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8. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite (The Internet) 20 Soruluk Deneme (Test)

8. Sınıf İngilizce 5. Ünite (The Internet) 20 Soruluk Deneme (Test) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


1. Rob : – – – -?
Matt : Three or four times a week.
Rob : What do you usually do online?
Matt : I usually play online games and do
A) What do you do after school
B) How often do you use the Internet
C) Do you have a computer
D) Were you online last night
2. If you have an internet connection, you
can – – – – games, videos and songs to your
A) delete B) print
C) avoid D) download
3. You can chat, share photos and tell people
about yourself by using – – – -.
A) speakers
B) SMS dictionary
C) social networking sites
D) cooking methods
4. Mark : – – – -?
Jack : Playing online games and watching
A) What are your internet habits
B) How often do you surf on the Internet
C) What do you think about the computers
D) Do you like using the Internet
5. Eric : What is the problem, Ron?
Ron : I don’t know but I can’t go online.
Eric : I think there is a problem with your
– – – -.
A) speakers B) printer
C) webcam D) modem
6. Chris : Are you addicted to the Internet?
Brown : I don’t understand. What do you
Chris : I mean, – – – -?
A) do you have a modem
B) where do you access the Internet
C) do you spend much time on the Internet
D) what do you do on the Internet
7. Brian : Don’t give out your personal
information on the Net.
Jones : What do you mean?
Brian : I mean, – – – -.
A) you should use an anti-virus program on the
B) you shouldn’t share your name, address or
phone number
C) you can upload your photos on social media
D) you mustn’t open strange emails
w w w . b e e p u b l i s h i n g . c o m . t r
8. Clark : I think Google is the best – – – -.
Elena : You’re right. You can find everything
you need.
A) search engine
B) printer
C) tower
D) wireless modem
9. Dan : What’s the problem, Ron?
Ron : I’ve forgotten my – – – -, so I can’t log
on to my email account.
A) password
B) modem
C) search engine
D) blog
10. Teddy : – – – -?
Maria : Yes, I did. I’ll upload them on my
account tonight.
A) When did you leave the party last night
B) Do you like taking photos
C) Did you take any selfies at the party
D) Do you remember your password
11. Smith : Can you show me how to use the
– – – -?
James : Sure. Do you have a paper?
Smith : Yes. Here it is.
A) modem B) tower
C) speaker D) printer
12. “I went to a technology store yesterday and I
bought a new mouse, monitor and headphones”.
Metinde söz edilmeyen görsel hangisidir?
A) B)
C) D)
13. Mike : We are going to play online games
in my room. – – – -?
Ron : I’d love to, but I can’t. I am busy with
my homework.
A) Would you like to join us
B) How often do you play games
C) What is your favourite sport
D) What do you usually do on the Net
14. How to surf safely
Tablodaki boşluğa hangi ifade getirilemez?
A) Don’t open strange emails
B) Use an antivirus software
C) Share your information with everyone
D) Update your antivirus program
w w w . b e e p u b l i s h i n g . c o m . t r
15. “I usually do online shopping, watch videos and
use networking sites on the Internet.”
Metinde söz edilmeyen görsel hangisidir?
A) B)
C) D)
16. (I) I use the Internet almost every day. (II) I
chat with my buddies and send them photos.
(III) Also, I like listening to music and watching
Internet TV. (IV) My parents don’t allow me to
use the Internet.
Paragrafın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümle
“It can destroy your computer and delete
your important files.” cümlesinde bahsedilen
görsel hangi seçenekte verilmiştir?
A) modem B) virus
C) smart phone D) printer
18-20. soruları parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
Information technology is very important
for everybody. It is very difficult to imagine
our lives without the Internet and the
smartphones. Almost all teenagers have
smart phones and they connect to the
Internet, send messages, use social media
and make phone calls. If you want to go
somewhere, the smartphones help you to
get information on where to go and what
to eat. However, this technology can be
addictive. We spend too much time on it.
It makes us less sociable and it is bad for
health. To avoid this addiction, we should be
more careful about the time we spend and
we should set time limits to it.
18. According to the text, which one is false?
A) Technology is very important for us.
B) Life will be more difficult without the Internet.
C) Teenagers have purposes for using the
D) We don’t need to be careful while using the
19. Which one is not a purpose of the
A) Having a rest.
B) Finding information.
C) Exchanging messages.
D) Using social networking sites.
20. If you want to avoid technology addiction,
you should – – – -.
A) spend more time on it
B) be online all the time
C) set a time limit and stick to it
D) buy a new smart phone