8. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite (The Internet) Testi 3 (20 Soru)


  1. Lisa : – – – – ?
    Dan : My sister. The Internet is her only hobby.
    A) Is your sister always online?
    B) How do you connect to the Internet?
    C) Who uses the Internet most in your family?
    D) Does your sister have a website?
  2. Terry : – – – – ?
    Andy : He usually posts pictures on his website.
    A) How does Jason usually access the Internet?
    B) What does Jason usually do on the Net?
    C) Does Jason play online games every day?
    D) How often does Jason go online?
  3. Nate : – – – – ?
    Linda : Only thirty minutes. I just read the daily
    news. That’s all!
    A) How many hours a day do you use the Internet?
    B) Why don’t you do online shopping?
    C) How often do you send emails?
    D) How does the Internet affect people?
  4. Jack : – – – –
    Sam : There can be a problem with your modem or
    connection cable.
    A) Why don’t we play computer games on the
    B) I’m trying to connect to the Internet, but I can’t.
    C) I want to buy a pair of shoes online, but they are all
    D) I prefer face-to-face interaction because online
    friends can be dangerous.
  5. Bruce : – – – – ?
    Andy : Yes, but I sometimes use my mobile phone
    to go online, too.
    A) Is there a connection sign on the screen?
    B) Do you access the Internet from your PC?
    C) Do you talk about the Internet all the time?
    D) Is your PC online or offline?
  6. Linda : – – – – ?
    Richard : I think it is the easiest way to communicate
    with people around the world.
    A) How often do you chat online?
    B) What can Internet addicts do to get some help?
    C) Do you have any “Internet friends”?
    D) What is the best thing about the Internet?
  7. Millions of people are active Internet users – – – – .
    A) so I look for new places to live or visit
    B) and I never share videos on Instagram.
    C) but I keep in touch with my friends through the
    D) because it is a great place to find information.


  1. Your friend spends too much time on the Net and he
    never does his homework or spends time with his
    family. You are worried about him and say:
    A) Now, open a website to check the Internet
    B) Be careful! Anything you put on the Net can stay
    online forever.
    C) You should get help from your teachers to change
    your Internet habits.
    D) I understand you because I don’t like doing
    homework, too.

9.Circle the different one. Odd one out.

  1. Which one is wrongbelow according to the pictures?
    A) I. connection sign B) II. screen
    C) III. search engine D) IV. Speaker

11.Lea : Could you send your documents to us?
Sia : How can I do that?
Lea :
1– – – – and send them as a(n) 2– – – – in your
A) Log in / address
B) Upload / attachment
C) Register / web browser
D) Confirm / password

12.“Our school counselling service is always ready to help
students.”Circle the correct picture according to the sentence.



  1. – – – – use the Internet more than other people.
    A) Teens B) Young adults
    C) Adults D) People over 65
  2. Which is TRUE about the chart?
    A) Teenage boys use the Internet more than teenagegirls.
    B) Young adults don’t use the Internet.
    C) People older than 65 never use the Internet.
    D) Sixty percent of adult men use the Internet.


The Internet is one of the most important
inventions of all time. It makes our lives easier,
but it has some bad effects on us. According to
research, many teenagers are Internet addicts
now. They spend more than 5 hours on the Net. It is
an important part of their lives. 10% of these people
think that they can’t live without the Internet.
Research also shows that boys and girls prefer
doing different things when they are online. Boys
usually play online games with their friends or they
watch movies and videos. Girls usually use social
networking sites or do online shopping.
(Kingston School Magazine)

  1. Seçeneklerdenhangisi, parçadakialtıçizilisözcüğü
    A) They think and talk about the Internet all the time.
    B) They have more Internet friends than real friends.
    C) They are always online.
    D) They prefer using a tablet to access the Internet.
  2. Ten percent of the Internet addicts – – – – .
    A) shouldn’t do online shopping
    B) think research results aren’t always true
    C) can’t imagine a life without the Internet
    D) think social networking sites are boring.
  3. Girls – – – – .
    A) use the Internet for online shopping
    B) spend more time on the Net than boys
    C) don’t use social networking sites
    D) watch movies and videos on the Net.







  1. – – – – doesn’t use the Internet for fun.
    A) Leo
    B) Diana
    C) Jack
    D) Carol


  1. Jack goes online to – – – – .
    A) make new friends all around the world
    B) search for information for his projects
    C) keep in touch with his business partners.
    D) play online games with his friends


  1. Leo – – – – .
    A) has three devices connected to the Internet
    B) spends less time on the Net than his sister
    C) never uses his mobile phone to access the Internet
    D) plays online games with his sister.


8. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite (The Internet) Testi 3 (20 Soru) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.