She is going to travel around the world.
  4. D) Don’t worry. I will lend you some.


  1. 25. Boşluğu tamamlayınız.
Google is the biggest …………………. .





A) search engine B) web browser
C) reactivate D) social network

ELÇİN ECE                                                                    

A) Do you want to leave a message

     B) What is the best thing about the Internet

     C) Hi! Can I speak to İhsan, please

     D) What’s your number


2019-2020 8. Sınıf Seçmeli İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 7 (25 SORU TEST) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.

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