8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6. Üniteler LGS Denemesi (YENİ)

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6. Üniteler LGS Denemesi (YENİ) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


  1. Molly, from your middle school is giving an end-of-term party at her place. She invites you to join the party but you are not at the last year of the school, so refuse her invitation kindly and give an excuse saying;


  1. A) I’m afraid I am not coming to the party

B)Sorry but I can’t. I’m busy

  1. C) I’d love to but I can’t make it
  2. D) I will be there at 8 pm


  1. Elizabeth: Hey Nick, you are close friends with Jack right?

      Nick: Yes, we get on well together.

      Elizabeth: – – – – – ?

       Nick: Because he keeps my secrets and never tells lies to me.

  1. A) Why does he come to the party
  2. B) Where do you hang out with him
  3. C) Why are you close friends
  4. D) Why do you need him


















Kate:Whattype of music do youpreferlistening, Sarah?

Sarah: I like pop music, especially western style.


Sarah: – – – – – .

Kate: I do not like it, either.

3- Whichoption can be bestsuitablefortheblank in thedialogue?

  1. A) I do not listen to it much
  2. B) Yes, of course, I do
  3. C) Not morethan pop, I think

D)I do not preferwatchingmusicvideos













4-According tothepassage, how can youusethecoffeeseedifyou do not roast, dryorground?


A)We can enjoythetastyflovor of thecoffee

B)Wecollectthebeans 3 yearsafterweplantthem


  1. D) We can plant it and it grows as a coffeetree




5- What is thenext step afteryoucollectthecoffeefruit?

A)Weroast it until it getsbrown



D)When it is ready, we can taste it






One of themostamazingoldways of communicationwashieroglyphics. People in Egyptused it tocontactwithandalsowantedto put importantpeople’snames on thewalls. Normallyspeakingwasthefirstandmostknownway of communication but, later, in 4000 BC, Egyptiansfoundtheway of writtenexchanginginformation.

6-If youwanttolearn how is your name created in Hieroglyphics, whatshouldyousearch on search engine?

A)Whataredifferentalphabets in Greeklanguage?

  1. B) WheredidpeoplefirstuseHieroglyphics

C)Whatdoes a snake Picture mean inHieroglyphics



7-If youwanttoaccessyoursocial network account but it says it is a wrongpassword, whatshouldyou do?

  1. A) I shouldclick on “ I forgotmypassword” button
  2. B) I shouldcallmyfriendand ask mypassword
  3. C) I mustfind a wayto break thepassword
  4. D) I think I should talktoinformationtechnologyteacher













8-Which sentencegivesthesame idea withthesentenceabove?


  1. A) IfyoucontinueusingyourTwitter, youwill be social
  2. B) Ifyoufreezeyouraccount, youwill be social in real life
  3. C) Ifyoulogoffyourprofile,nobody can see it
  4. D) Ifyou stop usingTwitter,yougetbored









9-Which one can be a betteranswerforthequestion?

A)Yes, I have. I learneddirectionslike, South, West etc.

  1. B) No, unfortunately not. I don’tknowaboutFalls
  2. C) I havebrokenonethatmyfriendgave me

D)Yes, I havetaken a freerunningcourse











10-What kinds of sportsarepossible in Germany?

  1. A) Diving, Jumpingout of a plane, Hang-gliding
  2. B) Scuba-divingwithsharks, snowboarding
  3. C) Bungee-jumping, hiking, paragliding
  4. D) Hiking, skydiving, skateboarding