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2018-2019 İngilizce 6. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları-4

2018-2019 İngilizce 6. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları-4 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


NAME-SURNAME:…………………………………………………… CLASS:……… NUMBER:………… MARK:………


Circle the correct answer.(5×20=100)

  1. Which one is true?
a) we fly kites.

b) we stay at home.

c) we go skiing.

d) we take umbrellas

e) we wear  sunglasses.






  1. a) David is older than Jack.
  2. b) Jack is taller than David.
  3. c) Jack is younger than David.
  4. d) David is heavier than Jack.

2.. There aren’t ……. watermelons in the         picture.  

  1. any
  2. some
  3. a little
  4. Much

3.,4. ve 5. Soruları parçaya göre cevaplayınız.     Hello, I am Eren. It is Sunday today. I am at home with my family. We are very busy. My father is painting the door and mum is cooking the lunch. My sister, Eda, is playing with her toys and my brother, Burak, is reading his favourite book. Our dog, Tırtıl, is sleeping in the garden. I am tidying my room and I am very tired. I don’t like Sundays.


3.” _______ is reading a book.” cümlesini tamamlayan ifade hangisidir?

  1. a) Eda b) Eren c) His mother  d) Burak
  2. “ He is tired because ______.” cümlesini tamamlayan ifade hangisidir?
  3. a) he is tidying his room. b) he is painting the door.

c)he is doing homework.       d) he is playing with his dog.

5.” What is Tırtıl doing?” sorusunun cevabı aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

a)It is doing homework.     b)It  is playing with his dog

c)It is cooking the lunch.   d)It is sleeping in the garden





6.Cümleleri eşleştiriniz.

1) (…) When it’s snowy,

2) (…) When it’s rainy,

3) (…) When it’s windy,

4) (…) When it’s sunny,

5) (…) When it’s stormy










  1. “I like sunny weather. I go out and play football with my friends. I feel ………. on sunny days.”
  2. a) anxious b) scared
  3. c) sleepy  d) happy


  1. Ahmet often has dinner at …..
  2. a) quarter past seven
  3. b) fifteen to eight
  4. c) quarter to six
  5. d) quarter to seven
  6. I am – – – – now
  7. a) in the downtown
  8. b) by the seaside
  9. c) in the village
  10. d) in the city center
  11. I’m sorry it’s all gone.Would you like some miso soup?
  12. Miso soup?What is it?
  13. Can I have some more cereal?
  14. It’s a kind of vegetable soup.

10.Yukarıdaki cümlelerin söyleniş sırası hangi seçenektedir?

  1. a) 2-3-1-4 b)3-1-2-4

c)3-4-2-1      d)4-3-1-2


  1. Pam: Would you like some bagel?

Ted: No, thanks. – – – –

  1. a) I am hungry
  2. b) I am full
  3. c) I am not thirsty
  4. d) I love juice very much 13. Soruları tabloya göre cevaplayınız.

12.London is – – – – – –

  1. a) hotter than Paris
  2. b) more crowded than Paris
  3. c) colder than Berlin
  4. d) hotter than Ankara


13.Aşağıdakilerden hangisi tabloya göre yanlıştır?

  1. a) London is more crowded than Ankara
  2. b) Berlin is hotter than Paris
  3. c) Ankara is colder than Paris
  4. d) Paris is more crowded than London


14.My favorite season is – – – – because I like sunny and hot weather. I feel very energetic and excited. I usually go swimming.


  1. a) summer b) spring
  2. c) winter d) autumn


  1. Aşağıdaki cümlenin sonuna hangisi getirilemez?

My brother is doing his homework……..

a)at the moment       b)right now

c)never                     d)now


16.Berk :Hello, Alice. It is me, Berk. My sister wants to go to the new funfair in town. But I don’t know the date. When is it?

Alice :- – – – .


  1. A) It is between 21st June and 15thAugust
  2. B) It is on the Karataş Street
  3. C) It is a great idea
  4. D) It is fantastic


  1. Ada :I am bored. Let’s go to the funfair.

Molly :Great! Do you know the address? Where is it?

Ada :Yes, I know. – – – – .

  1. A) It’s on the 28th Street, Kızılay, Ankara
  2. B) It’s between 3rd and 20th August
  3. C) It’s very exciting
  4. D) It starts at 9.00 a.m