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2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1. Ünite Friendship Okuma Metni

2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1. Ünite Friendship Okuma Metni günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


Read the paragraph and answer the questions.

After two days later, Angela looks at her mailbox and see her best friend Sally’s mail. She is really happy to see it. After reading it, she answers:

Hello my dear best friend,

I missed you a lot, too. I was thinking about our memories. We used to  get on well with each other because we used to have similar interests. We used to plan slumber parties. Until the morning, we used to watch film, eat snacks and gossip. When we came together, we used to have fun. When we had hard times, we supported each other. Because we counted on each other, we used to share our secrets  but you are not here now. Because you are not my side, I made new friends but they are not like you. Some of them are unreliable and sneaky. I mean, you are always special for me.  Also, I find new hobbies such as go camping, trekking etc. I wish you were here and we spent time together instead of other friends.


Luckily, we can e-mail each other. When I read the mail, I was really surprised and I was very happy with this news. Now I am answering it: Yes, it sounds great. I will buy a ticket to attend to your invitation.

See you soon in the event.

  • Answer the questions.
  • What did they used to during the slumber party?


  • Why do they get on well with each other?


  • Circle the right answer.
  • Angela made new friends/new friendship/fellow
  • Some of her new friends are unreliable/ liar/tactful.
  • Luckily/Unfortunately/Fortunately, they can e-mail each other.
  • Angela answers the mail : Yes, it sounds awesome/great/good/awful.


  • Match the synonyms with the words. Choose two of them and make sentence.
  1. Count on pyjama party/sleepover
  2. Back up trust
  3. Rely on appear/be present
  4. Slumber party support
  5. Buy get


Back up
Slumber party
Count on
  • Read the dialogues and fill in the blanks with synonyms of the words below.




Sasha:  What are you doing at the weekend?

Molly: Maybe, I’m studying lesson.Why?

Sasha: Well, I am planning a _______________ for the Saturday night but it is a secret for now. Can I _________ you?

Molly: Yes, sure. I promise I won’t tell it to anybody. I will ____________you.

Sasha: I am glad to hear it. Well, I can __________you. By the way,I can’t still get your answer. Would you like to join us?

Molly:  Oh, that sounds awesome.I will come over.