Nasreddin Hodja

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Playscript for 10 Nasreddin Stories.


Nasreddin and the coat



Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Nasreddin’s wife


the Class (for noises)



Narrator 1:            It’s 8 o’clock in the morning. Nasreddin’s wife is in the

kitchen. Nasreddin is upstairs.

Nasreddin’s wife:        Nasreddin! Your breakfast’s ready!

Nasreddin:            Coming!

Class:                    THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!

Nasreddin’s wife:        Oh my goodness! What was that loud noise?

Narrator 2:            Nasreddin’s wife drops the plates…….

Class:                    CRASH!

Narrator 2:            ………. runs into the hall. Nasreddin is on the floor at the

bottom of the stairs.

Nasreddin’s wife:        What was that loud noise? Are you alright, Nasreddin?

Nasreddin:            Yes, I’m fine, my dear. It was my coat. It fell down the stairs.

Nasreddin’s wife:        But coats don’t make a noise! I heard a loud THUMP!


Nasreddin:            Well, you see, my dear, I was inside it at the time.


Nasreddin and the meat



Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Narrator 3

Narrator 4

Narrator 5

Narrator 6

Narrator 7


the Butcher

Nasreddin’s wife



the Class (noises)



Narrator 1:            It’s eight o’clock in the morning. Nasreddin is in the butcher’s


Butcher:                Good morning, Nasreddin

Nasreddin:            Good morning, butcher. Can I have three kilos of meat,


Butcher:                Here you are, Nasreddin.

Nasreddin:            Thank you, butcher.

Narrator 2:            Nasreddin goes home and gives the meat to his wife.

Nasreddin:            Here are three kilos of meat from the butcher’s, my dear.

Nasreddin’s wife:        Thank you, Nasreddin.

Narrator 3:            Nasreddin goes to the door.

Nasreddin:            I’m going to work. Goodbye.

Nasreddin’s wife:        Goodbye Nasreddin!

Narrator 4:            Nasreddin’s wife goes outside. She sees her friends, Leila

and Hanife. She calls them.

Nasreddin’s wife:        Leila! Hanife! Come and have lunch with me today! I have

some good meat.

Leila and Hanife:        Thank you. See you later.

Narrator 5:            Nasreddin comes home from work in the evening. He’s


Nasreddin:            Hello, my dear. Is my dinner ready? I’m hungry.

Nasreddin’s wife:        Yes, Nasreddin. Here it is.

Narrator 6:            Nasreddin’s wife puts a plate of bread and onions on the


Nasreddin:            What’s this? Bread and onions! Where’s the meat that I gave

you this morning?

Nasreddin’s wife:        The cat ate it.

Narrator 7 :           Nasreddin picks up the cat and puts him on the scales.

Class:                    Miaow! Miaow!

Nasreddin:            Mm. This is very strange!

Nasreddin’s wife:        What is strange, Nasreddin?

Nasreddin:            Well, if the cat weighs exactly three kilos, where’s the meat?

And if this is the meat, where’s the cat?


Nasreddin and the beggar



Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Narrator 3

Narrator 4


the Beggar

the Class (noises)



Narrator 1:            One day Nasreddin sees some water on his bedroom floor.

Class:                    PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!

Nasreddin:            Oh dear! There’s a hole in the roof. I must repair it.

Narrator 2:            Nasreddin takes his ladder and climbs up it. He starts work.

Then a beggar arrives. He calls to Nasreddin.

Beggar:                 Hey! Nasreddin!

Nasreddin:            What do you want?

Beggar:                 Come down here and I’ll tell you!

Nasreddin:            I’m busy.

Beggar:                 Come down. It’s important.

Narrator 3:            Nasreddin isn’t very happy but he climbs down the ladder.

Nasreddin:            Well? What do you want?

Beggar:                 I’m a poor man. Can you give me some money?

Nasreddin:            Come with me!

Narrator 4:            Nasreddin and the beggar climb up the ladder. They sit on

the roof. Nasreddin turns to the beggar.

Nasreddin:            No!


Nasreddin and the professor



Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Narrator 3

Narrator 4


the Professor

the Class (noises)



Narrator 1:            A professor makes an appointment with Nasreddin. He wants

to talk about a difficult problem.

Professor:             I’ll come to your house at 12 o’clock tomorrow Nasreddin.

Nasreddin:            Very well, Professor. See you tomorrow.

Narrator 2:            The next day the Professor arrives at Nasreddin’s house. He

knocks on the door……..

Class:                    KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!

Narrator 2:            ….. but nobody answers.

Professor:             That’s strange. There’s nobody at home. I’ll knock again.

Class:                    KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!

Narrator 2:            Nobody answers. The Professor looks through the windows

but he can’t see anybody. The Professor is angry.

Professor:             He’s not there. I’ll write a message on his door.

Narrator 3:            The Professor takes a piece of chalk and writes the word …

Class:                    IDIOT!

Narrator3:             ……… on the door. Nasreddin arrives home later and sees the

word on his door.

Nasreddin:            Oh dear! My appointment with the professor!

Narrator: 4:           Nasreddin runs to the Professor’s house and knocks on the


Class:                    KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!

Professor:             Oh! Hello, Nasreddin.

Nasreddin:            I’m very sorry, Professor. I completely forgot our

appointment. Please forgive me. I remembered it only when I

saw your name on my door!


Nasreddin and the lost key



Narrator 1

Narrator 2


the Neighbour

the Class (group 1)

the Class (group 2)

the Class (group 3)



Narrator 1:            One evening Nasreddin’s neighbour sees Nasreddin on his

hands and knees among the cabbages.

Neighbour:           What are you doing, Nasreddin?

Nasreddin:            I’m looking for my key.

Neighbour:           I’ll help you.

Narrator 2:            He starts looking for the key too. There is a full moon so they

can see very well.  They look among …

Class (group 1):   The cabbages!

Narrator 2:            …. and among

Class (group 2):   The onions!

Narrator 2:            …. and among

Class (group 3):   The carrots!

Narrator 2:            ….. but they don’t find the key.

Neighbour:           Where exactly did you lose your key, Nasreddin?

Nasreddin:            In my house.

Neighbour:           Then why are we looking for it out here in the garden?

Nasreddin:            Because there is more light out here than in my house.


Nasreddin and the bear hunt



Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Narrator 3


the Sultan

the Neighbour

the Class



Narrator 1:            One day the Sultan invites Nasreddin to go on a bear hunt

with him.

Sultan:                  Nasreddin, Come with me tomorrow. I’m going on a bear


Narrator 2:            Nasreddin is afraid of bears but he can’t say ‘no’ to the


Nasreddin:            Thank you, Sultan. I’ll be at the palace early tomorrow


Sultan:                  Good! Come at 6 o’clock.

Narrator 3:            Nasreddin is away for five days. When he returns to his

village, he meets his neighbour.

Neighbour:           So, what was the bear hunt like?

Nasreddin:            It was fantastic!

Neighbour:           How many bears did you see?

Class:                    ONE? TWO? THREE? FOUR? FIVE? TWENTY?

Nasreddin:            None!

Neighbour:           Then, why did you say the bear hunt was fantastic?

Nasreddin:            Because when the sultan invites you to go on a bear hunt

and you’re afraid of bears, NOT seeing any bears IS



Nasreddin and the crow



Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Narrator 3

Narrator 4

Narrator 5

Narrator 6


Nasreddin’s wife

the Class



Narrator 1:            One day Nasreddin brings home a piece of soap. He gives it

to his wife.

Nasreddin:            Here’s some soap, my dear. Can you wash my shirt, please?

Nasreddin’s wife:        Certainly, Nasreddin. I’ll wash it now.

Narrator 2:            Nasreddin’s wife goes into the garden. She starts washing

the shirt. Suddenly, a big black crow flies down.

Class:                    CAW! CAW! CAW!

Narrator 3:            It takes the soap and flies away.

Narrator 4:            Nasreddin’s wife looks up and sees the bird in a tree. She’s


Nasreddin’s wife

and class:             BAD CROW! BAD CROW! BRING BACK THE SOAP!


Narrator 5:            Nasreddin hears the noise in the garden. He runs out of the


Nasreddin:            Are you alright, my dear? Why are you shouting?

Nasreddin’s wife:        That crow took my soap!

Narrator 6:            Nasreddin looks at the crow in the tree. He smiles.

Nasreddin:            Look at the colour of my shirt, and look at the colour of that


He obviously needs the soap more than I do!


Nasreddin and the museum guide



Narrator 1

Narrator 2


the Museum Guide

Tourist 1

Tourist 2

the Class



Narrator 1:            One day Nasreddin is in a museum with some tourists. The

museum guide shows them a pot.

Museum Guide:   This pot is five thousand years old.

Nasreddin:            Excuse me, but I think it’s five thousand and four years old.

Class:                    WOW! Nasreddin is very intelligent.

Tourist 1:              He knows more about old pots than our guide.

Narrator 1:            The guide is angry.

Museum Guide:   GRRRR!

Narrator 2:            The guide takes them to another room. He shows them some

gold coins.

Museum Guide:   These coins are three thousand years old.

Nasreddin:            Three thousand and four years old.

Class:                    WOW! Nasreddin is very intelligent.

Tourist 2:              He knows more about old coins than our guide.

Narrator 2:            The guide is angry.

Museum Guide:   GRRRR! How can you know the exact date Nasreddin?

Nasreddin:            It’s very easy. You said the coins were three thousand years

old when I was here four years ago!

Class:                    HA! HA! HA!


Nasreddin and the woodcutter



Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Narrator 3


the Woodcutter

the Class



Narrator 1:            One day Nasreddin goes to the forest. He sees his friend the

woodcutter there.

Woodcutter:          Hello, Nasreddin. What are you doing here in the forest?

Nasreddin:            I want to be a woodcutter.

Woodcutter:          But, Nasreddin, woodcutters must be young and strong.

Nasreddin:            Try me!

Woodcutter:          Alright. Look! There are five hundred trees in that field over

there. Go and cut them down.

Narrator 2:            Nasreddin goes away and starts cutting down the trees.

Class:                    CHOP! CHOP! CHOP!

Narrator 2:            He comes back three days later.

Woodcutter:          Hello Nasreddin! How many trees did you cut down?

Class:                    A HUNDRED? TWO HUNDRED? THREE HUNDRED?


Nasreddin:            All of them.

Narrator 3:            It’s true. There aren’t any trees in the field. The woodcutter is


Woodcutter:          Where did you learn to cut down trees so fast, Nasreddin?

Nasreddin:            In the Sahara desert.

Woodcutter:          But there aren’t any trees in the Sahara desert.

Nasreddin:            There aren’t any now!


Nasreddin and the rock



Narrator 1

Narrator 2

Narrator 3


First Friend

Second Friend

the Class



Narrator 1:            Nasreddin has a lot of friends.

Narrator 2:            Some of them are old and some of them are young.

Narrator 3:            Nasreddin and his friends are in a field. They are talking.

Nasreddin:            Old men are more intelligent than young men.

First friend:           That’s true.

Second friend:     But young men are stronger than old men.

Nasreddin:            I don’t agree. I am still as strong as when I was a young man.

Class:                    How is that possible? Explain that, please, Nasreddin!

Nasreddin:            Well, can you see that big rock over there?

Class:                    Yes.

Nasreddin:            When I was a young man, I tried to move it but I couldn’t. I

am an old man now and when I try to move it, I still can’t!