8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Üniteler Deneme 11 (LGS Tipinde)

8. Sınıf İngilizce 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Üniteler Deneme 11 (LGS Tipinde) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


What kind of outfits does Madeleine prefer wearing?
A) Fashionable outfits
B) Make up
C) Casual clothes
D) Trendy dresses
This is a text from – – – – .
A) a postcard
B) a letter
C) a advertisement
D) an invitation card
Which of the following isn’t mentioned in the text?
A) Weather
B) Entertaining Activities
C) Tourist attractions
D) Accommodation
4. Mom : Mary! Can you help me with the dinner?
Mary : Of couse yes. How can I help you?
Mom : First, peel the potatoes please.
Mary : OK. Then?
Mom : Chop the onions, please.
Mary : Sorry mom. I can’t stop my tears when I do it.
Mary didn’t chop the onions because, – – – – .
A) she cries when she chops them
B) she hates cooking
C) she doesn’t like chopping onions
D) she likes helping her mother
Fashion isn’t for me. I don’t care about fashion and models. I usually wear comfortable clothes, like jeans, T-shirts and sports shoes or boots in winter. Most of my friends wear the same kind of clothes. We don’t talk about famous models, music is our favourite topic of conversation.
I don’t use make-up because I’m too young and my skin is fresh and clean.
Madeleine Whooper.
Dear Melissa,
I hope you are well. Guess what! I am having a big birthday party next week at my house and I am inviting all my close friends. I need to let everyone know by Wednesday since I am throwing the party next Saturday. Sam is going to decorate the house and my mother is going bake a cake and make lots of food. There is going to be music and dancing as well. John is going to be the DJ. You can stay over at my house. It’s going to be great! I hope to see you then. Love, Sarah
One of my favorite tourist destination is Mexico. I really like the weather there because it never gets cold. The people are very nice too. They never laugh at my bad Spanish. The food is really good. Mexico City is a very interesting place to visit. It has some great museums and lots of fascinating old buildings. The hotels are too expensive to stay but there are cheaper options. For example, you can stay at one of the beach resorts like Acapulco. If you are planning to visit Mexico, you should definitely see the Mayan temples near Merida.
5. Adam : Hi, Matt. What are you doing tomorrow?
Matt : Nothing much. Why?
Adam : I’m going to attend an adventure camp.
Do you want to join?
Matt : Which activities are there in the camp?
Adam : Kayaking, rafting and canoeing.
Matt : Unfortunately! I’m not into these kinds
of activities.
Why does Matt refuse the Adam’s offer?
A) He dislikes water sports.
B) He is an adrenalin junkie.
C) He can’t swim well.
D) He’s not into air activities.
Find the sentence in the messages that shows Paul
backs Robert up.
A) What’s up?
B) You will bring only your trainers.
C) You are really a great buddy.
D) I can lend you my racket.
Which of the following that Brad uses to keep in touch with his friends?
A) B)
C) D)
Brad isn’t keen on sophisticated technologies and he prefers writes letters or sends postcards to his friends to communicate. He doesn’t have any cell phones or tablets. He sometimes leaves short notes.
Hi, Robert. What’s up?
Great, Paul! Thanks, and you?
Well. Our school is organizing a tenis competition this Sunday.Fancy joining us?
Don’t worry.I can lend you my racket. You will bring only your trainers.
Oh, you are really a great buddy.See you there.
I’d love to but my racket is broken.
How tall?
93 mt.
147 mt.
96 mt.
How many tourists?
7 million
8 million
12 million
When did it build?
2550 B.C.
Which one is true according to the table?
A) The Great Pyramid is shorter than Big Ben.
B) Statue of Liberty has the most visitors.
C) Big Ben is older than The Great Pyramid.
D) The Great Pyramid is the tallest of all.
9. ve 10. Soruları parçaya göre cevaplayınız.
9. According to the text – – – – .
A) Tourists can go swimming in the canals.
B) There are no places to see in this place.
C) Venice has various accommodation choices.
D) You can’t taste any traditional food.
10. There are a lot of hotels in Venice because, – – – – .
A) Venice has lots of local food
B) Venice is a small city
C) people don’t drive cars or use roads
D) Venice is a touristic place
Venice is a small city, and about 75,000 people live there. Tourism is very important, so there are a lot of places to stay there. There are also many art galleries and old palaces. People don’t drive cars or use roads. They walk or travel by boat on the canals. Tourists enjoy trips in small boats called gondolas.
Venice is the one of the most important tourist destination in Italy. Thousands of tourists visit the old city at Easter and at carnival time in February. Another popular festival is the Vogalonga in May. People sit in cafes and talk, or they go to restaurants and enjoy local food. They also go swimming, but not in the canals