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İngilizce Dersinde Oynanabilecek Oyunlar 3

Getting ready to do it – Going to for predictions with evidence

Ask student to come to the front of the class. Give him/her a card and ask him/her to mime getting reading for activity on the card. The rest of the class should call out guesses using the going to (eg. You’re going to drive a car). When the activity has been guessed, call for another volunteer, until everyone in the class has had a turn. Working in pairs, students practise “Turn right at the crossroads” etc.



drive a car



wash your face



drink a cup of tea



go to a job interview






play the piano



fall asleep



run a race



go for a walk in the rain



cook a meal



go to a party



watch a DVD



go skiing



ride a bike



send an email



play tennis



phone a friend


go on holiday





take a group photo


make a speech




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