2019-2020 8. Sınıf Seçmeli İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 4 (25 SORU TEST)


NAME&SURNAME:…………………            NUMBER:……….          CLASS: 8/……      MARK:……


·         have similar interests

·         don’t tell lies

·         support each other

·         …………………










Which option is NOT suitable for the chart?

  1. a) share secrets
  2. b) get on well with each other
  3. c) always argue with each other
  4. d) have lots of things common


2-  Your friend invites you to a class reunion.

You’d love to attend the activity.

What do you say to accept the invitation?


  1. a) I’d like to. When is it?
  2. b) I’d love to but I can’t make it.
  3. c) Thanks for inviting me but I’m busy
  4. d) I’m sorry , I must visit my grandpa


Answer the questions 3 and 4 according to the text.


Hi! My name’s Bartu. I have two best friends, Alperen and Buğra. We are great buddies. We have lots of things in common. We do the same things all the time. I count on my friends because we never lie to each other. We also back up each other. I love them so much.


  1. Bartu trusts her friends because …….. .
  2. a) he’s a sneaky boy.
  3. b) they always tell the truth.
  4. c) they are sometimes stubborn.
  5. d) they usually argue.


  1. Which one is TRUE according to the text?
  2. a) Alperen and Buğra are honest boys.
  3. b) Bartu and her friends never support each other.
  4. c) They spend time alone.
  5. d) Bartu never shares similar interests with her friends.


5- Waiter: Hello. May I take your order?

  Customer:Yes,please I’d like to have lentil soup first.

  Waiter: All right. What would you like as main course?

  Customer: …………………….?

  Waiter: Sure. Anything else?

  Customer: No, thanks.


  1. a) Do you have a piece of apple pie
  2. b) Do you like chicken soup
  3. c) Can I have mixed kebap
  4. d) May I have grilled fish


Baha:Hello! My brother and I are going skating

            this  afternoon.Would you like to join us?

Rana        :  Sure! That sounds awesome.

Arda Can  :I’d love to, but I must help my parents.

Batu   :          I’m sorry, but I can’t.

Aylin  :    Skating? Of course. What time is it?




  1. Who refuses the invitation?
  2. A) Rana & Batu C) Aylin & Rana
  3. B) Arda & Aylin  D) Batu & Arda


  1. Who has an excuse?
  2. A) Rana C) Aylin
  3. B) Batu  D) Arda


8-   Ada:  He always tells the truth

      Erdi:  He always buys presents.

     Elif:    She always  comes on time

Aslım:  She always behaves kind


     Which matching is  CORRECT?

  1. a) Ada – Generous  c) Elif – Punctual
  2. b) Erdi – Supportive d) Aslım – Honest


9- İkra:I have two tickets. Would you like to come   

              to the  Rock concert with me?

Yaren: ___________, because I like rock music.

İkra:OK. Let’s meet at 8 p m near my home.


  1. I am so busy, but I can’t refuse it
  2. I am sorry,but I can’t
  3. I am sorry, but I am busy
  4. I have to study science exam. I can’t come


10-   Binnur : What does  ‘’ reliable’’ mean?

  Sema: It means____________________.


  1. Someone never tells the truth
  2. Relaxed in manner and character
  3. Not hungry
  4. Never tells your secrets


11-Which matching is FALSE?


  1. a) buddy- friend c) get on well with- like each other b) back up –pick up     d)count on –depend on

12-    Duhan : ………………………………?

         Hüseyin : I usually surf the net or play tennis

  1. How about playing tennis?
  2. Do you surf the net?
  3. What do you do on Saturdays?
  4. Where do you play tennis?


13- Hi! My name is Anıl. I get up at 7 o’clock on saturday. I go to dance school by school bus after breakfast. I take folk dance and hip-hop dance course at school. I have lunch at school with my friends. Then, I go to cinema and watch a film. I come home at 4 p.m and rest for hours. I sometimes read a book.

Which question is NOT answered in the text?

  1. How does he go to school?
  2. How often does he dance?
  3. What time does he wake up?
  4. What does he do after lunch?




14- İrfan : What are your interests, Fatih?

      Fatih : Well, I like watching movies. I also enjoy     

               reading books.

       İrfan : Really?  – – – – ?

Fatih : Science fiction. I like detective books, too.

  1. A) What types of movies do you hate watching
  2. B) What type of boks do you like most
  3. C) Why do you prefer watching science fiction
  4. D) When do you usually read science fiction books


15- Read  traits of Carol and answer the question.




Which one  IS NOT related to Carol’s personality?

A). She buys presents for her friends.

  1. B) She always insults other people
  2. C) She only thinks herself.
  3. D) She never tells a lie.



16- Kübra: I can’t stand rock music. Because I find it ….


  1. a) Wonderful c) Terrific

b)Great                      d) Unbearable


Answer 17, 18 and 19 according to the text.


Dear Mehmetcan

The school sport club is organizing a football tournament on Sunday afternoon 16th September. It is between 4 pm and 6 pm. The football field is on Yellow Street. Shall we join? Please bring your football shoes. We will have lots of fun, because Mustafa Eren and Kağan will also come.But Tuna and Fırat won’t join.  Hope you can come




17 –What is the event?


  1. A Theatre play   c. An exhibition
  2. A footbal tournament d. A book fair



18-Which one is false?


  1. Date: 16th September c) Time: between 4 and 6 pm
  2. Receiver: Cem d) Place: Football field


19-Who will join the activity?


  1. Fırat  c. Tuna
  2. Kağan d. Mehmetcan


20- Radife : How do you cook egg?

Beste: I usually ……………… it in hot water

  1. a) steam c) Boil

b)Roast             d) Bake


21- Which one  is FALSE about food and drinks?


  1. Fried potatoes are sour.
  2. Some chocolates are bitter.
  3. Adana kebab is spicy a lot.
  4. Apple pie is sweety.




22- İclal Sude prepares salad for dinner and she wants to grate carrots.


Which kitchen tool should Sude use?

  1. A) B)


  1. C) D)










 Mashed Potatoes Recipe

a)…….. mash them.      c)…….. wash the potatoes.

b)…….  peel them.        d).……. boil them.

It is ready. Enjoy it.


Number the steps in the order you know about the mashed potatoes. Which one is the correct option?


  1. 1- c 2- b  3- a  4- d
  2. 1- c 2- d  3- a  4- b
  3. 1- c 2- d  3- b  4- a
  4. 1- a 2- b  3- d  4- c


  1. Complete the sentences with appropriate words
A.  my room

B. tik tok

C. playing piano

D. rock music

  1. I am keen on…..
  2. I am skilled at ……

III. My favorite Smartphone

application is  ….

  1. My favorite place is ……..


  1. I-D II-B    III-A    IV-C       c.   I-D    II-C    III-B    IV-A
  2. I-B II-C    III-D    IV-A      d.   I-A    II-D    III-C    IV-B


25- ODD the different one

a- add      b- grill    c-  slice     d- mix


1 a b c d   14 a b c d
2 a b c d   15 a b c d
3 a b c d   16 a b c d
4 a b c d   17 a b c d
5 a b c d   18 a b c d
6 a b c d   19 a b c d
7 a b c d   20 a b c d
8 a b c d   21 a b c d
9 a b c d   22 a b c d
10 a b c d   23 a b c d
11 a b c d   24 a b c d
12 a b c d   25 a b c d
13 a b c d            


2019-2020 8. Sınıf Seçmeli İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 4 (25 SORU TEST) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.

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