2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce LGS 1-2-3-4-5. Üniteler Tekrar Denemesi (TAVSİYE EDİLİR)


1. Amy’s classmates wrote something about her on her social media account. Here are their comments.
According to the information above, whose comment makes Amy unhappy?
Betty : Hi, this is Betty. Can I speak to Liz, please?
Mary : Hello. I’m afraid, she isn’t at home now. Would
you like to leave a message?
Betty : Yes, please. ——
Which of the following completes the conversation?
A) Could you hold on a moment, please?
B) Can you tell her to contact me, please?
C) Could you repeat that, please?
D) Can I take a memo, please?
3. Mr. Parker asked girls and boys about their favourite free time activities. Here are the results.
Which of the following is NOT CORRECT according to the information above?
A) Girls prefer watching movies to doing sports.
B) Girls and boys spend their same time reading books.
C) Both girls and boys spend their time on the Net mostly.
D) Boys usually do sports in their free time.
Alice and Pam want to eat pancakes together. Alice likes sour and sweet flavors and Pam likes eating pancakes with fatty and sweet things.
Which of the following number SHOULD they order for their pancakes?
A) 2, 3, 5
B) 1, 4, 6
C) 3, 4, 7
D) 2, 4, 5

You are the best friend I have ever met.
You are awesome. PETER
You never tell my secrets to anyone. I always count on you. ANGELA
Your jokes are sometimes unbearable. You should be more tactful. TOM
Your style is very impressive. You are so terrific.

5-According to the conversation, Rosa —— .
A) will text Emily the address of the Cafe’
B) refuses the offer with an excuse
C) asks for some details of the event
D) doesn’t want to know the place
6. Helen wants to make Spanish Tortilla but she forgets some of the ingredients. So, she browses recipe of it on the Net.
According to the information above, which icon SHOULD Helen click?
A) What you need
B) How to make
C) Cooking ways
D) Serving tips
7. Mr. Nelson does a research about communication ways of 100 teens in England. Here are the results.
Ways of Communication
Number of the Teens
Making a phone call
Writing a letter
Using social networks
Sending an e-mail
Talking face to face
Video chats
Which of the following is CORRECT according to the results?
A) Writing letters is more popular than sending e-mails among the teens.
B) Many of the teens prefer talking on the phone.
C) Talking with friends online is the second popular ways among the teens.
D) More than half of the teens prefer social media and face to face communication.
8. Mert and Nazlı decided to surf on the Net. Here are their interests.
Which of the following websites WILL they visit together?
A) www. delicious recipes. com
B) www. learning foreign languages. com
C) www. trendy clothes. com
D) www. technology and teens. com
Hi, Rosa! What’s up?
Well! We are meeting at the Sun Cafe’ tomorrow.
Will you come?
I’d love to but I don’t know where the cafe’ is.
Don’t worry! I’ll text you its address.
Thanks! See you tomorrow.
See you. Bye.
Great, Emily. And you?
What you need
How to make
Cooking ways
Serving tips
Mert’s interests
– preparing the meals
– smartphones
– practicing English
Nazlı’s interests
– fashion
– electronic devices
– going camping
Linda Simon
Linda : Good morning! Costumer Service. How may I
help you?
Simon : Good morning! I have a problem with my laptop.
Linda : Well! What’s your problem?
Simon : It isn’t working properly. Can you change
my product?
Linda : Sure! We’ll send you a new one in a week.
Simon : Thanks for your help.
Linda : You’re welcome. Bye.
According to the conversation, Linda —— .
A) wants to change her laptop
B) hangs up the phone politely
C) solves the costumer’s problem
D) gets help from the costumer service
10. Alfred : Hey, Danny! Do you do sports regularly?
Danny : Of course, yes. I like doing exrecises so much.
Alfred : Well! ——
Danny : Going jogging is my favourite.
Alfred : ——
Danny : Generally on the weekends.
Alfred : Great! ——
Danny : With my brother, Jack. He’s also keen on it.
Which of the following questions DOES NOT Alfred ask Danny?
A) Who does the sports in your family mostly?
B) Which sports do you do mostly?
C) When do you usually do it?
D) Who do you go jogging with?

2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce LGS 1-2-3-4-5. Üniteler Tekrar Denemesi (TAVSİYE EDİLİR) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


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