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7. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite (Television) Worksheet 4

act: rol yapmak, davranmak, hareket etmek, hareket, davranış / She’s acting the role of Lady Macbeth six evenings a week / He’s been acting strangely ever since his mom died / The jury decided that Walker had acted in self-defence / an act of kindness/acts of terrorism /The murder was the act of a psychopath /a criminal act
addict: bağımlı olmak, alışmak, tiryaki, bağımlı / heroin / drug / nicotine addict / My nephew is a complete video game addict / a television addict / Many addicts refuse to go to treatment centers / At 17 he was a drug addict / It’s difficult for most smokers to admit that they are addicts / Are you an internet addict? / addicted: bağımlı, düşkün, meraklı / 50 million Americans are addicted to nicotine / Kids addicted to surfing the net. / He’s addicted to computer games. / addiction: düşkünlük, bağımlılık / cocaine addiction / He is now fighting his addiction to alcohol.
amaze:şaşırtmak, afallatmak, hayrete düşürmek / to surprise someone very much [= astonish]: Dave amazed his friends by suddenly getting married / It still amazes me how much she has improved / Dave amazed his friends by leaving a well-paid job to travel around the world / Some kids will amaze you with what they can do. / amazed: şaşmak, şaşırtmak, hayrete düşürmek / very surprised : an amazed silence / I was amazed at her knowledge of French literature / We were amazed by his generosity / I’m amazed that the bank keeps lending him money.
amazing: şaşırtıcı, hayret uyandıran / very surprising, especially in a way that makes you feel pleasure or admiration / an amazing achievement / discovery / success / performance / He’s an amazing player to watch. / It’s amazing how often you see drivers using mobile phones.
amuse: eğlendirmek, neşelendirmek / He made funny faces to amuse the children / My funny drawings amused the kids / This will amuse you. / amused: eğlenmiş, neşeli / The man looked a little amused / James watched with an amused smile. / amusing: komik, eğlenceli, zevkli / funny and enjoyable : an amusing story / game / incident /I didn’t find the joke at all amusing./ a highly amusing (=very amusing) film/ a charming and amusing book / He was a really special person, gentle and amusing at the same time.
appear: görünmek, meydana çıkmak, belirmek. =seem: It appears that all the flies have been deleted. Give impression: I don’t want to appear rude. Start to be seen: Two faces appeared at our window. Film / TV programme etc: She has already appeared in a number of films.
behave: davranmak / The doctor behaved very unprofessionally / They behaved very badly towards their guests / He behaved like a true gentleman / She doesn’t know how to behave in public / She behaved in a very responsible way / How does Sam behave at school? / behaviour: davranış, tavır. BrE; behavior. / The things that a person or animal does. / good / bad / violent / aggressive / criminal / human / social etc behaviour . / It’s hard to change your behaviour. / It is important to reward good behaviour. / Can TV violence cause aggressive behaviour?
cartoon: çizgi film, karikatür / a Walt Disney cartoon / a cartoon character / We always watch cartoons on Saturday mornings / Are you a big fan of cartoons?/ I’d spent the afternoon doing a strip cartoon of him
celebrity: ünlü kişi, tanınmış kimse / Plural celebrities / A famous living person; star: a sporting celebrity / He’s a national celebrity / We invited a number of minor celebrities.
channel: kanal / What’s on Channel 4 tonight? / a movie / sports channel / to change / switch channels / satellite channels / the news on Channel 4 / The kids are watching cartoons on the Disney Channel. / What channel is ER on? / He changed channels to watch the basketball game.
commercial: radyo ve televizyonda reklam, ticari / an advertisement on television or radio: a soap powder commercial / Have you seen the new Levi jeans commercial? / We’ll be right back with you after a commercial break / Networks show more toy commercials just before Christmas / Our top priorities must be profit and commercial growth./ The film was a huge commercial success
compete: yarışmak, rekabet etmek / People compete with each other bt trying to answer questions / We can’t compete with them on price. / Young children will usually compete for their mother’s attention. / He’s hoping to compete in the London marathon.
consider: dikkate almak, üzerinde düşünmek / Tudor seriously considers resigning / We will have to consider your offer carefully / Have you considered the possibility of retraining? / Before buying a car you should consider the cost of insuring it.
cook: yemek pişirmek, pişirmek, aşçı. / to prepare food for eating by using heat: Where did you learn to cook? / cook a meal / dinner / breakfast etc / I’m usually too tired to cook an evening meal. / cook sth for supper / lunch / dinner. / cookery: aşçılık, yemek pişirme sanatı / the art or activity of preparing and cooking food : a cookery course / Italian cookery / She studied at a vegetarian cookery school in London./ cookery programme: yemek proğramı
couch potato: televizyon bağımlısı, tembel, miskin / someone who spends a lot of time sitting and watching television / A lot of kids today are overweight couch potatoes / The last thing I want to do is to share a place with a couch potato.
creative: yaratıcı / This job is so boring. I wish I could do something more creative / a creative solution to the problem / You’re so creative! I could never make my own clothes.
current: güncel, akıntı, akım, içinde bulunulan an dilimi / The current president / Strong currents can be very dangerous for swimmers / Some birds use warm air currents to help them fly. / current events: güncel olaylar
daily: gündelik, günlük / 1. happening or done every day: daily flights to Miami 2. daily life the ordinary things that you usually do or experience / Thousands of people cross this bridge daily. / She does her daily homework regularly. / Can you talk about your daily routine?
diary:günlük, hatıra defteri, günce. / A book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day / She kept a diary ( wrote in a diary ) during the war years / Did you put the meeting date in your diary? / Do you keep a diary (= write one regularly) ?
diet: diyet, rejim, besin düzeni, perhiz / to have a healthy, balanced diet / the Japanese diet of rice, vegetables and fish / to receive advice on diet / I decided to go on a diet (= to lose weight) before my holiday. / She’s always dieting but she never seems to lose any weight. / healthy diet: sağlıklı diyet / It is important to have a balanced, healthy diet.
difference: farklılık / There are no significant differences between the education systems of the two countries./ What a difference! You look great with your hair like that. / We have our differences , but she’s still my sister. / We measured the difference in temperature.
direct: yönetmek, idare etmek, yol tarif etmek / Could you direct me to the station? / A police officer was directing the traffic. / He directed me to a hotel near the airport / The play was directed by Frank Hauser.
director: yönetmen / the musical director/ a regional director / the director of education / finance/marketing/sales etc director / the person who gives instructions to the actors and other people working on a film or play [↪ producer] He was a successful film director. / Who’s your favourite film director?
disappear: kaybolmak, gözden kaybolmak, yok olmak. To become impossible to see any longer. The sun haddisappeared behind a cloud. She watched her car until it disappearedfrom the view. The two girls disappeared while walking home from school
discuss: tartışmak, söyleşmek, … dan söz etmek / If you would like to discuss the matter further, please call me / Pupils should be given time to discuss the book with their classmates / This topic will be discussed in Chapter 4 / Don’t make any plans yet – I want to discuss this with Jamie first./ discussion: tartışma, münakaşa, münazara / class discussions / the discussion of important issues / high-level discussions about trade and commerce / We have had discussions about her legal situation.
documentary: belgesel, belgesel film, belge / documentary films, programmes, photographs etc give or show information about a particular subject: documentary films / My brother is interested in watching documentaries / A local film crew is making a documentary about volcanoes / a documentary film about the war
education: eğitim / the process of teaching and learning, usually at school, college, or university: the education system / She hopes her children will get a good education / I’m sure he has a college education / educational:eğitimle ilgili, eğitimsel / the educational development of children.
emotional: duygusal, duyarlı, hissi, heyecanlı / Ann suffered from depression and a number of otheremotional problems / the physical andemotional stateof the patient / He became very emotional when we had to leave / He’s an emotional guy / It was an emotional game for all of us.
ending: son, bitiş / His stories usually have a happy ending . / Coffee is the perfect ending to a meal. / I love those old Hollywood movies with happy endings. / In the Spanish version of this story, the ending is completely different. / It was the perfect ending to the perfect day./ I enjoyed the movie but I thought the ending was very weak.
enjoyable: zevkli / something enjoyable gives you pleasure: Games can make learning more enjoyable /an enjoyable experience / I try to make my lessons more enjoyable by using games./ It was a very enjoyable afternoon. / We spent an enjoyable evening playing cards
episode: TV ve radyodaki dizilerde bölüm / a television or radio programme that is one of a serious of programmes in which the same story is continued each week. / The first episode of a new drama series.
even: hatta, bile / Even Ed was dancing / Your room is even messier than mine / They have even invited the teacher / It’s incredible! They have even thrown the raki bottle!
excellent: mükemmel, kusursuz, nefis. 1. extremely good or of very high quality: What an excellent idea! / His car is in excellent condition. 2. spoken said when you approve of something; = great: ‘I’ll finish the project tonight’. ‘Excellent’.
fantastic: şahane, harika, olağanüstü, fantastik, çok büyük.1. extremely good, attractive, enjoyable etc: You look fantastic! / It’s a fantastic place, really beautiful! 2. = wonderful, excellent: ‘I’ve passed my driving test.’ ‘Fantastic!’ / That’s fantastic news! 3. = huge: Kids spend fantastic amounts of money on CDs.
favourite: gözde, beğenilen, favori / a child’s favourite toy / What’s your favourite colour? / You always were Dad’s favourite. / The manager insisted he doesn’t play favourites. / Lionel Messi is my favourite footballer.
fictional: hayali, uydurma, edebi / It is an amusing TV series about fictional characters / not real or true; existing only in stories; connected with fiction : fictional characters / a fictional account of life on a desert island / fictional techniques / The novel is set in the fictional German town of Kreiswald. / Holmes is a popular fictional character.
fix: tamir etmek, onarmak,sabitlemek, düzenlemek, ayarlamak / The car won’t start—can you fix it? / He’s outside fixing the brakes on the car / Ellis was able to quickly find and fix the problem / I’ve fixed the shelf to the wall / Can I fix a drink for you? / I’ll fix my hair and then I’ll be ready./ I’m sure the race was fixed. / Do you fix your eating with TV shows?
hieroglyphics: resimyazı, hiyografik yazı / a system of writing that uses pictures to represent words / First, as with many civilizations, came hieroglyphics
include: içermek, kapsamak, dahil / Does the price include postage? / His job includes looking after under-21 teams / The price includes lunch / Service is included in the bill / Everyone has to go to the dentist, you included.
information: bilgi, enfermasyon / I need more information / She sent me detailed information about the subject / For further information, please write to the following address / I’m looking for some information about breast cancer research / personal info: kişisel bilgiler / Sandra will give you all the info you need
invent: icat etmek, bulmak / to make, design, or think of a new type of thing: Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 / Who invented the first computer? / The electric light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison / Who invented the steam engine?
keen : hevesli, istekli, düşkün, keskin / Daniel’s very keen on tennis / She likes Biology, but she’s not too keen on Physics / I wasn’t keen on going there on my own / He’s mad keen on planes / John was very keen to help / I wasn’t too keen on going to the party.
limit: sınırlamak, sınır / Limit outdoor activities between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. / His blood alcohol level was 50 % above the legal limit / My wife and I set a limit on how much we spend on clothes / a 55 mph speed limit.
live: canlı / experiments on live animals / A lot of the bars have live music / The match will be shown live by the BBC / I love their music, but I’ve never seen them perform live / The band is playing live in Birmingham tonight / live animals / the number of live births (= babies born alive) / That terminal is live.
member: üye, mensup, parça / a person or a country that belongs to a group or organization / He’s a member of the local tennis club / The other members of his family were against the marriage / Turkey is not yet a full member of the EU. / family members: aile üyeleri
miss: kaçırmak, özlemek, evlenmemiş bayan, güzel / If you don’t hurry up, you’ll miss the train / She missed her family badly / Will you miss me? / Don’t miss the chance to see Shakira / I’d like to make an appointment with Miss Taylor / I know the answer, miss / Miss Turkey / Italy / World etc.
movie: film, sinema / to make a horror movie / Have you seen the latest Tarantino movie? / a famous movie director / star / Let’s go to the movies. / His last movie was best of all./ Do you want to see a movie tonight? / Maybe we’ll go to a movie./ a Hollywood movie / movie theatre: sinema / American English building where you go in order to watch films [= cinema British English] / movie poster: film afişi / Sandra collects old movie posters.
news: haber, bilgi, istihbarat / The good news is that tomorrow will be fine and sunny / Do you have any news for me? / Sit down and tell me all your news.
ordinary: sıradan, alışılmış, / not unusual or different in any way : an ordinary sort of day / in the ordinary course of events / ordinary people like you and me / This was no ordinary meeting. / Art should be part of ordinary life./ He wore an ordinary business suit with a white shirt and tie.
parent: ebeveyn, ana baba / a person’s father or mother : He’s still living with his parents. / her adoptive parents / Sue and Ben have recently become parents./ Melissa’s spending the weekend at her parents’ house. / I’d like you to meet my parents sometime./ parent control: ebeveyn / anne baba kontrolü
prefer: tercih etmek / She prefers travelling by train. / I prefer doing sports to sitting at home / If you prefer, you can email us / She prefers her coffee black / I’m beginning to like Japanese food. I certainly prefer rice to potatoes / Which bread do you prefer, brown or white? / Which color do you prefer – blue or red? / Most of my friends take the bus to school, but I prefer to walk / preference: tercih / choice / Do you have a colour preference?
pretty: sevimli, hoş, güzel, oldukça. 1. a woman or child who is pretty has a nice, attractive face: a pretty little girl. / Maria looks much prettier with her hair cut short. / The tune is pretty. / What a pretty little garden! 2. fairly or more than a little: She still looks pretty miserable. / The game was pretty good. / It’s pretty hard to explain. / I thought the test was pretty easy. / It’s pretty cold today.
puzzle: bulmaca, yapboz / a game or toy that has a lot of pieces that you have to fit together; jigsaw: a child’s wooden puzzle / a crossword puzzle / do puzzle: puzzle yapmak, bulmaca çözmek
questionnaire: anket / a written set of questions which you give to a large number of people in order to collect information / The questionnaire asks students how they feel about services on campus. / Thanks again for your very great help over the questionnaires./ All the students were asked to complete a questionnaire.
quite: oldukça, epey / especially in AmE very, but not extremely; pretty: The food in the cafeteria is usually quite good. / Amy’s at college and she’s doing quite well. / He’s quite a good soccer player.
quiz: küçük sınav / a competition or game in which people try to answer questions to test their knowledge : a general knowledge quiz / a television quiz show / quiz show: yarışma proğramı / especially British English / I get fed up with television quiz shows. reality show: Senaryosu olmayan gerçek yaşamdan kaydedilmiş dramatik ve mizahi durumları ekrana yansıyan ve karakter olarak profesyonal aktörler yerine gerçek kişileri kullanan bir televizyon programı çeşididir, TV de ünlülerin kendi hayatlarına has çekilen özel programlar / television programmes that feature real people doing real things, for example police officers chasing after stolen cars, or people who have been put in different situations and filmed continuously over a period of weeks or months.
recommend: tavsiye etmek, önermek /Can you recommend a good hotel? / I recommend the book to all my students / It is dangerous to exceed the recommended dose / He recommended reading the book before seeing the movie / I recommend that you get some professional advice / I recommend the butter chicken – It’s delicious.
release: gösterime sokmak, piyasaya çıkarmak, yayın izni vermek, serbest bırakmak / The new software is planned for release in April. /The movie goes on general release (= will be widely shown in cinemas / movie theaters) next week / A version of the game for Mac computers will be released in February / Her new album will be released at the end of the month / The bears are eventually released into the wild / He was released from the hospital yesterday / Physical exercise is a good way of releasing stress / Oil was released into the sea.
remote control : kumanda, uzaktan kumanda / The bomb is guided by remote control / He had the remote control in his hand and he was channel-hopping, listlessly
scary: korkutucu, ürkütücü / scarier-scariest / frightening:a scary moment / a scary movie / The book is both scary and funny / I had a really scary dream last night / She didn’t like the film. It was too scary for her.
search: arama, araştırma, aramak, araştırmak / She went into the kitchen in search of (= looking for) a drink /The search for a cure goes on / Police searched the area for clues./ Enter the keyword ‘restaurants’ and click on Search./ Do a search on ‘rabbit’ and see what it brings up./ Search the Web for cheap flights./ It was too dark to search further / search engine: arama motoru
series: seri, dizi, dizi film / The police are investigating a series of attacks in the area / There’s been a whole series of accidents on this road / This autumn the BBC will be showing a series of French films / a new comedy series / a science fiction series
sitcom: (situation comedy) durum komedisi, TV veya radyodaki komedi dizisi / programı / a funny television programme in which the same characters appear in different situations each week. / The popular British sitcom “One Foot in the Grave” will finish this year. / After all, this was only a sitcom.
skip: atlamak, es geçmek, geçiştirmek / She skipped lunch in order to go shopping / Williams skipped the game to be with his wife in the hospital / I decided to skip the first chapter / Skipping meals is not a good way to lose weight / The weather’s so nice today – let’s skip class and go to the beach.
snack: aperatif, atıştırmak / Drinks and light snacks are served at the bar / snack foods like crisps and peanuts / The children have mid-morning snacks at about 11 o’clock — usually fruit and a drink / I’m trying not to snack between meals.
soap opera: dizi film, arkası yarın / a television or radio story about the daily lives and relationships of the same group of people, which is broadcast regularly.
spectator: seyirci, izleyici / someone who is watching an event or game [↪ audience]: / The match attracted over 40,000 spectators / I’m not playing myself, I’m just a spectator / The game was watched by over 50,000 spectators / There was a great cheer from the spectators.
suitable: uygun, elverişli / We are hoping to find a suitable school / The house is not really suitable for a large family / These thin clothes are not suitable for winter / These shoes are not suitable for hiking.
support: desteklemek, destek / ENCOURAGE / GIVE HELP / We need to support our teachers./ We strongly support the peace process./ My wife supported me enormously./ She supports her family by teaching evening classes./ I have a wife and two children to support.
talk: konuşmak, söylemek / English people love to talk about the weather. / You should talk to a lawyer. / Sue and Bob still aren’t talking / talk show: tanınmış kişilerin katıldığı sohbet şov / [= chat show British English]a talk show host / Some one who’s brilliant on the cinema screen isn’t necessarily a good talk show guest
topic: konu, tema, başlık / The environment is a popular topic these days / We shall return to the topic of education / The main topic for discussion will be the future of our world / Type the topic into the search field, and let the browser search all relevant sites.
vampire: vampir( in stories ) a dead person who leaves his or her grave at night to suck the blood of living people by biting their necks / Everyone knows that, who knows anything about vampires. / Your husband invited vampires into the country, did he?
violence: şiddet, zorbalık, vahşet / There is too much sex and violence on TV these days / The statistics show that male violence against women is wide spread / “Leave me alone,” she sudden violence./ violent: şiddetli, sert / the hissed with increase in violent crime/ My father was a violent and dangerous man.

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