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Puss in Boots

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Puss in Boots – A play 


Scene 1



Narrator 1

A big, bad Ogre lives in a beautiful castle.
The castle is near Daniel’s house.


Daniel:   That Ogre frightens everyone in the village, I don’t like him.



Puss in Boots:  Look!  There’s Princess Caroline in her coach. You like her!


Daniel:  Yes I do.  She’s very beautiful. How can I meet her?


Puss in Boots:  I’ve got an idea.  I can go to the King’s palace with some presents from you.


Daniel: But I’m a poor man. I can’t buy presents for the King.


Puss in Boots:  No … but we can catch some fish for the King!



Scene 2



Narrator 3

Daniel and his cat go to the river and catch four big fish.


Puss in Boots:  Now give me a pair of boots and a hat with a feather.



 Daniel:  You look very handsome in your new boots and hat.


Puss in Boots:  Good! Now I’m ready to meet the King!  But … what can I call you when I meet the King?  I can’t call you Daniel, can I call you Lord Carrabas?


Daniel:  Yes, that’s an excellent name.  And I can call you Puss in Boots.



Narrator 1

Puss in Boots puts the fish in his bag and goes to the King’s Palace.


Puss in Boots waves goodbye to Daniel and walks off towards the Palace.


Scene 3



Puss in Boots:  Good morning, your Majesty.  I’ve got four big fish in my bag. A present from Lord Carabas.


The King:   What beautiful big fish! Thank you very much.   Lord Carabas is very kind. When can I meet him?


Puss in Boots:  Soon.  Very soon.



 Scene 4



Narrator 2

The next day Puss in Boots sees the King’s coach near the river.


Puss in Boots:  Quickly Daniel, jump into the river!


Daniel:  I can’t jump into the river, I can’t swim!


Puss in Boots:   Look! The King’s coming in his coach.  He can help you.



Puss in Boots:  Help! Please help!  Lord  Carabas is in the river and he can’t swim!


The King:  Stop the coach!



The King:   You’re cold and wet.  Please come to the Palace with me. I can give you some dry clothes. Then I can take you home in my coach.


Daniel:  Thank you, your Majesty. You’re very kind!


Puss in Boots:  That’s an excellent idea.

Lord Carabas’s castle is over there. I can go to the castle and make tea for everyone!


 Scene 4


Narrator 3

Puss in Boots goes to the Ogre’s castle.

He knocks on the door.


The Ogre:  Who’s knocking on my door?  Go away!


Puss in Boots:  Please open the door. Everyone in the village says that you have magic powers. I’m a magic cat and I want to meet you.


Narrator 1:

The Ogre wants to meet the magic cat. He opens the door.


The Ogre:  Please come in.


Puss in Boots:  Everyone in the village says you can change into an animal. Can you change into a big animal? A big lion?


The Ogre:  OF COURSE I CAN!   I can change into a lion and eat you!”


Narrator 2

The Ogre frightens Puss in Boots.


Puss in Boots:  No, no! Please don’t eat me!  I’m a magic cat and I can eat you!


 The Ogre:  You can’t eat me!  Small cats can’t eat big Ogres!


Puss in Boots:  No, of course small cats can’t eat big Ogres.

Your magic powers are excellent! You can change into a big lion but… can you change into a small mouse?


 The Ogre:   OF COURSE I CAN!



Puss in Boots:  Excellent!  Small cats can’t eat big Ogres but… they can eat small mice!



Scene 5


Narrator 3

Puss in Boots looks towards the door.

The King, the Queen, Princess Caroline and Daniel are coming into the castle.


The King:  You’ve got a very beautiful castle.


Daniel:  Thank you. And you’ve got a very beautiful daughter.


Narrator 1

They have tea.

Princess Caroline  smiles at Daniel.

Daniel is very happy.


Daniel:  Your Majesty.  I want to marry Princess Caroline.


Princess Caroline:  And I want to marry Lord Carabas!