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Cinderella – A  Play



Scene 1  


Narrator 1:          Cinderella is a pretty girl.  She’s got blue eyes and blonde, curly hair.  She’s always happy.  She likes singing and playing with her pet cat and the mice in the kitchen.


Narrator 2:          She lives in a big house with her two sisters.  Her sisters are very ugly!  They’ve got big noses and big, ugly feet!


Narrator 1:          They don’t like Cinderella, and she has to do all the work in the house.  They throw their clothes on the floor.



Ugly sister 1:      Pick up our clothes!


Ugly sister 2:      Clean the kitchen!


Ugly sister 1:      Wash the clothes!


Ugly sister 2:      Cook the dinner!



Scene 2


Narrator 2:          One day Cinderella is in the kitchen.  She’s washing the plates.


Narrator 1:          The sun is shining and Cinderella is happy.  She’s looking out of the window and singing with the birds.


Narrator 2:          Blackie’s playing with his friends, the little mice.  Goldie is Cinderella’s goldfish.  He’s swimming in his bowl and listening to the birds singing.


Ugly sisters 1 and 2:  Cinderella! Cinderella!! Come here! Quickly!


Narrator 1:          Cinderella runs upstairs into the living room.


Cinderella:          Here I am!


Ugly sister 1:      Look at this.


Ugly sister 2:      We’ve got an invitation from the King.


Ugly sisters 1 and 2:  An invitation to the ball at the Palace!’


Cinderella:          An invitation to the ball! That’s wonderful.


Ugly sister 1:      ‘Yes! We can wear beautiful dresses…


Ugly sister 2:      …and we can dance with Prince Charming!


Cinderella:          Can I come to the ball?


Ugly sisters 1 and 2:  You?  Come to the ball?


Ugly sister 1:      No!  You can’t come to the ball.


Ugly sister 2:      You haven’t got a dress!’



Scene 3


Narrator 2:          It’s the day of the ball.  Cinderella is very busy helping her sisters.


Narrator 1:          The ugly sisters want Cinderella to do everything.


Ugly sister 1:      Cinderella!  Come here and help me with my dress.


Ugly sister 2:      Cinderella!  Come here and help me with my hair.


Ugly sister 1:      Cinderella!  Go and find my blue shoes.


Ugly sister 2:      Cinderella!  Go and find my yellow bag.


Ugly sister 1:      Cinderella!  Where’s my necklace?


Ugly sister 2:      Cinderella!  Where’s my ring?


Ugly sisters 1:    Cinderella! Cinderella! Cinderella!


Ugly sisters 1 and 2:  Quickly, quickly, quickly………


Ugly sisters 1 and 2:  It’s time to go!


Scene 4


Narrator 2:          The sisters are at the ball and Cinderella is in the kitchen.  She is crying.


Blackie:               Don’t cry, Cinderella.


Cinderella:          I want to go to the ball.


Narrator 1:          Suddenly there is a beautiful woman in the room.  She is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.


Fairy Godmother:  You can go to the ball.


Cinderella:          Who are you?


Fairy Godmother:        I’m your Fairy Godmother.

Cinderella, go into the garden and find a nice, big pumpkin…

Come here, Blackie.  Let’s put Goldie here on the floor …. and…. Oh, yes!  Six little white mice!


Narrator 2:                   The Fairy Godmother waves her magic  wand!


Fairy Godmother:        Abracadabra!



Scene   5   


Narrator 1:          The Fairy Godmother waves her magic wand and..


Narrator 2:          The Pumpkin is now a beautiful coach.


Narrator 1:          Goldie is now a footman.


Narrator 2:          Blackie is now an coachman.


Narrator 1:          And the six white mice are now six beautiful white horses!


Narrator 2:          The Fairy Godmother waves her wand again.


Narrator 1:          Cinderella’s old grey dress is now a wonderful new dress and on her feet there are pretty glass shoes.


Fairy Godmother:        Now you can go to the ball Cinderella.    But, you must be home before midnight.


Cinderella:                   Thank you Fairy Godmother!  Thank you!



Scene 6


Narrator 2:                    At the palace there are a lot of people.  Everyone is happy.


Narrator 1:                    Everyone is in the ballroom  talking and laughing and dancing.


Narrator 2:                   The King and Queen are enjoying the ball.


Ugly sister 1.               Who is that beautiful Princess?


Ugly sister 2:                I don’t know.  Look, Prince Charming is dancing with her!


Narrator 1:                    Prince Charming likes Cinderella, and they dance and dance and dance all night.


Clock:                           Dong!  Dong!


Narrator: 2:                  Cinderella looks at the clock.   It’s midnight!


Cinderella:                   I must go!


Prince Charming:        Come here!  Don’t go! Please, come here.


Narrator 1:                    Cinderella runs out of the ballroom and down the steps.


Narrator 2:                   Prince Charming runs out of the ballroom.


Narrator 1:                    Cinderella isn’t there.   It’s midnight, and she’s running home.


Narrator 2:                    Prince Charming looks on the steps and sees Cinderella’s glass shoe.


Prince Charming:        What’s this?  It’s the a glass shoe!  I can go to every house in the town…I can  ask every girl in the town to put on this shoe… I can find the beautiful Princess!’




Scene 7


Narrator 1:                   Prince Charming goes to every house in the town.


Narrator 2:                   He goes to Cinderella’s house.


Ugly sister 1:               Prince Charming is here!


Ugly sister 2:               Prince Charming is here!


Ugly sister 1:               Go away. Go into the kitchen, Cinderella.


Ugly sister 2:                The glass shoe isn’t yours.  You can’t see Prince Charming.


Ugly sisters 1 and 2:  Quickly, quickly, quickly! Go! Go! Go!


Narrator 1:                   Prince Charming gives the glass shoe to the ugly sisters.


Narrator:  2:                  The ugly sisters put on the glass shoe.  They have very big, ugly feet!  And the shoe is very small…… Cinderella opens the door.


Cinderella:                   Can I put on the shoe.


Ugly sisters 1 and 2:  GO AWAY!


Prince Charming:        No, wait! Come here and put on the shoe.


Narrator 1.                   Cinderella puts on the shoe.


Prince Charming:        The shoe is yours! You are the beautiful Princess!


Cinderella:                   I’m not a princess.  I’m Cinderella. But the shoe is mine.



Scene 8   


Narrator 2:                    Prince Charming and Cinderella have a beautiful wedding in the garden at the Palace.


Narrator 1:                    All the people from the town come to the wedding.  It’s a beautiful sunny day and Prince Charming and Cinderella are very happy.


Cinderella:                   Can we be friends now?


Ugly sister 1:               You are a good, kind girl Cinderella.


Ugly sister 2:               We want to be your friends .


Cinderella:                   Good!


Narrators 1 and 2:       And they all live happily ever after!