8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5. Üniteler Tekrarı Çalışma Kağıdı-178 Soru

8. sınıf_ilk 5 üniteyi kapsar (4,5 ağırlıklı)_ 178 soru


to , upload, ingredients, hold on, two hours, how , salty , addict , access, no thanks, stir, meal
1. I’m an Internet __________, I spend most of my time on the Net 7. I prefer texting messages ____ surfing the Net.
2. I know how to _________ a video 8. I don’t prefer ________ meals.
3. Ali : How much time are you online a day? Yağız:———————-. 9. Would you like to try this________ ?
4. Efe:Would you like a cup of coffee? Mehmet:———- I prefer fruit juice. 10. _______ the soup well.
5. I usually_______ the Internet from my tablet. 11. ____ do you usually cook chicken ?
6. What are the _________ of green salad ? 12. Can you __________ a moment, please ?
I’m Jeremy. I’m fifteen years old and live in New York. We have got computers at school. We also use the Internet. There are some
brilliant programs for drawing and designing but I don’t like games and chat rooms. So I don’t use the Internet for fun. I hate looking for
information on the Net. It is really boring, and not as quick and easy as reading books. We also don’t have the Internet access at our
house. So, I read books in the evenings. T/F ??
1. Jeremy prefers reading books in his house in the evening.____ 4. Using the Internet for fun is great for Jeremy. ____
2. He uses the Net at school but he doesn’t use it at home.____ 5. He likes drawing and designing programs on the Net. ____
3. Looking for information on the Net is interesting for him.____ 6. Jeremy doesn’t live in NY. ____
a. make a phone call – b.Send an e-mail – c.Use social Networks Eşleştiriniz
d. speak face-to-face – e. Leave a message note 1. How do you usually cook fish? a. Cool! That sounds great.
2. How often do you go out? b) Mantı.
3. Where is spaghetti popular? c) Hardly ever.
4. Would you like to come over tonight? d) In Italy.
5. Which dish would you like to try? e) I fry it.
____ _____ _____ _____ _____
most important parts of a computer are the _____________________ (powers your computer), the _____________________ (you
use it to type), and the _____________________ (lets you see what you are doing). You will also need a _____________________ to
print documents, a _____________________ to click on icons.
TOM: We have smart boards at school. Our teachers use them for their own classes. I am interested in space. There are lots of
programs for watching the space and planets. For example I watched the latest movement of Mars 2 days ago. Last night there was a
live program. I saw the full moon very close. It was an amazing view for me. I can’t stand people playing games and having fun all the
time. They do nothing but acting like an addicted people. The smart phones are always with them. They share everything at the screen. I
don’t have internet access at my house. So, I read books in the evenings.
Tom can watch the space from smart board ( T / F ) Tom can watch the full moon live. ( T / F )
Tom loves people playing games. ( T / F ) He says children are addicted to drugs. ( T / F )
He shares everything at the screen. ( T / F ) Tom likes reading books at home ( T / F )
Write “the word” forms of abr. below. A: Hello, Asya ………………………… A. could I speak
4ever:………………………………… B: Hello, ………………………… to Avni, please? B. speaking
pls: …………………………………….. A: I’m sorry, he isn’t …………………………. C. could I take
h8: ……………………………………….. Would you like to leave a message? D. available at the moment.
m8: ………………………………………. B: Yes, please. Could you …………………….., please? E. ask him to call me
r : ……………………………………….. A: ………………… your name and number ?
1.Find the odd word out. A) snob B) ridiculous C) terrific D) terrible
2. Hangi iki ifade eş anlamlıdır? A) Slumber party / Sleepover B) Decide/Intend C) Laid-back / Funny D) Start / buy
3. Hangisi haftasonu etkinliğidir? A) get up B) make bed C) walk to school D) go skateboarding
4. The biggest______is Google. A) search engine B) account C) brochure D) social network
5. Farklı olanı bulunuz. A) Get well soon B) Keep in touch C) contact D) communicate
6. Choose the odd one. A) yesterday B) never C) 6 hours a day D) once a week
7. You shouldn’t speak loudly or shout into your mobile phone in ….. A) football B) your room C) public D) listen
8. Not a way of communication? A. using social networks. B. making a phone call c. leaving a message note d. doing shopping
9. ‘’Get on well ’’ means ……………… A.rely on B. have a good relationship C.spend the time outside D.good friends
1. Are you always online? ….. I mean, do you check your e-mail a lot?
2. How often do you check your e-mail? ….. I mean, do you spend much time online?
3. How many hours do you spend online? ….. I mean, are you connected to the internet all the time?
4. Do you have a mobile device connected to the internet? ….. I mean, do you have a wireless modem or cable modem?
5. How do you connect to the internet? ….. I mean, do you have a tablet or smart phone with the internet connection?
1. account …….. a- to connect to computer to a website
2. register …….. b- a computer program to surf on the internet
3. web browser ….. c- internet services you use by entering a username and password
4. confirm ….. d- to write your personal information into a website
5. log in/on ….. e- to state that something is true
Manalarını yazalım
chop grate knead fry boil
slice grill stir pour roast
receiver password system unit keyboard headphone
speakers download log in/on upload internet addict
eşleştirelim ‘’at’’ ‘’in’’ ‘’on’’ Doğru seçeneği daire içerisine alınız .
text ___a. on the landline 1) I have an exam…… the morning. 1. Would you like to (go/going) to the cinema with me?
leave ___b. social network. 2) I always sleep early …… Saturday. 2. What about (watch/watching) a cartoon on TV?
make ___c. a message 3) I was a student …………….2012. 3. Let’s (drink/drinking) something cold.
exchange ___d. a fax 4) Sam gets up …………08.00 am. 4. How about (play/playing) table tennis?
send ___e. a letter 5) I play soccer………. weekends. 5. Shall we (dance/dancing) together?
talk ___f. face to face but because so however and
use ___g. voicemail 1-I like doing online shopping _______chatting with my friends.
speak ___h. a phone call 2-I can’t go out this weekend_____________I have an important exam on Monday
use ___i. sign language 3-My teacher shouted at me . __________, I love her very much.
4-I am good at speaking English,___________my sister can’t speak English.
Match the sentences 5-Today is my mom’s birthday,_________I am going to shopping mall to buy a present for her.
( ) 1) Would you like to come to my party on Friday? A) I am annoyed.
( ) 2) Is the cake burned ? B) Let it cool and do it.
( ) 3) How do you feel ? C) Oh. Thank you.I am full.
( ) 4) What do you think of my new outfit? D) Yes, it smells horrible.
( ) 5) How should I serve this dish? E) I’m going abroad early on Thursday.
( ) 6) Would you like some more cake? F) It looks awesome.
A-Webcam B-Monitor C-USB flash drive D- Wireless modem E-computer tower F-Printer
___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____
1) modem a) in use 17. sebep olmak a. because b. seldom c. cause
2) memo b) to move something around with a spoon 18. örnek a. react b. most c. example
3) stir c) wait 19. berbat a. knit b. mall c. awful
4) hold on d) a short note 20. resmi a. each b. admire c. formal
5) engaged e) to cut something into pieces with a knife 21. rahat / konforlu a. twice b. comfortable c. rap
6) boil f) present to talk 22. kaygılı a. upset b. worried c. shame
7) available g) to cook something in hot water 23. -e kadar a.until b. since c. how much?
8) chop h) to connect to the internet 24. memnun a. sorry b. afraid c.pleased
1. günlük işler a. especially b. daydream c. daily routine 25. görünüş a. see b. appearance c.watced
2.lezzetli / nefis a. yummy b. disgusting c. burn 26. Dayanılmaz a. unbearable b. stand c. special
3. ergen / genç a. old man b. enough c. teenager 27. paylaşmak a. share b. joking c. saving
4. doğal a. natural b. meat c. nature 28. aslında a. react b. mall c. actually
5. röportaj a. self-image b. share c. interview 29. fırında pişirmek a. bake b. formal c. boil
6. oldukça a. quite b. quiet c. formal 30. çevrimiçi a. once b. unconnected c. online
7. pek sayılmaz a. not really b. snob c. really ? 31. çekici a. attractive b. pull c. push
8. noktalama a. point b. until c. punctuation 32. aptalca a. clever b. foolish c. smart
9. bir kez a. once b. one’s c. self conscious 33. kurabiye a. enough b. cookie c. biscuits
10. heceleme a. spelling b. have a snack c. sentence 34. geleneksel a. traditional b. twice c. folk
11. dolaşmak a. make the bed b. walk around c. joking 35. krep a. cake b. until c. pancake
12. özgür / boş a. freedom b. free c. busy 36. günlük giysi a. süit b. day dress c. casual
13. güvenmek a. offer b. trust c. give 37. harcamak a.save b. spend c. night
14. hata a. serve b. mistake c. join 38. anlam a. definition b.let me know c. mean
15. özlemek a. weekend b. talk c. miss 39. davet a. invitation b. again c. offer
16. sınıf arkadaşı a. roommate b. deskmate c. classmate 40. sormak / rica etmek a. complain b. answer c. ask

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5. Üniteler Tekrarı Çalışma Kağıdı-178 Soru günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.