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7. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4. Üniteler Tekrar Testi- Check Up (Tavsiye Edilir-41 Soru)

1. My sister is very _______. She is happy and smiles all the time.
a. sad b. cheerful c. Selfish d. shy
8. My sister is very different from me. I’m outgoing but she is ________ .
a. shy b. Tidy c. mean d. kind
2. _________ people don’t talk much.
a. Generous b. Thoughtful
c. Quiet d. Forgetful
9. My brother is very _______ . His room is never messy.
a. polite b. stubborn c. honest d. tidy
3. What is Vijay like? a) He is from India.
b)I am cheerful.
c) He has dark hair and black eyes.
d) He is outgoing person.
10. What does Cathy look like?
a) She is my classmate
b) She is slim
c) She is generous
d) She isn’t beautiful.
4. Tim never helps me with the housework. He is very ___________ .
a. selfish b. punctual c. Forgetful d. honest
11. Which person is this?
a) b) c) d)
5. Which one is about personality?
a) cheerful b)blond c) overweight d) tall
6.Which one is about physical appearance ?
a)friendly b) stubborn c) clumsy d) attractive
What did you buy for her birthday?
7. Yukarıdaki sorunun cevabı hangisidir?
a) It was last Saturday.
b) It was wonderful.
c) I bought her a CD.
d) I buy some boks.
What did you do yesterday?
12. Yukarıdaki sorunun cevabı hangisidir?
a) I watched TV.
b) I was at home.
c) It was last Saturday.
d) I came home at 6 o’clock
This is Cathy. She is my classmate. She is a very beautiful girl with fair hair and brown eyes. She is slim. She is tahoghtful and generous girl.
I’m Vijay from India. This is a photo with my friends in the school garden. You can find me easily because I have got the features of an Indian; dark hair and black eyes. I’m a cheerful and outgoing person.
Carol is thin and tall. She has got short blond hair and blue eyes. She is friendly.
Revision of first 4 units
13,14,15. Soruları paragrafa göre cevaplayınız.
13. When was he born?
a) in 1960 b) in 1984 c)in 1942 d) in 2016
21,22,23. Soruları diyaloğa göre cevaplayınız.
21. What was the score at the beginning of the dialogue?
a) It was a draw b) 2-2 c)2-1 e) 1-1
14. What did he do in 1964?
a) He discovered his talent for boxing
b) He converted to religion of Islam .
c) He died because of Parkinson’s disease.
d)He worked for charitable organizations.
22. What happened in the last minute?
a) They beat the other team.
b) They won the game
c) They lost the game
d) The score was a draw
15. Why did he die?
a) He died in 2016
b) He became an Olympic gold medallist in 1960
c) He changed his name from Cassius to Muhammed.
d) He died because of Parkinson disease.
23. What is Mike doing?
a) He is watching the match.
b) He is eating something
c) He has a rest at home
d) He is playing football with Greg.
A: _______ Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison inventors?
B: Yes, they _______.
16. Yukarıdaki boşluklara sırasıyla aşağıdakilerden hangisi gelmelidir?
a) did/ did b) was/were c) were/were d)did/was
24. Which sport is this?
a) Wingsuit flying b) Bungee jumping
c) Street luge d) Zorbing
17. Which one is different?
a) watched b) stopped c) played d) thought
25. Which sport is this?
a) Bungee jumping b) Wingsuit flying
c) Zorbing d) Street Luge
18. Which one is correct for the verb ‘’go ‘’ in Simple Past?
a) goed b)goes c)went d) going
26. What do you need for swimming?
a) racket and helmet b) ball and cleat
c) cap and googles d) skate and googles
19. Which sentence is in Simple Past?
a) I am clumsy
b) I was happy but nervous.
c) I am going to the new library near the school.
d) She runs after him who loves her.
27. Which one is a time adverb in Simple Present?
a) yesterday b) always
c) today d) two hours ago
20. Which one is a time adverb in Simple Past?
a) always b) generally c) last year d) now
28. Which sentence is correct for Present Continious?
a) I am playing tenis with my classmates
b) She visited the old friend.
c) They have a match with the other school team.
d) She is a student.
Muhammad Ali was born in 1942, in Kentucky. At the age of 12, Ali discovered his talent for boxing. He struggled a lot and he became an Olympic gold medallist in 1960 and the heavyweight boxing champion of the World in 1964. In the same year, Ali converted to religion of Islam and changed his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. In 1984, he announced that he had Parkinson’s disease. In his later years, he stopped fighting and began to work for charitable organizations. He
died on June 3, 2016.
Greg : Hey, Mike. How are we doing in the game?
Mike : We are winning Greg. We are beating them 2-1.
Greg : I don’t understand. Can you repeat, please?
Mike : We are beating them 2-1.
Greg : Oh, great. When is it over?
Mike : We are in the last minute. They are attacking to even the score.
Mike : Oh, no. Oh, no.
Greg : What happened Mike?
Mike : Oh, no. They scored a goal.This is impossible.
You roll down a hill inside an orb. The orb is usually made of transparent plastic. You can also do it on water.
You jump from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. When you jump, the cord stretches and you fly upwards again.
Revision of first 4 units
29. Which sentence is not true for these pictures?
a) The referee showed a red card.
b) Two footballers argued with each other.
c) A footballer was badly injured.
d) They swam in the pool.
37.Which sentence isn’t one of the animals in the pictures?
a) It is a type of large bird. It usually lives on high hills.
b) It is a black and white bird. It can’t fly but it can swim well.
c) It is an enormous sea creature. It often communicates with people.
d) It is a mammal with powerful legs. It always jumps around.
30. Which sentence is not true for these pictures?
a) The home team won the game three –nill
b) The home team lost the match nil-four.
c) The home team defeated the guest team two-nil.
d) The score was a draw.
38. Which one is the animal above?
a)gorilla b) crocodile c) lizard d) turtle
31. Which sentence is correct / true?
a) We shouldn’t prevent the environmental pollution.
b) We should protect wildlife habitats.
c) We shouldn’t take the endangered animals under protection.
d) We should hunt for fun.
39. How long does it live?
a) It’s 6,5 m long
b) It lives in Asia.
c) It is reptile
d) It lives for 20 years.
32. Which one wrong / false?
a) We should help animals to survive.
b) we should protect forests.
c) We should stop water pollution.
d) We should cut down the trees.
33. What is the meaning of ‘omnivore’?
a) It eats meat.
b) It likes resting
c) It eats plants and meat.
d) It eats only plants.
a) we should protect forests.
b) we shouldn’t hunt them.
c) We should stop water pollution.
d) We should help them to survive.
34. What is the word describing ‘’ animals eating only meat’’ ?
a) omnivore b) carnivore c) carnivore
d) vegetarian
35. Which animal is this?
a)polar bear b)kangaroo c)rhino d) camel
40+1. What shouldn’t we do to protect wildlife?
a) We should let the animals in their own habitats.
b) We shouldn’t use chemicals.
c) We should wear fur.
d) We should stop deforestation.
36.Which animal is this?
a) rhino b)whale c) eagle d) wolf
It’s a king cobra. It lives in Asia. It’s 6,5 m long a. It is reptile. It is a carnivore. It eats rats and other snakes. It lives for 20 years.
It is an enormous mammal with a sharp horn on its face.
40.What is description of this picture?
It is a large desert animal with a humped back and yellowish-brown colour.

7. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4. Üniteler Tekrar Testi- Check Up (Tavsiye Edilir-41 Soru) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.

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