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2018-2019 İngilizce 8. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları-2

2018-2019 İngilizce 8. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları-2 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


2018-2019………………..Secondary School 8th Grades 1st Term 2ndWritten Exam

Name – Surname:__________________________   Class:_______  Number:_____

Choose the best options.(20×5=100)


  1. Sam: I always have breakfast.

Kyle: Really! I don’t have it all the time. – – – -?

Sam: Butter, some olives and some jam.


  1. A) What time do you have your breakfast?
  2. B) What do you usually have for breakfast?
  3. C) When do you usually make it?
  4. D) What would you like to drink?



  1. John: Jane and I are going to have lunch.………?

     Tim:I’d love to, but I’m full. Thanks.


  1. A) Where is the restaurant
  2. B) Are you doing anything
  3. C) Do you often eat out

D)How about joining us



  1. Mike: Why do you like jazz music?

     Jane:Because – – – – .


  1. A) it’s really relaxing
  2. B) it’s unbearable
  3. C) I hate listening to music

D)I am not into jazz



  1. Jenny: – – – – ?

  Elizabeth: It’s very easy. Put some flour, yeast, salt

and warm water into a large bowl. Mix the ingredients and knead the dough. Then, bake it.


  1. A) Why do you like pizza
  2. B) How can I make bread
  3. C) What do you need for a chicken soup
  4. D) Which country is sushi from



  1. Alan:– – – – , please?

Emma:This is Emma Twain. My Number is 2565818.


  1. A) Could I call back half an hour later
  2. B) Could you tell me your address
  3. C) Could I take your name and phone number
  4. D) Could you wait a minute






  1. You get some news on the phone. Your friend has got the flu and can’t join your slumber party. What do you say to your friend?


A)I’m sorry to hear that.

  1. B) I hope you can make it.

C)I’m afraid, I can’t join you.

D)I think that is awesome.



  1. I’m afraid she is not at home now, but ……..


A)wait for the response.

  1. B) don’t hang up the phone, please.

C)you can call her on her mobile phone.

D)I’ll try to connect you.



  1. TEENAGERS and Favorite Activities

















A)hang out at the mall more than shopping

B)prefer going to the cinema most

C)don’t play volleyball

  1. D) often watch TV



  1. “Selin gets on well with Pelin. They are close friends.”

Which one is NOT correct?


A)They always trust each other.

  1. B) They never tell lies to each other.

C)They have a lot in common.

D)They never spend time together.







  1. “I prefer listening to rock music because ……”


A)it’s really terrific.                B) I dislike it.

C)I often go to a concert.        D)it’s ınbearable.



  1. “My school is not close to my home, so ………… I never walk to school in the mornings.”

A)I hate travelling by bus.

  1. B) I usually take the bus to school.

C)I dislike going to scchool at weekends.

D)I hardly ever catch the train to school.



12.Rose:Hi, I am Rose. Is Mary there?

     Elsa:Sorry. …….. Can you call her later?


A)She isn’t available.  B)I’ll get her.

  1. C) Yes, certainly. D) I’ll put you through.




Answer the questions (13-14) according to the texts below.



















  1. – – – – uses the Net for fun.


  1. A) Carol B) Bruce
  2. C) Eda D) John


  1. – – – – is an Internet addict.


  1. A) Carol B) Bruce
  2. C) Eda D) John








15.Customer service:Is your PC online or offline?

 Customer:– – – – ?

Customer service:I mean, is there a connection sign on the screen?

 Customer:No, there isn’t. I can’t browse on the Net.


  1. A) Can you solve my problem
  2. B) What do you mean
  3. C) Why don’t you help me
  4. D) Why not




  1. Assistant:Hi?

Mehmet: Hello, isSelin in?

Assistant:Yes, hang on, – – – – .


  1. A) she is busy now
  2. B) she’s not available right now
  3. C) I’ll get her
  4. D) I’ll get your message



  1. Aylin:What —- the negative effects of —– Net?

Yeliz:It causes addiction, increases cyber bullying and makes people lazy.


A)do/use                     B)is/using

C)are/using                  D) do/using




  1. A: How do you serve it?

B: ———


A)With milk                B) Frying pan

C)Irish stew                 D) For ten minutes.



  1. A: What are the ingredients in it?

B: ———


A)Floor,water,salt       B) Peel,chop,mix

C)Call, dial, hold on   D) Attachment, log in, delete.




  1. A: Where is sushi popular?

B: ———


A)Traditional meal.                 B) In a restaurant.

C)Stir and pour some water.   D) In Japan