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8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6. Üniteler Deneme 5 (20 Soru)

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6. Üniteler Deneme 5 (20 Soru) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndirmek için Tıkla İndir.


UNIT 1-6
I. They count on each other
II. They share their secrets
III. They are jealous of each other
IV. They like spending time together
Which sentence is not correct for true friends?
2. I. Another time, maybe.
II. Why not?
III. I’d love to but I can’t
IV. That sounds great
How many of these sentences can you use to accept an invitation?
A- 1 B-2 C-3 D-4
3. Which one is a computer software?
A- Internet browser
B- System Unit
C- Scanner
D- Tower
Which one is suitable for Jack?
A. B.
C. D.
5. Ina : Hello, May I speak to Mr. Black?
Tina: Who is calling?
Ina: I am Ina. I am his sister.
Tina: I am sorry. He is in a meeting
Ina : Can you tell him to call me back after
Tina : Sure.
Ina: Thank you. Goodbye
Tina: Bye
Which sentence tells us that Mr. Black is not avaliable?
A- May I speak to Mr. Black?
B- He is in a meeting now
C- Can you tell him to call me back after meeting
D- I am his sister
6. Jack- I use the Internet to do my
Joe- I like playing online games.
Sue- I use the Internet for chatting with
my friends.
Ann- I like listening to music and watching
Internet TV
For what don’t they use the Internet?
A- To have fun
B- To find information
C- To communicate
D- To read the news
7. Anna – I prefer using a pen and a paper
Diana- I usually use text message.
Julie- I like sitting in a cafe and chit-
Jane- I prefer making phone call.
Who prefers face to face communication?
A. Anna B- Diana C- Julia D- Jane
My name is Jack. I will have a meeting tomorrow. So I need some casual clothes. What should I wear?
UNIT 1-6
8. ………………………….
System Unit
What can be the title?
A. Computer Software Types
B. Computer Hardware Types
C. Device drivers
D. Internet brower types
9. Which sentence expresses preference?
A. I would rather ride a camel than swim with sharks
B. I hate doing indoor sports.
C. I never go hiking because it is boring
D. Hiking is more boring than carving.
 Hang gliding
 Bungee jumping
 Jumping out of a plane
What are the common features of these sports?
A- They are sky sports.
B- They are not for adrenalin junkies.
C- They are water sports
D- They don’t have any risks.
You want to cook chicken for dinner. But you are not good at cooking and you dont know how to do it. So you call your mom and ask her:
A- Can you give me the chicken recipe?
B- I am sure I can cook chicken.
C- Why don’t you cook chicken for dinner?
D- I want to eat chicken for dinner.
(12, 13. ve 14. Soruları diyaloğa göre cevaplayınız.)
Carl : Hey, Pelin! What do you think of
skydiving? Have you ever gone?
Pelin : Hmm.. Skydiving?.. Gone?… .
Carl : I mean parachuting. Do you like it? Have
you ever tried it?
Pelin : OK. No, I haven’t. I believe it’s too risky.
Carl : I think it would be an amazing
adventure. Imagine that you’re flying
through the air!
Pelin : I admit that would be great, but I don’t
like taking risks. I prefer water activities.
I’d like to go canoeing because it’s very
Carl : Last year, I attended a summer camp.
We had a lot of different activities. I think
canoeing was the most challenging of all.
Pelin : I think rafting is more challenging than
12. Which one is false?
A- Pelin prefers water activities
B- Carl tried canoeing a year ago.
C- Pelin thinks rafting is more difficult than canoeing.
D- Pelin attended a summer camp.
13. Why has Pelin never tried parachuting?
A. Because she thinks it is not safe
B. Because she believes it is not risky
C. Because she doesn’t find it great
D. Because she is into challenging sports
14. Which sports are compared in the text?
A- Canoeing and skydiving
B- Parachuting and rafting
C- Rafting and canoeing
D-Parachuting and canoeing
UNIT 1-6
(15, 16. ve 17. Soruları diyaloğa göre cevaplayınız.)
Ahmet: How often do you use the Internet?
Burak : I’m addicted to the Internet.
Ahmet : Can you explain what it means? Burak : You know some people are addicted
to chocolate and things like that, and they
have to eat it all the time. Well, I have to
surf the Internet every day.
Ahmet: Interesting! What do you do on the
Net for such a long time?
Burak : I like surfing and going to chat rooms. I
love it! How about you?
Ahmet : I spend about three hours a day on
the Net, maybe more at the weekend.
15. Why does Burak talk about chocolate?
A. Because he wants to explain being addicted to the Internet
B. Because he wants Ahmet to buy chocolate for him
C. Because he wants to eat chocolate when he is online
D. Because he wants to give Ahmet chocolate.
16. Which sentence tells us that Ahmet is addicted to the Internet?
A- I spend about three hours a day on the Net
B- I have to surf the Internet every day.
C- Maybe more at the weekend.
D- How often do you use the Internet
17. Which one is true?
A- Burak uses the Internet for finding information
B- Burak is not addicted to the Internet
C- Ahmet doesn’t know what being addicted to the Internet means
D- Ahmet spends more than three hours a day on the Net
18. Which ones don’t have similar meaning?
A- Keep in touch – Communicate
B- Count on – Rely on
C- Hang up – Hold on
D- In used – Engaged
19. I ………………………. photos or videos
Which one can’t be used to complete the sentence?
A- sign up
B- share
C- download
D- upload
Hi, my name is Mark. Sunday’s my favourite day. I usually get up late and eat breakfast. Then I often go and play basketball. After that, I help my dad in the garden. We eat lunch at noon. In the afternoon, I sometimes visit my grandparents with my family. In the evening, I go to the cinema with my friends.
Which question doesnt have an answer in the text?
A- What does he do after playing basketball
B- What does he do in the evening?
C- How often does he visit his grandparents?
D- Who does he play basketball with?
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