8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. Üniteler LGS Deneme Sınavı (YENİ)

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. Üniteler LGS Deneme Sınavı (YENİ) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


Nancy: Did you hear about Ashley’s end-of-term party?

         Aileen:– – – – – .

      Nancy: Okay. It is on the 22nd of June after the exams finished.

  1. A) No, I do not want to hear anything about her
  2. B) I’m afraid I can’t make it
  3. C) Nobody told me anything
  4. D) Of course I did, but I can’t come




RedSquare                                   Taksim Square

RedSquare is one of themostandwell- knownsquares in theworldwithitshistorygoingbackto 15th century.It is located in Russiaand has gotseveralnameslike ‘Fire Square, or ‘Krasnyi’ thatmeansbeautiful. Anotherfamousandnearattraction in Russia is Kremlin Palace. Millions of touristsvisitthesetwohistoricalplaceseveryyear.

Taksim Square is themostknown modern citycenter of Istanbul. Many hotels and restaurantsare in orneartheSquareand on Istiklal Street, andthere is a localbus terminal for publictransportation andthe main subwaystation. Istiklalpedestrianstreet has manybars, nightclubsandmovietheatersthereforeit’salwaysbusywithyoungpeoplealmostfor 24 hours a day. TheSquare is alsothemeetingplacetocelebrate New Year’s Eve, parades, publicconcertsandothershows.Itwascreated in 1928.


Read thepassagesaboutRedand Taksim Squares.     Answerthefollowingquestionsaccordingtothetexts.

2- Where can youfindthiskind of information?


  1. A) Magazinesrelatedtofamoushistoricalsites
  2. B) Internet web sitesrelatedtobreakingnews
  3. C) Web pagesrelatedtojourneyorganizations
  4. D) Brochuresrelatedto modern historyplays



3-Which expression is nottrueaccordingtothetexts.

  1. A) Redsquare is in Moscow, Russia
  2. B) Taksim square is located in Ankara
  3. C) Redsquarehostsmillions of touristseveryyear
  4. D) Taksim square is full of hotels, barsandso on








4- Whichquestionbelow is not about how trendyyouare?

  1. A) How much do youspendfortechnology?
  2. B) Do youfollowfashion?
  3. C) Do youcareaboutwhatotherpeoplethinkaboutyourclothes
  4. D) How often do yougoshoppingforclothes?




5- Youseesomeactivitiesin thepicturesthatstudents can do at school. Look at thesentencesbelowandfindthesuitablecommentforthepictures.


  1. A) Childrencannotplayfootballwiththeirparents
  2. B) Teensare not intomusicalinstrumentsandplaying
  3. C) Studentsneedtocolorthingsto be successful

D)Kids should be physicallyactivetohave a healthy life








In Burma, cookscreate a strangeway of recipes of chicken. Normally in Turkey, forexampleweboil, grillorroastthechickenand as spicesweadd salt andotherherbs but in Burma, chefsfirstboilthechickensometimebetween 15-20 minutes. Thentheyprepare a specialsaucewithpeppersandsugar on it. Nextthey put thissauceontothechicken. Itgetscooked a bit more time in an oven. Finallytheycoverthechickenwithcheddarcheeseandthey put sweetthingsnextto it. Itlooksverydifferentand in fact it is, but thetaste is yummy.

6- Accordingtothetext, what is thedifferencebetweenTurkeyand Burma on cookingchicken?


A)Turkish Chefs coverthechickenwithcheddarcheese

  1. B) Burma chefsaddsweetinstead of salt

C)In Burma, cookspreparethechicken in oven

D)Cooks in Turkeypreparethe a specialsaucewithpeppers






They say, animals have only present sense of time but people have past, present and the future. It is how we are different from animals. This difference has an effect in using a language to communicate. Bees dance and create sounds for others to show where the flower is, elephants also make strange sounds but interestingly people can’t hear them because the sound is very thin or high. Dolphins sing songs if they want to attract the other ones. As you can imagine, they only tell something about the present.















7-Which of thefollowing is not aboutthetext?


  1. B) Animals can singanddancetocommunicate
  2. C) People havetheonlypresent sense of time





I- It is me, Henry

II- Hi, can I ask who is calling?

III- Hello, may I talk to Jennifer please.

VI- Hold on a minute, I’llconnectyourline


8-Find thecorrectorder of thedialogue.

  1. A) III,II,I,VI


  1. C) II,III,I,VI
  2. D) I,III,II,VI


9- Which of thefollowing is not abouttheimagesabove?

  1. A) Ali has uploaded his pictures on the net
  2. B) On Facebook, Bahar send her photosto her friends
  3. C) I think, I don’thaveconnection,Ican’tdownloadanything
  4. D) Thecomputer is not runningverywell



10-Whichpicture is aboutsailing?

  1. A) B)
  2. C) D)