İngilizce Dersinde Oynanabilecek Oyunlar 2

Can / Can’t for ability

Ask students to stand up and move around the class talking to other students to find someone in the group to answer each of the questions. Encourage students to speak to as many different people in the class as possible. When most of the class have completed the table, feedback some of the more interesting answers with the whole group. Students find someone in the group who can do various things.


  Who can do it? Name of student and answers
1 …spell his / her first name and last name in 60 seconds  


2 …say his / her address and phone number.  


3 …count to twenty in ten seconds  


4 …name three cities in Britain and three cities in Australia.  


5 …say the months of the year backwards in 30 seconds  


6 …remember the name of his / her first teacher  


7 …sing a song in English.  


8 …swim underwater?  


9 …say three animals smaller than a cat.  


10 …dance the tango.  


11 …speak more than two languages.  


12 …play chess well.  




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