8. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları (2)

8. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları (2) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.



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A)Number  the steps       ( 7 PTS  )




Put some butter in a pan.

After that,beat the eggs and add some


When the butter melts,put the potatoes into

the pan

Finally,add the eggs and mix them together

Peel the potatoes and grate them

It is ready.Enjoy it!

Then add some salt and fry them


B)Match the pictures with the words below.( 20 P )

                Grill                   Mix              Boil           Roast            Bake        


C.Kelimeleri anlamlarıyla eslestirin ( 20 PTS )



___ Search engine

___ Account

___ Socialize

___ Hang on

___ Mostly

___ Register

___Exchange mail

___ Contain

___ Far away

___ Count on



3: Arama motoru



6: Güvenmek

7: Çoğunlukla

8: İnternet Hesabı

9: Sosyalleşmek

10: Bekleyiniz





























a) Hold on

 b) Available

c) Leave a message

 d) May I

e) Calling

f) Call back

D.Telefon konuşmasını tamamlayınız ( 10 PTS )








John:     Hello!This is John____1_______

_____2______ speak to Mr. Parker, please?

Secretary:____3____a moment.I’m afraid.He is not______4______at the moment.Would you like to________5________?

John:   No,thank you.I’ll_____6______later       


  1. Write TRUE or FALSE ( 14 PTS )

1.Young people prefer being alone in their spare times the most___________

2.Approximately half of the people  like hanging out with their  friends______________

3.People prefer going to the concerts more than doing shopping_____________

4.All the people love doing shopping in their leisure time_____________

  1. 1 in 10 prefers watching live music shows________
  2. People prefer being alone the least__________

7.Over twenty percent of the people love being alone in their  free times___________


  1. F) Doğru olanı iş ( 30 PTS )

1.One of my buddies invited me to a tea party,but I have to ……………her invitation because I am going to visit my grandparents.

  1. A) accept B) attend C) refuse   D) promise
  2. Steve : What kind of…….do you like ?

    Nina : I especially enjoy thrillers and romances.

  1. A) competitions B) movies C) activities  D) events

3.Sam : Who is your buddy in the class ?

  Sean :He is John.We are friends because………..

  1. A) we lie to each other
  2. B) we never count on each other
  3. C) we always argue
  4. D) we have the same likes and dislikes

4.Ted : I am going to organize a sleepover party tomorrow.Would you like to help me ?

  Fred : I would like to but …………….

  1. A) I am free all day tomorrow
  2. B) I would love to join
  3. C) I love parties
  4. D) I am very busy tomorrow

5.My sister usually take the bus to school because her school is …………………..to our house.

  1. A) near B) close C) in our neighborhood  D) far away
  2. Alex: Today we are going to a restaurant to have dinner.Would you like to come with us ?

Brian : Sounds good……………

Alex : At 7 o’clock

  1. A) where do you live?
  2. B) what is your favourite breakfast ?
  3. C) what time are we going to meet ?
  4. D) where do you go ?
  5. Carl :……………………………..?

   Britney : Hardly ever,because I don’t know how to swim.

  1. A) how often do you go to beach?
  2. B) how do you get to school ?
  3. C) what activities do you do at weekends ?
  4. D) where do you go for swimming ?

8.Derek : ……………..

   Chris : I get up late.My family and I have breakfast  and then we go out and hang around.Finally we do the shopping and come back.

  1. A) what do you usually do on weekends ?
  2. B) what do you generally do at school ?
  3. C) why do you get up early on weekdays ?
  4. D) When do you get home ?

9.Donald : Can you tell me the …………of omelette?

   Victor : Sure.You need eggs,butter,salt and cheese.

  1. A) process B) method C) steps   D) ingredients
  2. Baklava is a/an …………. dessert of Turkey.
  3. A) ingredients B) traditional C) cook   D) give
  4. Turkish people usually grill the meat but ………..
  5. A) they love eating lamp
  6. B) it is a really delicious dish
  7. C) it is not good for health
  8. D) they don’t like having barbecues

12.David : How many friends do you have in your social network?

Berry : …………………….

  1. A) I usually send text messages

B ) I prefer chatting on Facebook

  1. C) I don’t know the number
  2. D) My friends and I prefer social Networks
  3. Denise : Can I take your ……………….,please ?

     Fred : Sure,it is 893933424

  1. A) name B) number C) address   D) message
  2. % 49 of the teens send text messages .It means nearly ………of teenagers write text messages.
  3. A) half B) all C) 9 in 10           D) most

15.Susan : Who uses the internet most in your family?

    Jess : I guess,my brother.He is an internet addict.

    Susan: …………………………

    Jess : He uses social Networks,makes live chats and downloads videos or songs.

  1. A) how often does he access the net ?
  2. B) Does he have a social network account
  3. C) what does he usually do on the net ?

D) what does he usually share on the ne