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8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6. Üniteler Deneme 2

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6. Üniteler Deneme 2 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için                 Tıkla İndir.


1.When I want to access my bank
account on the Internet, the websitewants me to ……. .
A)connect to the internet
B)create a fake online identity
C)enter the password
D)use safe websites

2. Daniel: ……. ? Robbie: Because I like my tea to be sour.
A)Do you want your tea to be sour
B)How should I serve tea
C)Why did you add lemon juice into yourtea
D)Why did you put some sugar in your tea

3. Daisy: ……. ? Türkan: I prefer rafting to caving
because it is more entertaining.
A)Do you prefer rafting or caving
B)Do you prefer water sports
C)Shall we join a rafting club together
D)What is your favourite sport
4. Ebru: ……. ? Dean: There are no rules to follow and it is also less expensive than many sports because you only need a pair of trainers while doing it.
A)What do you think about canoeing
B)Do you consider parkour as an extremesport
C)Which activity is the cheapest
D)Why do you prefer free running
5.I prefer doing yoga to doing karatebecause yoga is a more ……. activity.
6.Dan: Hello. Is Sam there? Rob: …….
Dan: It is Dan. His friend from school.
A)Can you tell me why you are calling?
B)I am afraid he is not here right now.
C)May I ask who is calling?
D)Would you like to leave a message?
7.John: Oh! This pasta is delicious!
What are the ingredients of it? Sherlock: ……. It is just pasta, of course. What else could I put in?
A)I enjoy cooking very much.
B)Oh, John. Don’t be ridiculous.
C)There are a lot of things you need.
D)You should serve it with tomato sauce.
8.…….. , but I like it.
A)Bungee jumping is one of the most
dangerous activities in the world
B)Caving is very entertaining
C)I am fond of doing extreme sports
D)I am not an adrenalin seeker
9.Serap: Would you like to go to the
cinema with me? Colin: ……. I have an exam tomor- row so I must study.
A)I’m afraid I can’t.
B)Sure, thank you.
C)That sounds like a good idea.
D)Why not?
1-9. sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygungelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.
Soru Sayısı: 20
Sınav Süresi: 40 Dakika
Revision (Units 1-6)
10. Sybil: ……. ? Mary: I usually go to the concerts. I love listening to music.
A)Do you like listening to music?
B)What do you have for breakfast?
C)What do you do at the weekends?
D)Who is your favourite singer?
11.Here is the recipe of strawberrymilkshake for you. First, chop thestrawberries. Second, put some milkand ice cubes in a bowl and blend them until it is smooth. ……. . Enjoy it.
A)After that, pour the milk into a glass.
B)Finally, add the chopped strawberriesinto the mixture and blend them
together for three minutes.
C)Finally, mix the chopped strawberrieswith milk and pour them into a glass.
D)Finally, you will only need some milk,strawberries and ice cubes.
12.……. . For example, CUL8R is
usually used instead of “See you
A)I usually look up the dictionary if Idon’t know the meaning of a word.
B)I would rather text my friends thantalk on the phone.
C)The people who cannot hear usuallyknow sign language.
D)Today many people use abbreviationswhile texting.
13.I. Because thanks to the Internet, we can contact with other people whenever and wherever we want.
II.For example, I usually use Skype tocommunicate with my friend in Brazil.
III.There are many advantages of usingthe Internet.
IV.The most important of them is the
Bu cümlelerin anlamlı bir şekilde sıralanışı hangi seçenekte doğru olarak verilmiştir?
A)III- I – II – IVB)III – IV – I – II
C)III – IV – II – ID)IV – III – I – II
14.Yukarıdaki tabloda boş bırakılanmaddeye aşağıdakilerden hangisi
A)Do not listen what the experiencedpeople say.
B)Have a first-aid kit with you.
C)If someone gets injured, wait formedical help without doing anything.
D)Use the cheapest shoes because itdoesn’t make any difference.
I like doing extreme sports. My
favourite sport is ……. . Many people do not know this sport but I think it is thrilling.
C)parkour runningD)scuba diving
Safety Items on BASE Jumping
1.Always use your helmet.
2.Use the special equipment properly.
3.Always have your mobile phone withyou.
Revision (Units 1-6)
Yukarıdaki davetiye aşağıdaki
sorulardan hangisine cevap
A)What kind of party is it?
B)When is the party?
C)Where is the party?
D)Who is the invitation for?
You should ……. until it becomes smooth.
A)add some flour
B)pour the mixture into a bowl
C)preheat the oven
D)roll the dough
Larry: In my opinion, doing extreme sports are not dangerous because while doing these sports, there are always ex-perienced people around you to help. There are also special equipment for each sport to protect you. However, I don’t do extreme sports because I am not excited by these kind of sports and probably I would be frightened of them.
Edith: I am sure that extreme sports are not for me because I think that they involve high risk and danger. As I am not an adrenalin seeker, I have never tried any of these sports in my life. However, I saw people while doing extreme sports and interestingly, I didn’t think that these people were frightened. They were rather thrilled by it.
18. Larry and Edith ……. .
A)are adrenalin seekers
B)are frightened of extreme sports
C)are thrilled by extreme sports
D)think that extreme sports are
19.According to Larry, why are
extreme sports not dangerous?
A)Because he is excited by extremesports.
B)Because the special equipment arenot enough to protect someone fromdanger.
C)Because they are controlled by
experienced people.
D)Because they do not involve anyrisks.
20.Edith thinks that the people who do extreme sports feel ………………… .
18 – 19 – 20. soruları aşağıda verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.
Prepared by Mehmet DOĞAR