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8.Sınıf 1,2,3.Üniteler 25 Soruluk Deneme

8.Sınıf 1,2,3.Üniteler 25 Soruluk Deneme günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için           Tıkla İndir.





ADI SOYADI:…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


SINIF:………………    ………………NO: ……………………………………………………


1, 2 ve 3. Soruları aşağıdaki metne göre yanıtlayınız.












1.What does Al Pacino like doing?


A) He wakes up early.
B) He likes eating bread every morning.
C) He likes reading every night.
D) He likes acting.




  1. 2. Hangi sorunun yanıtı yoktur?


A) Was he born seventy five years ago?
B) What’s his job?
C) What time does he wake up?
D) How many cups of coffee does he drink at breakfast?




  1. 3. Hangi seçenek doğrudur?


A) Al Pacino isn’t a handsome actor.
B) He eats two eggs and drinks coffee every morning.
C) He hardly ever wakes up early every morning.
D) He is a young man now.




  1. 4. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.
Arda : This is vegetable soup.

Umut: —————–?

Arda : Mushrooms, onions, carrots and zucchinis.









A) Do you like it B) Is it healthy
C) What is in it D) How do you cook it



  1. 5. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.
Ela: Would you like to go out and have a drink  tomorrow evening?

Berk: —————-. Will you come and pick me up?

Ela: OK! I’ll take you at 10 a.m.












A) No, I am really busy B) Yes, I’d love to
C) I hope you enjoy it D) I’m sorry but I can’t


  1. 6. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.

Salih: Never! It’s very far from my house.






A) Why do you get up late on weekdays
B) Do you have dinner with your family
C) How often do you walk to school
D) When do you take the bus to work












  1. 7. ve 8. Soruları metne göre yanıtlayınız.
Some friends come into our lives and stay forever. Ömer is one of them. He is my closest friend. We always back each other up and depend on each other. We never argue and we are like sister and brother.








  1. What do true friends do?


A) They back each other up.
B) They are brothers.
C) They stay for a short time in our lives.
D) They argue each other.


  1. 8. What is Ömer for me?


A) He is a true friend.
B) He is a stranger.
C) He is a short time friend.
D) He is someone I don’t know.


  1. 9. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.

Ekin: I like watching TV and listening to music at home.






A) What do you do in the evening
B) Do you prefer watching TV
C) Would you like to go out
D) How often do you listen to music


  1. 10. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.
Yağmur: Are you good at singing?

Selin     : ———————-. I’m in the school choir and my friends say I have an impresssive voice.








A) That’s cool B) You’re right  
C) I guess so D) It’s OK


  1. 11. Söyleniş sırası hangi seçenekte doğru verilmiştir?
I. No, I’m free. I don’t have any plans.

II. What about going on a picnic?

III. Are you doing anything on Sunday?

IV. That sounds good.













  1. 12. Boşluğu tamamlayınız.








A) Playing computer games is a bad habit
B) It’s healthy for teenagers to eat fruit
C) Teenagers should have good habits
D) Teenagers have a lot of bad habits



  1. 13. Görsele göre hangi seçenek doğrudur?


A) slice
B) chop
C) peel
D) dice
  1. 14. Aşağıda yapılışı anlatılan yiyecek nedir?
In a large bowl, add warm water. Slowly stir in dry yeast. Add salt and milk to a bowl. Mix until the dough is soft and smooth. Preheat the oven at 150 C. Form the dough into a loaf of and set in buttered pan. Put it in oven and bake for about 45 minutes. Then take it out to cool.









A) Dessert B) Soup C) Bread D) Salad




  1. 15. Hangi kelimenin tanımı yanlış yapılmıştır?


A) Bake: To cook in an oven.
B) Fry: To cook in hot oil.
C) Chop:To cook in water.
D) Barbeque:To cook in a grill.



  1. 16. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.
Melissa:What kind of pizza are you going to make?

Ezgi     : I’m going to make a mixed pizza.

Melissa: It sounds great. Do you need any help making dinner or do you want me to bring something?

Ezgi     :————————?

Melissa: Okay. I will see you tonight.










A) What kind of food am I going to prepare for you
B) No, just come my home at seven o’clock
C) What did you have for dinner last night
D) I’m going to boil some rice and bake the bread




  1. 17. Hangi seçenek cevap olamaz?









A) Because it is easy to prepare
B) Because it is healthy
C) Because it is delicious
D) Because it is my favourite country





  1. 18. Boşluğu tamamlayınız.
When I come back home from school.

I usually have an apple before dinner.

That is my favourite————.












A) snack B) yeast C) mixture D) recipe




  1. 19. Diyaloğu tamamlayınız.
Stephen: ————————?

Bora: We usually drink it after breakfast.







A) What do you usually drink in the breakfast
B) Why do Turkish people like Turkish coffee
C) Which one do you prefer
D) When do Turkish people drink coffee



  1. 20. Resmi en iyi anlatan ifade hangisidir?


A) Pour the yeast mixture to a large mixing bowl.
B) Put the dough on a lightly floured surface.
C) Knead the dough for about ten minutes.
D) Add the butter, milk, sugar and salt.





  1. 21. ve 22. Soruları metne göre yanıtlayınız.


Tom: My favourite food is Chinese. I love rice. In Chinese restaurants they cut the vegetables and meat into small pieces and fry them very quickly. The Chinese also mix different ingredients like sugar and vinegar. You must try the chicken. It’s delicious.
































  1. Hangi seçenek hatalı ifade edilmiştir?


A) Tom likes rice and Chinese food .
B) Tom loves eating in Chinese restaurants.
C) Chinese use vinegar and sugar while cooking.
D) Chinese roast chopped vegetables and meat quickly.




  1. 22. Hangi sorunun yanıtı yoktur?


A) When does Tom usually eat Chinese food?
B) Do they fry vegetables and meat very quickly?
C) How do the Chinese restaurants cook?
D) What is Tom’s favourite food?





  1. 23. Parçaya göre hangi seçenek doğrudur?


I’m Tony. My favourite food is Italian. I love pasta so every Saturday my mother makes a big bowl of spaghetti. She serves the spaghetti with tomato sauce. It’s delicious with cheese on top.








A) Tony sometimes eats pasta with cheese sauce.
B) Tony’s mother makes pasta once a week.
C) Spaghetti is an Itallian food.
D) Tony’s mother serves spaghetti with sliced meat.



  1. ve 25. Soruları metne göre yanıtlayınız.











  1. Ingredients of a pancake are———————–.


A) blend the mixture for one minute
B) serve your pancake with honey
C) eggs, sugar, flour and milk
D) heat it until golden, then flip




  1. 25. ———– after pour ½ cup of mixture into a frying pan.




A) Put the mixture into a bowl
B) Heat it until golden, then flip
C) Put the eggs, sugar, flour and milk in a blender
D) Serve your pancake with butter and jam