Ana Sayfa / Tests / 8th Grade Tests / 8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Üniteler LGS Deneme Sınavı (YENİ)

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Üniteler LGS Deneme Sınavı (YENİ)

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. Üniteler LGS Deneme Sınavı (YENİ) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


  1. Jonathan: I’m very happy today. Because my cousins are coming to town for my birthday party.

         Johnny: – – – – –

         Jonathan: I’m turning 18.

  1. A) What are you going to buy?
  2. B) How oldareyougoingto be?
  3. C) Great news, let’s have fun together!
  4. D) When is your birthday?






One of myfavoriteattractions is Abant Lake. It is a gorgeouslake.It is 40 kmsfromthecentre of thecity, Bolu. It has a relaxingviewwith silence. It has a recreationalimpact on people. Aroundthe lake, you can tryhorseridingwith a guideorwithouthim. Therearevariouskinds of birdsandlivingcreatures in andaroundthe lake. How spectacular!


2- Whichsentencebelow is trueforthetext?


  1. A) You can stay far fromthecitynoisethere.
  2. B) You can livethefourseason at thesame time.
  3. C) It is famousforhorseraceandhunting.
  4. D) The lake is close a citycalled Sakarya.
















Hello, I’m Melih. I’m a part-time worker in a cafe as a waiter at weekends. I servetothecustomersdifferentordersandsomeothertimes I havetoget in thekitchenandhelpthecookforsimpleworkssuch as cuttingthevegetables, helpingthecleaningupthefloorandlastlydusttheshelves. My only problem is aboutworkinghours, because Imuststayverylateuntil 10 pm at nightandstartthejob in theearlymorning at 7 am. I don’thavetowork on weekdays.


3- Read thetextandfindwhichquestiondoesn’thave an answer.

  1. A) Whodoes he help in thecafe?
  2. B) What is his problem withthework?
  3. C) When is the break time duringthework?
  4. D) Whendoes he work in thecafe?




Below, table issharedhouseholdchores of Brian’sfamily

Me Dad Mum Sister
Set thetable Do thegroceryshopping Cleanthehouseup Make her bed
Tidytheblocks Weedthegardenandsweepleaves Load/Emptythedishwasher,mopthefloor Help mum


4- Who has theleastresponsibilities at home?

  1. A) Brian
  2. B) His dad
  3. C) His mum
  4. D) His sister


5- Accordingtothetable, whichone is correct?

  1. A) Brian’sfather is responsibleforindoorchores
  2. B) Brian’smotherwashesthedishes
  3. C) Briancleanstherooms














6- Whereshould Frank go in Chinatoseeveryoldbuildingsortemples?



B)The Great Wall of China

  1. C) Lake Namsto

D)Lijiang Ancient Town


Everyone says that Britain is great place to sightsee. Many of the attractions are very close to each other and it only takes a few hours to have a trip. However, there is a problem about these wanderings because as some of the people know, especially London is famous for having severe rain and bad weather conditions. I think the thing you have to be careful about is this.












7- What do youhaveto be carefulabout in Britain trips?


  1. A) Youshouldcarry an umbrellawithyou
  2. B) Youshouldbringyourbackpackwithyou
  3. C) You do not haveto buy ticketsforthetrips
  4. D) Youneedtobringyourcamerawithyou
















I-Hithere. Am I talkingtoTom?

II-Yeah, who is this?

III- – – – – –

VI- Alrightthen. Seeyouthere.


8-Which of thefollowingsentences is appropriatefortheblank in thedialogue?

A)This is Jennyspeaking. Arethedocumentsready?

B)HelloMr. Tom, how areyou?

C)It is thesecretarytalkingandthemeeting is at school.

D)I’m Tom’ssister. Can I talk to John?


9- What can younot do on the Net?


  1. A) Payingthebills
  2. B) Reading news
  3. C) Orderingsomething
  4. D) Trying on newclothes




Here is the recipe of famous Chinese chicken salad.

First you cut the chicken breast and put the pieces in the frying pan. Of course, it should have some oil in it. Then boil the chicken in the oil for some time. Next, take the chicken pieces from the pan and put them in a glass bowl. Finally add green leaves, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and spices. Enjoy it!











 10- Whichpart of thefollowingsentences has a mistake?

  1. A) FamousChinesechickensalad.
  2. B) Thenboilthechicken in theoil
  3. C) Addgreenleaves, lettuce, cucumber
  4. D) Next, takethechickenpieces