8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4. Üniteler LGS Deneme Sınavı (YENİ)

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4. Üniteler LGS Deneme Sınavı (YENİ) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


.    Justin: What are you good at Johnny?

Johnny: I do not know. I think I can play tennis well. – – – – – ?

Justin: I am not actually.


  1. A) What about you
  2. B) Are you into tennis
  3. C) What are you good at
  4. D) Are you good at football




  1. Read the dialogue and find the expression accepting the


Richard: Gery is going to leave the town and today is his last day here. How about having a party for him for the last time?

         Ted: – – – – –


  1. A) Yeah, why not?

B)It is not a good idea I think.

  1. C) We can’t come together.
  2. D) Not really, he is a good friend.




  1. Which one is about the picture above?
  2. A) Barbecue Party B) Beach Party
  3. C) Occasion D) Tournament




  1. Irieda: – – – – – ?

Henry: In my opinion people with abilities are happy.


  1. A) What do you think about happiness

B)Who is always sad in the life

  1. C) What is your opinion about selfish people
  2. D) When is the true time for happiness


  1. Eric: Do you brush your teeth often?

         Tom: – – – – – . How about you?

         Eric: I brush them twice a day.


  1. A) Yes, I play it everyday
  2. B) Not much, once only
  3. C) No, I never use it
  4. D) Yeah, I eat it three times a day





  1. Irina: I like to be physically active.

Tom: What sports do you prefer then?

Irish: – – – – – .


  1. A) I don’t prefer playing computer games
  2. B) I never prefer playing tennis
  3. C) I prefer attending to a bike race
  4. D) I prefer helping people




  1. Put the sentences in the correct order to create a dialogue.


I- Thenaddvinegar, garlicand salt with a bottle of water.

II- How can I do Şalgam juice?

III- Firstly, getabout 10 Şalgams.

IV- It is not easy but you can followthesteps.


  1. A) II- III- IV- I B) III- IV- I- II
  2. C) II- IV- III- I D) IV- I- II- III




  1. Youhavethenecessaryingredientsfor hamburger. Youfrythemeatballfirst. Thenyouaddsomespice on it. Finallyyou put it intoburger but youforgetto put something in it. Findwhatyouforgetopeningtheburger;


  1. A) I forget to put pepper in it.
  2. B) There must be some onions in the kitchen.
  3. C) Where is the burger breads?
  4. D) There is not any lettuce, cheddar cheese and ketchup in the hamburger.



YouwantedtocallyourfriendJason. His number is 312 6747887 but bymistakeyoudialed 312 6777887. Somebodyyoudon’tknowanswered it.


9- Look at thedialoguebelowandfill in theblankswith a suitablechoice.


You:Hello, it is me, Jason.

Stranger: – – – – – ?

You: I wouldliketospeaktoJasonplease. Can you put me throughhim?

Stranger: I’m afraidyoudialedthewrongnumber.


  1. A) Who is calling at the moment
  2. B) Whatareyoulisteningthere
  3. C) Sorry, whodidyou say

D)What do youwant





(I)Media is a way of onesideortwosidedcommunication. (II)Itcoversnewspapers, TV, Internet, MagazinesandRadio. (III)It’sverystrangethat it has a hugeinfluence on public. (VI)Theseriesyouwatch, thenewsyoufollow, the web pagesyouvisit can totallychangeyourunderstandingandmindaboutthings in the life. (V)That’swhyyouneedto be carefulwhatyouwatchandfollow.

10-Which sentenceabove is abouttheinfluence of themedia?

  1. A) I
  2. B) II
  3. C) III
  4. D) VI