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8.Sınıf İngilizce 1,2,3.Üniteler 21 Soruluk Deneme (YENİ)

8.Sınıf İngilizce 1,2,3.Üniteler 21 Soruluk Deneme (YENİ) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


Susan often feels blue in the class.I really can’t stand seeing her in that situation.

1-Aşağıdakilerden hangisi altı çizili kelimeye yakın bir anlam içermemektedir?
a)be depressed b)be glad
c)feel upset d)feel sad

2-Jason: Hi Mark.It is Jason calling! We are going to hold a surprise party for Timothy. Would you like to help us with the organisation?
Mark:Absolutely! I!d love to help as much as I can!
Jason: Then, youare……………….bringing the music cds and preparing the invitation cards
Mark: No big deal! I can do that.
a)promise b)swear
c)fond of d)responsible for
Liam:Hello Swan we are going to meet buddies at the new cinema in our neighborhood.The expected film Batman vs Superman is on the theaters and why don’t you join us either?
Swan: I’m sorry but I can’t.I dislike fantasy at all!
Liam: So,…………… do you prefer watching?
Swan: thrillers!

3-Boşluğa uygun düşmeyen soru kelimesi aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?
a)what size?
B)what kind of
c)what sort of
d)what type of
4-Tabloya uygun ifade aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?
a)They are rarely close friends.
b)They can’t stand telling the truth.
c)They always back you up when you really need them.
d)They have nothing in common.
5-Daughter:Dad I!m going to hang out with my closest friend,Sylvia tonight.May I go out tonight?
Dad: Hmmm…I know her well. Allright but …?
Daughter: At the new shopping mall over the corner.
a)who will you meet
b)when will you meet
c)what will you meet
d)where will you meet
6 ve 7.soruları metne göre cevaplayınız.
6-Aşağıdakilerden hangisi parçada yer almamıştır?
a)guests b)date c) event d)place
7-Aşağıdakilerden hangisi parçada belirtilen daveti betimlemektedir?
a) B)
c) d)
a) Twice a day
b) Often
c) Hardly ever
d) Always
Tips for true friends
 They always get on well with buddies.
 They hate arguing with each other.
 They depend on each other.
 ……………………………..
Dear Sonia,
We would love to make a crazy fancy-dress party on Sunday 23rd at 9pm in my backyard.So why don’t you come over and enjoy it with us? By the way don’t forget to bring your mask and horrible hat
How often do you hang out with your buddies?
……………..I prefer being alone.
T E O G D E N E M E L E R İ ( 1 – 3 )
9-Albert:I feel rather bored.How about listening to classical music to relax?
Simon: No offense but I ‘m not fond of that sort of music.
Albert: Really! Why not?
Simon: ……………. İt is……………….
a)I suppose so/energetic b)Personally/unbearable
c)From my point of view/impressive
d)To me/trendy
10-Nesrin: What do you think of hip hop music?
Ceylin:……………It is energetic and lots of fun!
a)I’m definitely crazy about it.
b)I can’t stand it!
c)I would rather not listen to it
d)I don’t prefer it much.
Kaito:I meet buddies and most often go to shopping malls to see and maybe buy new trendy outfits.
a)When do you meet buddies?
b)Where do you meet friends?
c)What do you usually do on the weekends?
d)How do you go to shopping malls?
12-Sude için aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenebilir?
a)She hates looking impressive.
b)She prefers fashioable clothes to casual ones.
c)She enjoys wearing casualoutfit.
d)According to her,casual clothes are impressive
Jacklin: Our 2-month vacation is going to start next Friday.I don’t know what to do for the whole two months.
Douglas:Why don’t you try new unusual and exciting sports?
Jacklin:That sounds awesome! Which sports would you advise?
Douglas: …………………….
13-Boşluğa uygun düşen spor aşağıdakilerden hangisi olabilir?
a)football b)tennis
c)snowtubing d)cycling
Alex:In my opinion, you look impressive in it.
Selin: ,thanks for your ideas, I’m really fond of wearing casual clothes such as t-shirt,jeans and trainers like these.
a)How do you find my new car
b)What do you think of this film
c)Do you prefer pop music or rap music
d)What do you think of my new outfit
15-Yukardaki görseli ifade eden seçenek hangisidir?
a)pan b)mixing bowl
c)saucepan d)rolling pin
16-Ahmet: Do you prefer cuisine programmes or sports programmes?
Suat: ………………………..because I’m really bad at cooking.
Ahmet: I see!
a)I prefer cuisine to sports programme
b)I don’t prefer sports proramme at all.
c)I thinkcooking activities are exciting
d)I prefer sports to cuisine
Hi I’m sude.I’m fond of wearing trendy clothes.I don’t prefer casual outfits.I think they are so ordinary.
T E O G D E N E M E L E R İ ( 1 – 3 )
17-“Kitchen activity” görselini ifade eden seçeneği işaretleyiniz.
A)chopping b)dicing
c) mashing d)slicing
18-Mustafa: You know I live alone and don’t know how to cook.I need to cook practical and easy-to-make dishes.
Okan: Don’t worry.I will give you some simple …………. to cook after school.
Mustafa: Thanks buddy! You are so kind.
a)recipes b)ingredients
c)cooking styles d)processes
19-20-21. soruları metne göre cevaplayınız.
19-Hangisi metne göre doğrudur?
a)Tim doesn’t want to try turkish food again.
b)Tim doesn’t know the ingredients of mantı.
c)Tim remembers how to make mantı.
d)According to him, turkish meals are terrible.
20-Mantı is ……………
a)a kind of meat .
b) a sort of dish famous in USA.
c)is made of fish .
d)famous and popular in Turkey.
21-According to text, Tim thinks Turkish cuisine is………..
a)horrible b)terrific
c)ordinary d)awful
I’m Tim and from USA.I visited Turkey last year.The dishes were amazing.I must say I put on weight.I loved trying especially “mantı”.It was a well-known traditional meal and something made of dough and red meat .They rolled dough first,then add meat in it and finally boil it in sausepan .It was so delicious.I miss tu