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8. Sınıf İngilizce 6. Ünite (Adventures) Worksheet Kelime Quizi 7

Name- Surname:
Class: Mark:
A. Write the Turkish meanings of the words given (20×1=20p)
Adrenalin seeker:
Parachute diving:
Extreme sports:
Rock climbing:
Scuba diving:
Water sports:
Scuba diving:
B. According to SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE, fill the gaps with the given words (10×2=20p)
1. I ______ bungee jumping every year. (do)
2. Jack and his father sometimes ___________ motor racing competitions. (go)
3. Every winter, she ________ (try) skateboarding with her sister.
4. Samuel _________ (prefer) extreme sports because he __________ (like) to push himself.
5. _______ you _______ kite surfing? (prefer)
6. We ________ _______ pocket bike racing. (not, like)
7. Stephen _________ hang gliding. (love)
8. REK ________ that rock climbing is easy. (believe)
9. What ________ Leila ________ about white water rafting? (think)
10. I ________ so many books every year. (read)
C. Choose the correct option between PREFER and WOULD RATHER (5×3=15p)
1. Jessica _______ jogging to parkour running.
A) prefers B) would rather
2. Tracy and I ____ doing extreme sports so we do bungee jumping every summer.
A) would rather B) prefer
3. Solomon ______ watch motor racing than rafting.
A) prefers B) would rather
4. You and Agatha ______ historical vacation because you wonder historical beauties of the country.
A) would rather B) prefer
5. I _____ do kayaking than do scuba diving because it is cheap.
A) prefer B) would rather
D. According to SIMPLE PAST TENSE, fill the gaps with the given words (8×2=16p)
1. Last summer we _______ to a mysterious cave. (go)
2. ______ she _________ to prepare the breakfast? (decide)
3. My mother __________ __________ the offer about cycling. (not, accept)
4. Which sports ______ you _______ last year? (try)
5. Who ______ you _______ canoeing with? (join)
6. _______ you ______ cricket practice two days ago? (have)
7. Last year, I _________ a summer camp. (attend)
8. Julia and Cathy ________ in a tent when their friends went to the jungle to see strange animals. (stay)
E. Complete the PERSONAL OPINIONS (7×2=14p)
a. From my______ view 1. believe
b. In my ___________ 2. point out
c. I _________ that 3. opinion
d. I would like to _______ that 4. point of
e. _________ I think 5. experience
f. From my _________ 6. Personally
g. I _______/suppose 7. feel/suppose
F. Compare the sports with each other (5×3=15p)
– cheap – expensive
– challenging – heart stopping
– easy
1. Rafting is ________________________ than skysurfing.
2. Skysurfing is more ____________________ than rafting.
3. Rafting is ________________________________ than skysurfing.
4. Skysurfing is _____________________________________ rafting.
5. Rafting is _____________________ skysurfing.
By İskender ZOR

8. Sınıf İngilizce 6. Ünite (Adventures) Worksheet Kelime Quizi 7 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.

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