2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 4. Ünite On the Phone Ünite Testi (More&More)

2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 4. Ünite On the Phone Ünite Testi (More&More) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


1-4: For these questions, choose the best
option to fill in the blanks.
1. Anna : Hello, Newtech Company. How may I
help you?
Steve : Hello! This is Steve Johnson. I have a
problem with my new television.
Anna : OK, sir. I’ll put you through to our
technical support department. Please,
hold on.
Steve : Thanks.
The conversation is between Steve and
– – – -.
A) the municipality center
B) the customer service
C) the tourist agency
D) the emergency service
2. Elizabeth : Hello, Goldenwings Airlines. How
may I help you?
Rachel : I’d like to make a flight reservation
from London to Zurich on
December 28.
Elizabeth : Let me check. We have a flight at
9 a.m.
Rachel : OK. I’ll buy it.
Elizabeth : Can I have your name and
number, please?
Rachel : Rachel Wright. 950 152 34 69.
Rachel makes a phone call to – – – -.
A) make a complaint
B) make a dinner reservation
C) clarify an order
D) book a flight
3. Andrew : Hello, Andrew speaking.
Nicole : Hi, this is Nicole. Can I speak to
Andrew : I’m afraid he has gone out. Would
you like to leave a message?
Nicole : – – – -? My number is 325 67 92.
Andrew : OK. I’ll tell him. Bye!
Choose the correct option to complete the
A) Do you know his number
B) Could you tell him to call me
C) Do you know where he is
D) Can I take your number
4. Mary : How do you communicate with your
Tommy : I prefer – – – – because I like seeing their
faces while talking to them.
Choose the correct option to complete the
A) sending messages
B) sending emails
C) video chats
D) making phone calls
8th Grade
To me, the most entertaining
way of communication is to
use social networking sites.
I don’t like old fashioned
ways like writing letters or
Which picture shows Mike’s communication
A) B)
C) D)
I think sharing is very
important to make the world
a better place. I’ll donate my
clothes to people in need.
Which picture shows Susan’s decision?
A) B)
C) D)
7. Emily : Hi, Lewis. This is Emily. What are you
Lewis : I’m at the restaurant next to the cinema.
I’ll have lunch. What about you?
Emily : I’m at home now. I’ll see a movie at the
Lewis : Why don’t you join me and have lunch
first? We’ll go to the cinema together
after lunch.
Emily : Sounds great. I’ll be there in fifteen
What will Emily do after she hangs up the
A) She will talk to Lewis.
B) She’ll go to the cinema.
C) She’ll leave home to meet Emily.
D) She’ll call Emily to invite her to the cinema.
8. A friend calls you, but you can’t hear him/
her because there’s a problem with the
connection. What do you say?
A) I’m sorry, I can’t accept your offer.
B) I don’t understand you. It’s a bad line.
C) I’m afraid, he isn’t available right now.
D) Wait a minute, I’ll take a note.
8th Grade
Answer the questions (9-10) according to the
conversation below.
Sophie : Hello, Aqua Hotel. May I help you?
Harry : Hi! I’d like a room for two between July 10
and 15.
Sophie : Alright. Hold on a moment, please. I’ll
check the rooms… I’m sorry, but our
rooms aren’t available on that date. How
about next week, between July 17 and
Harry : That’s OK. I can take it.
Sophie : Can I have your name and surname
Harry : Harry Wilson.
Sophie : Thank you, Mr. Wilson. Your room is
reserved. Have a nice day!
9. Harry – – – -.
A) wants to book a room at a hotel
B) will have a vacation between July 10 and
C) is going on a vacation next week
D) needs a single room
10. Which one is TRUE?
A) Harry can’t make a reservation at the hotel.
B) The Aqua Hotel is available between July 10
and 15.
C) Sophie puts Harry through to the hotel
D) Harry has to change his vacation date.
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