2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3. Üniteler LGS Denemesi 7

2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3. Üniteler LGS Denemesi 7 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


  1. Classmates come together on July 30 because – – – -.
  2. A) some of them like activities
  3. B) they like playing games together
  4. C) their teachers want to organize a party
  5. D) there is an organization on Frienship Day



  1. According to the saying on the card,

 your best friend can count on you because – – – -.


  1. A) you always support him/her
  2. B) you can organize a meeting together
  3. C) you have a lot of fun with your teachers
  4. D) your friends come together on Friendship Day



  1. Which picture shows the step after mixing the ingredients?



Wendy: Hey Larissa. It’s Wendy. Are you free this weekend?


Larissa: Hi Wendy! Why are you asking?


Wendy: I want to go to the new Chinese restaurant with you in the afternoon.


Larissa: – – – -.



  1. Which of the followings completes the dialogue?


  1. A) My sister and I will go shopping together
  2. B) I’m sorry, I have to finish my homework
  3. C) I’d love to, but I have things to do
  4. D) Of course, I will be there on time


  1. You will have a more delicious cake if you – – – -.
  2. A) don’t bake it in an oven you heated before
  3. B) break the eggs into the baking powder
  4. C) cut it into the slices after it cools
  5. D) don’t use cold eggs


 Charlotte is baking a brownie today. Here is her recipe.

  1. Which tool will NOT Charlotte use while baking the brownie?



  1. Which sentence can be CORRECT according to the research results?
  2. A) Korean teens are more interested in sports than English teens are.
  3. B) Korean teens spend less time studying than English teens.
  4. C) English teens’ favorite activity is going online.
  5. D) English teens prefer artistic activities.


  1. Which can NOT be one of the questions in the questionnaire?
  2. A) What do you do on the weekends?
  3. B) Why do you like going to the movies?
  4. C) What is your favorite free-time activity?
  5. D) Which activities do you do on the Internet?


  1. 9. According to the conversation, Sophie – – – -.
  2. A) tells Nathalie what she is doing now
  3. B) makes an excuse for not going there
  4. C) cannot go there because she is busy
  5. D) asks for some details about the event





10. Which of the following IS NOT related to Rosa’s personality?

A) She always says “please” and tells the   truth.

B) She buys presents for her friends.

C) She likes doing extreme sports.

D) She never changes her mind.


Blake : We are planning to gather on Monday. Will you come?

     Arthur : What time?

     Blake : At 4 pm.

            Arthur : – – – -.

  1. Which of the following completes the conversation?
  2. A) It is awesome but I will be at John’s party.
  3. B) I’d love to but I have to leave before six.
  4. C) That sounds great but I have to train for the tournament.
  5. D) I am sorry but I am taking care of my brother at that time.




  1. Which of the following DOES NOT have an answer

in the poster?


  1. A) How long is the trip?
  2. B) Is there anything to eat?
  3. C) How can we learn details?
  4. D) Which equipment do we need?




  1. .Which of the following is appropriate for both of them?
  6. Which of the following DOES NOT have an answer in the invitation?


  1. A) Who is the party for?
  2. B) What time are they meeting?
  3. C) Where is the party going to be?
  4. D) How can they learn about the details of the event?










  1. There was a rock concert of a famous singer last weekend. After the concert, some people wrote notes and threw them to the singer. Here are the comments:



 Whose comment was disappointing for the singer?

  1. A) Sam B) John                        C) Jane                        D) Mary



  1. The pie chart below shows the results of a study on the favorite free time activities of 100 teens.

     Which of the following is CORRECT according to the information above?


  1. A) Watching movies is the most favorite activity of the teens.
  2. B) Doing exercise is very popular among the teens.
  3. C) The teens usually spend their time on the Net.
  4. D) The teenagers never listen to music.



Rosa and Troy want to buy ice cream. Rosa loves only sour flavors but Troy likes ice cream with fruits. They have little money and they can buy only one cup of ice cream.


  1. Which numbers should they press on the machine to buy a cup that reflects both of their preferences?


  1. A) 3 – 7 – 8 B) 2 – 3 – 4


  1. C) 1 – 5 – 7 D) 1 – 4 – 6




Jane had $20. She came to a shopping mall to watch a movie. She paid $12 for the ticket. The film is going to start twenty minutes later. She wants to eat something quickly before the film begins.

  1. Keeping in mind how much money and time Jane has, what should she choose?

A) Grilled meatballs                 B) Sandwich                 C) Chicken                   D) Pizz