2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3. Üniteler Tekrar Denemesi (Yeni Nesil)

2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3. Üniteler Tekrar Denemesi (Yeni Nesil) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


According to Prof. Dr. Mahmut Tezcan, Atatürk ate little in the
mornings. He only had a slice of toast with cold ayran. Sometimes,
he ate a bowl of yogurt and then he drank a cup of coffee with milk.
He also liked eggs and he had cheese omelette especially when he
was hungry at nights.
1. In the text above, you can find the information about
Atatürk’s – – – -.
A) dinner time
B) favourite salad
C) breakfast habits
D) sweet food preference
Read the information below and answer the question.
The table below shows Emel and Demet’s likes. They want to attend a course together.
Emel Demet
camping playing the piano
making short movies kitchen tips
playing chess trekking
2. Which of the following is appropriate for both of them?
A) Improve musical skills B) Discover the nature
C) How to make delicious meals? D) Enjoy board games
Read the text below and answer the question.
MasterChef Turkey is a very popular TV program about cooking. Each of the competitors wants to be the best chef in the TV show. There are three jury members in MasterChef. Danilo Chef is very funny and thoughtful. Also, he wears
trendy clothes all the time. Somer Chef is understanding and fair. Moreover, he usually takes care of the competitors. Mehmet Chef is a bit arrogant and gets angry easily but he is a determined person.
3. Which of the following is NOT related to one of MasterChef
jury members’ personal traits?
A) He is an amusing character and he likes making jokes.
B) He helps the competitors because he is caring.
C) He hates keeping up the latest fashion.
D) He is an aggressive person and he thinks that he knows everything.
Look at the graphic below and answer the question.
4. Which of the following is NOT correct according to the graphic?
A) Girls are less interested in watching comedy films than boys.
B) Boys enjoy watching science fiction movies most.
C) Most of the girls prefer seeing love stories.
D) Romances are more popular than horror movies among boys.
Look at the poster below and answer the question.
5. Which question is answered in the poster?
A) How much is the fee for attending the organization?
B) How long is the organization?
C) Which equipment do the players need?
D) What is the deadline for joining the event?
Read the information below and answer the question.
Kübra is studying “In the kitchen” unit. She is making a vocabulary table to learn them. But she is making some
Kitchen tools Some ingredients Cooking methods
tablespoon meat fry
salt flour pot
knife oil boil
cup mash bake
frying pan cucumber grill
6. Find the ODD one according to the categories.
A) cup / flour / bake
B) tablespoon / cucumber / fry
C) salt / mash / pot
D) frying pan / meat / grill
Look at the menu and read the text. Answer the question according to them.
Arzu and Çiğdem are university students in the USA. They are close friends and they enjoy spending time together. Today, they meet at a restaurant for the lunch. They both look at the menu and Çiğdem wants to have sea food and sour drink. Also, she would like to have milky dessert. Arzu prefers having vegetable soup and macaroni. Then she wants to eat something cold.
7. According to the text, what do they order for the lunch?
A) B) C) D)
Look at the recipe and read the text below. Answer the question.
Gizem is a housewife and she loves cooking. She is good at making tasty cakes in her kitchen.
Today, she is making
a chocolate cake. Here is the recipe.
* 2 cups of flour
* 2 cups of sugar
* 2 tsp of baking powder
* 2/3 cup of cocoa powder
* 2 tsp of salt
* 3 eggs
* 1 cup of vegetable oil
* 2 tsp of vanilla
8. Which picture shows the last step of the recipe?
* Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder and salt
* Add eggs, vegetable oil and vanilla.
* Use a mixer on a high setting for 1 minute.
* Pour the mixture into the cake pan.
* Bake at 180 °C degrees for 45 minutes in an oven.
in a mixing bowl.
Answer the question according to the recipe below.
Strawberry Lemonade
* First, wash and cut strawberries and mash them in a bowl.
* Second, squeeze lemons and pour it on the strawberries.
* Next, add a glass of water into the mixture and mix well.
* After mixing well, pour it into a bottle. Don’t forget to add
the rest of the water.
* Finally, put it into the fridge(refrigerator).
* Serve it with fresh mint leaves. Hmmm it’s yummy.
9. We – – – – before we add a glass of water into the mixture.
A) serve it with fresh mint leaves
B) put in into the fridge(refrigerator)
C) mash the strawberries in a bowl
D) squeeze lemons and pour it on the strawberries
Read the conversation and complete the sentence.
10. According to the conversation, Berna – – – -.
A) makes an excuse for not going there
B) asks for some details about the event
C) invites Çağlar to do something together
D) tells Çağlar where she is going now
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