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8.Sınıf İngilizce 1 ve 2.Üniteler 20 Soruluk Deneme 2

8.Sınıf İngilizce 1 ve 2.Üniteler 20 Soruluk Deneme 2 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


1. Sally: Are you busy tomorrow ?
Jane: No, not at all. Why?
Sally: How about a slumber party at my house?
Jane: Great!………………………………
A) I am afraid but I am busy.
B) it sounds awesome.
C) I am sorry but I can’t join.
D) that’s not a good idea.
2. Cemre: Would you like to come over tonight? Seren: ………. I have an important exam tomorrow. A) Great! B) Of course C) I am sorry. D) Sure, that sounds fun!
3. Sema: Do you need support with your project?
Melih: …………. I finished it at the library last week.
A) Yes, please.
B) Thanks for aksing.
C) Maybe.
D) Of course.
4. Aras ……………….. He doesn’t get on well with them.
A) spends good time with his buddies
B) never lies to his classmates
C) always argues with his friends
D) backs up his friends.
5. A:What about having lunch together?
B…………. I’m very hungry. Let’s go to a restaurant.
A) Unfortunately!
C) Never mind!
B) Don’t worry!
D) Great idea!
6. Daniel is my best friend.I – – – – – – – – – him.He is honest and never tells lie.
B)count on
7. Kim: Shall we buy a DVD movie and watch it at home?
John:………….. I don’t like watching movies.
A) Great!
B) That’s a good idea.
C) It sounds nice
D) No, thanks.
8. Daisy : How about a slumber party next week ?
Mendy: – – – – – – – . I ‘ll take my pajamas
A)Sorry, I’ll be busy next week
B)Yeah, that would be great
C)Oh, I’d love to, but I can not
D)No, thanks. I do not like cookies
9. Ayşe : What are you going to do this weekend?
Fatma : I am going to ___. I missed them very much
a) visit my relatives
b) tidy my room
c) play with my friend
d) water the flowers
10. Best friends __________ with each other. They rarely argue.
a) laid back
b) support
c) count on
d) get on well
11. Sude enjoys __________. She often invites her friends to his house. They wear their pyjamas and they chat, play games and eat chocolate cakes.
a) birthday parties
b) costume parties
c) slumber parties
d) christmas parties
12. A true friend never lies to you. You can __________ him/her.
a) count on
b) hate
c) share
d) secret
13. George is very ____…. He doesn’t care about anything.
a) cool
b) laid back
c) buddy
d) stranger
14. True friends __________. They share similar likes and dislikes. For example they like the same movies
a) share their t-shirts or hats
b) have a lot in common
c) talk a lot about the movies on Tv
d) like recording videos
15. Batuhan : I am going to join a ________
Merve : Don’t forget to take your helmet with you
Batuhan : Ok. I will take it.
a) class party
b) rock concert
c) tennis match
d) bicycle race
16. ______ clothes are suitable for everyday wear.They are comfortable.
a) fashion
b) casual
c) trendy
d) serious
17. Most of the old people thinks Heavy Metal music is________ because it is very loud.
a) unberarable
b) impressive
c) fantastic
d) ridiculous
18. Harun is a ________. He studies 7 hours everyday. He never goes out with his friends.
a) cool
b) nerd
c) lazy
d) sociable
19. Suzy : Will you come and __________?
Abby : OK! I’ll take you at 6 p.m.
a) take me up
b) come up me
c) come over me
d) pick me up
20. I am going to _____________. Sometimes I get bored of living in a big city and want a silent place.
a) join a bicycle race
b) go nature walking
c) go to shopping mall
d) go to a rock concert