2019-2020 8. Sınıf Seçmeli İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 3




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  1. Choose the correct one (20×4= 80 pts.)
  2. A: Hello , Ayşe speaking.

B: Hi, Ayşe. This is Can. Is your brother there?

A: …………. moment, please. I’ll get him.

Which of the following does not complete the dialogue?

  1. A) hang up B) hold on
  2. C) hang on D) wait for
  3. A: How do you ……….your name?

B:  S- A – L- L – Y

  1. A) notice B) ring C) spell       D) translate
  2. Don’t forget to take a ………… with you when you go camping. You will need it to find your direction.
  3. A) sleeping bag B) compass C) torch      D) matches
  4. Slice the bread and ………….. butter and honey on it.
  5. A) spread B) heat C) stir        D) mix
  6. A friend of your father calls and wants to speak with him. Your father is available. What do you say?
  7. A) Sorry, he is in the meeting now.
  8. B) I’m afraid he has gone out
  9. C) He isn’t available at the moment.
  10. D) Hold on a moment, please. I’ll get him.
Sue: Hello. This is Sue. How can I help you?

Martin: Hi, I want to make a breakfast reservation for Saturday  morning.

Sue: OK. For what time would you like me to reserve it?

Martin: For 10 a.m , please.

Sue: Sure. How many people will join you?

Martin: I need a reservation for  twelve people.

Sue: OK. I have an available table. Could I ask your name , please?

Martin: Martin Williams.

Sue: Thank you. I’ve made your reservation. If there is any change, ask for 5423.

Martin:Thank you.




Answer the questions  6- 7 -8  according to the dialogue .



  1. The conversation is about a ………………….. .
  2. A) burglary
  3. B) shopping list
  4. C) restaurant reservation
  5. D) doctor appointment
  6. Which one is not mentioned in the conversation?
  7. A) Martin will throw a surprise birthday party for his friend.
  8. B) Martin will have breakfast at the restaurant.
  9. C) There is an available table for that time.
  10. D) They will go to the restaurant at 10 a.m
  11. There is no information about …………………… .
  12. A) the time of an event
  13. B) the name of the restaurant
  14. C) the extension number
  15. D) the number of people
  16. Melt the ……….. in a saucepan and pour the mixture into it.
  17. A) pasta B) salt C) milk        D) butter
First, crack three eggs into a bowl and mix it. Then  , add some salt and pepper. Next ,  heat a tablespoon of olive oil. After that  pour the mixture into the pan and cook it for five minutes. Finally, grate some cheese on it and serve it hot.



Answer the questions  10 – 11   according to the recipe.


  1. What is the next step after adding some salt and pepper?
  2. A) cracking three eggs into a bowl
  3. B) heating a tablespoon of olive oil
  4. C) grating some cheese
  5. D) pouring the mixture into the pan
  6. Choose the tool which is not mentioned in the recipe?
  7. A) pan B) tablespoon C) bowl      D) strainer
  8. Tom is trying to (1) connect to the Internet.

Eda always  (2) confirms photos on her Instagram  account.

My dad usually  (3)  checks his e-mails.

You shouldn’t (4)  upload unknown people’s friend request.

Which words should be replaced to make sentences correct?

  1. A) 2- 4 B) 2- 3 C) 1- 4            D) 1- 2


  1. How do you connect to the Internet?
  2. A) Google is my favorite web browser.
  3. B) I usually play games with my friends.
  4. C) I connect to the Internet from my laptop.
  5. D) I rarely check my e- mail.
  6. Which matching is wrong?
  7. A) bake — a cake
  8. B) chop — onions
  9. C) crack — eggs
  10. D) mash — a glass of milk
  11. You want to speak your friend but her mother answers the phone.Your friend isn’t available right now. Leave a message for her:
  12. A) Would you like to leave a message?
  13. B) Can you tell her to get me back as soon as possible?
  14. C) Could you please repeat that? It is a bad line.
  15. D) Wait a minute. I will take a note.
  16. I can’t ……….. your invitation. I have to stay home and study for my English exam.
  17. A) refuse B) bring C) send       D) accept


  1. Which option is correct according to the pictures?
  2. A) 1. Spread B) 1. Squeeze
  3. Peel 2. Knead
  4. Knead               3. Peel
  5. C) 1. Sprinkle D) 1. Bake
  6. Peel 2. Chop
  7. Knead          3. Mix


  1. Selin: …………uses the Internet most in your family?

Buse: I think, my brother. Because he is always online.

  1. A) What B) Who            C) How         D) How  often
  2. Cut the orange in a half with a …………….(1)

  Drain the pasta with a …………….(2)

  Pour some oil in a ……………..(3)

  1. A) 1. Knife Strainer 3. Frying pan
  2. B) 1. Vegetable peeler   Grater                3.  Oven
  3. C) 1. Fork Plate                  3.  Saucepan
  4. D) 1. Knife   Bowl                 3.  Fork
1. OK, then. Have a nice day.

2. No, thanks. I will call her later.

3. Burçin is speaking.

4. I’m afraid she has gone out. Would you like to leave a message?

5. Hi, Burçin! I’m Poyraz. Is Kenan there?

  • Put the phone conversation in the correct order.


  1. A) 3- 5- 2- 4- 1 B) 3- 5- 4- 2- 1
  2. C) 5-3 -4 – 2- 1 D) 5- 3- 1- 4- 2
  3. Smart phones have both pros and cons. Categorize them (6×2=12 pts.)
  1. easy to carry
  2. addiction
  3. security risks
  4. easy Internet connection
  5. disturb the concentration
  6. rescue for emergency


  1. Find the synonyms ( 8×1= 8 pts.)


a. sour

b. salty

c. fatty

d. milky



a. pan

b. fridge

c. plate

d. oven



a. contact

b. dial

c. carry

d. provide



a. mate

b. place

c. rely on

d. share



a. busy

b. memo

c. dial

d. extension



a. spell

b. book

c. speak

d. tell



a. pour

b. add

c. put

d. stir



a. answer


c. download

d. look for


Time: 40 min.



    1. Put

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