8. Sınıf LGS Gelme ihtimali Olan-Kaynaklarda En Çok Çıkan 50 Soru (Tavsiye Edilir)

8. Sınıf LGS Gelme ihtimali Olan-Kaynaklarda En Çok Çıkan 50 Soru (Tavsiye Edilir) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.




1- Bahar : Do you have any plans on Sunday afternoon?
Bella : – – – –
Bahar : We are going to the theatre. Do you want to join us?
A) No, I have no plan .Why do you ask?
B) Yeah, I have so many things to do.
C) I don’t understand you.Could you repeat?
D) It is not your business but I have a plan.

2- Mertcan : How do you usually keep in touch with your friends ?
Taylor : – – – – .
A) My mother always calls me
B) I usually go home after school
C) I usually send text messages
D) My sister broke my phone
3- Jane : Hello, Jane speaking. Can I speak to Kenan please?
Zeliha : Hi, Jane. I am sorry, – – – – Would you like to leave a message? Jane : No, thanks. I’ll call back later.
A) he is not available at the moment.
B) can you hold on a moment?
C) one moment, please!
D) could you please repeat that?
4- Batuhan : – – – – ?
Carol : I usually make a phone call or I speak face-to-face.
A) Do you prefer making a phone call to texting
B) How many friends do you have in social networks
C) Do you like sending an email to communicate
D) How do you usually keep in touch with your friends
5- Sara : Can I speak to Jessie, please?
Penny : – – – –
Sara: Sara Mendez.
Penny : Ok. I am putting you through now.
A) Could I ask who’s calling, please?
B) Can you hold on a moment,please?
C) She isn’t available right now.
D) She doesn’t want to speak with you.
6- Enes : – – – –
Peter : No, I don’t. Do you have any ideas?
Enes : Yes. Maybe we can go out and enjoy together.
Peter : I’d love to. I’ll call you to determine the time.
A) Do you have any plans for tonight?
B) What about finishing the project?
C) Do you need any help for your homework?
D) Would you like to watch a film?
7- Peter : Hello, Peter is speaking. Can I speak to Serkan, please?
Büşra: Hi, Peter. I am sorry. He isn’t available now. – – – – ?
Peter : No, thanks .I’ll call back later.
A) What about calling later
B) Would you like to leave a message
C) Pardon? Could you please repeat that
D) May I ask who is calling
8- Clara : – – – – ?
Tolga : Hımm, approximately five hundred.
Clara : Are you serious? Do you really spend so much time on your mobile phone?
A) How many books do you read in a month
B) How many students are there in your school
C) How many text messages do you usually send a day
D) How many friends do you have in your school band
9- Gözde : Hello, this is Gözde. Daniel : Hello, could I speak to Mrs.Yılmaz, please?
Gözde : I’m sorry, she isn’t available now. Daniel : Could you ask her to call me back?
Gözde : Yes, sure. – – – – ?
Daniel : Daniel Bank and it is 555 23 89.
A) Can I take your name and number, please
B) Can you hold on a moment, please
C) Could you please repeat that
D) Can I speak to Matt please
I- I’m sorry, she isn’t available now.
II- Could you ask her to call me back?
III- Hello, can I speak to Caroline, please? IV- Hello, who is calling?
V- I’m Meg, her project partner.
Yukarıdaki telefon görüşmesinin doğru sıralanışı seçeneklerden hangisinde verilmiştir?
A) III – V – I – II – IV
B) IV – I – II – V – III
C) IV – III – V – I – II
D) III – IV – V – I – II
11- Serhat: Are you going to do anything in the afternoon?
Billy: ……… it’s a bad line. Could you please repeat that?
Serhat: Do you have any plans in the afternoon?
Billy: No, I don’t. Why do you ask?
A) He’s not available at the moment.
B) I can’t hear you very well.
C) I’ll call back later.
D) Hope you can come.
12- I don’t like technological devices and I prefer – – – – – communication with my friends.
A) face-to-face
B) e-mail
C) mobile phone
D) social network
13- Sena: Hello,Sena speaking. Frank: Hi,Sena. This is Frank. Is your sister in ?
Tim: Oh, yes. One moment please,
A) Could I speak to Jill ?
B) I’II get her.
C) Thanks for calling. Got to go now.
D) I will get him soon.
14- If you spend too much time on the Internet, you can be an Internet – – – – .
A) connection B) social
C) addict D) habit
15- Jake : – – – – ?
Kürşat : About 3 hours.
A) How many favourite TV programmes do you have
B) How many hours a day do you use the Internet
C) Do you have Internet access at your home
D) Do you like spending time with your cat
16- Emma : Hello, Nebi. How are things with you?
Rabia : Everything is OK, thanks. What about you?
Emma : I am trying to connect to the Internet on my tablet but I can’t. – – – – ? Rabia : Of course. I’ll be there in ten minutes.
A) Who found the problem
B) Can you come and help me
C) Can you tell me your problem
D) Who can use the Internet best
17- – – – – are Internet services you use by entering a username and password.
A) Comments
B) Attachments
C) Accounts
D) Search Engines
18- Ann : Hello, Gülay. This afternoon,
I am going to go to the movies with Selen. Would you like to join us?
Zübeyde : – – – –
Ann : OK. Have a nice trip. Take care.
A) I’d love to but I can’t. We are going abroad.
B) I’d love to. What time are you going there?
C) It would be great but I have to do my homework.
D) Ohh! It is awesome, I’ll certainly be there on time.
19- Harun : Who uses the Internet most in your family?
April : – – – – .
A) My little brother, Jason
B) My friend sends me emails very often
C) My teacher always encourages me to use it
D) My neighbour works in an Internet company
20- Rebecca : – – – -?
Mustafa : Once or twice a week / Several times a week
A) How much money do you spend a day
B) How often do you go online
C) Do you have any homework
D) Do you read English boks
21- Clara : – – – -?
Beren : I (use it to) do shopping and search for information.
A) Do you spend much time on the Net
B) How often do you use the Internet
C) Why do you use the Internet / What do you do online / How do you use internet
D) Where do you use the Internet
22- One of the best things about the social media is that you can – – – – your photos and share them with your friends.
A) confirm
B) identify
C) register
D) upload
23- You are not good at using computers and you have a problem with the Internet and can’t use it. You call your friend. You say:
A) How do you get an email account?
B) Could you help me to buy a new computer?
C) Can you help me with my connection problem, please?
D) Who can show me how to use my smartphone?
24- You have an Internet connection problem. You couldn’t fix it and have decided to call the customer services. You say:
A) What kind of computer products do you sell?
B) Could you help me with my Internet connection?
C) I don’t want to use your Internet services anymore.
D) I don’t understand why I have such a high Internet bill.
25- Your friend invites you to a party but you won’t join and want to make an excuse, you say : – – – –
A) I don’t like you and don’t invite me again
B) I like parties, you know. I may join to the party
C) I have a plan more important than your party
D) I want to join but I have to finish my school Project
26- Sude : – – – – ?
Bill : I get up at 07:30.
A) How often do you get up early
B) Did you sleep late yesterday
C) What time do you get up
D) Do you wake up late
27- Aslı: Shall we go to a cafe for a drink tomorrow evening?
Jack: I am not feeling well. I have a headache. Maybe later.
Aslı: ………
a) Congrulations
b) It’s fantastic
c) What a great news
d) I’m sorry to hear that
28- Leo : – – – – ?
Emre : I really enjoy (like, love, fond of, prefer) going rafting.
A) What does your sister enjoy doing in her summers
B) Do you prefer cooking at home or eating fast food
C) Did you see me while I was rafting yesterday
D) What do you like doing on your holidays/vacations/free time/spare time
29- I prefer trekking to jogging because it is more entertaining and – – – – for me.
A) fascinating B) dangerous
C) boring D) tiring
30- “Parachute diving is less dangerous than hang gliding.”
Yukarıdaki cümleye anlamca en yakın cümle aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?
a) The most dangerous sport is parachute diving.
b) Hang gliding is easier than parachute diving.
c) Hang gliding is more dangerous than parachute diving.
d) Parachute diving is as dangerous as other extreme sports.
31- Martin: What do you think about bungee-jumping?
Merve: I think, it is ………. I am afraid of doing extreme sports.
a) boring
b) dangerous
c) entertaining
d) funny
32- Hicran: I think parachute diving is more entertaining than canoeing.
Henry: ……….
a) That’s better
b) I agree with you
c) I’d love to
d) Never mind
33- Muhammed: Why do you prefer bungee jumping to canoeing?
Picasso: Because bungee-jumping is more – – – – .
A) boring
B) amusing/challenging
C) terrible
D) disappointing
34- Busenur: – – – – ?
Melissa: I think they like to push and test themselves.
A) Why do people like dangerous sports
B) Do you think that people enjoy freedom
C) Which extreme sports do you like most
D) Do people want to talk about extreme sports
35- Bungee jumping, sky diving and motor racing are some examples of the
– – – – .
A) indoor activities
B) adventure sports/extreme sports
C) medical treatments
D) adrenalin seekers
36- Jane: Did you try rafting when you were in Fethiye last summer?
Ayşenur : Yes, I did.
Jane: How did you feel when you were doing it?
Ayşenur : I loved it and it was really – – – –
A) ridiculous
B) unbearable
C) narrative
D) heart-stopping
37- (I) I would rather go trekking than rock climbing because it is easier.(II) So I joined a trekking club last year. (III) I am an adrenalin seeker. (IV) I went to forest the with club members for that sport the previous weekend.
Yukarıda verilen paragrafın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi işaretleyiniz.
38- Enescan : Who do you usually do sports with?
Helen : – – – – .
A) By bus
B) At the sports club
C) In the evenings
D) With my buddies
39- Michael : – – – – ?
Süleyman : About 18 kilos.
A) How much does a mini motorbike weigh
B) How fast is a mini motorbike in a race
C) Where did the concept of motorbike begin first
D) Is a mini motorbike heavier than a normal motorbike
40- Şüheda : I will join the extreme sports competition.
Jennifer: How exciting!
Şüheda : Yes, I can’t wait any more.
Jennifer: – – – – ?
Şüheda : $7
A) How fast are you
B) When is the competition
C) Where is the event taking place
D) How much is the registration fee
41- Lisa : I am planning to try parachute diving next summer. Would you like to join me?
Elanur: Yes, – – – – . I am a real adrenalin seeker.
A) that sounds challenging
B) that is not very good
C) that’s unbearable
D) that’s not true
42- Rümeysa: Where did you go for vacation last summer?
Bob: I went to Antalya.
Rümeysa: ………. did you stay there?
Bob: Ten days, I guess.
a) How much
b) How long
c) How many
d) How fast
43- Lily: Hi, Jen. I’m going to the riverside with Helen this evening. Would you like to come with us?
Jen: – – – – . What time are you going to go there?
Lily: Around 5 p.m.
Jen: OK. I’ll be at your house at 4.45 then.
A) Maybe next time
B) I am afraid I can’t
C) I am sorry but I am busy
D) I’d love to
Yukarda verilen bilgilere göre aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenebilir?
a) You can give strangers your address, telephone number etc.
b) You can hang out with your online friends.
c) You shouldn’t tell anything to your family if something makes you feel uncomfortable.
d) Nobody should know your password except your family
45- Emily : There is a pop concert tomorrow. Shall we go together? Ben : – – – – . I think it is unbearable.
A) I’m not really into pop music / I can’t stand listening pop music
B) Of course, I’d love to
C) Pop music is my favourite
D) I prefer listening to pop music
46- Katie : What do you think about Richard?
David : He isn’t a true friend. Katie : Why do you think so? David : Because – – – – .
A) he always backs me up
B) I can get on well with him
C) we share the same interests
D) he hardly ever tells the truth
47- Brad: ………………….?
Katie: No, because I never do extreme sports such as rafting, bungee jumping etc.
a) How often do you go bungee jumping
b) Are you an adrenalin seker
c) What do you think about extreme sports
d) Which extrme sports do you want to try
48- Teacher: …………………..? Eda: Because I think canoeing is less dangerous than hang gliding.
a) Do you think you are an adrenalin seeker
b) How often do you go canoeing
c) What do you like doing in your free time
d) Why do you prefer canoeing to hang gliding
49- Berivan: Do you think you are an internet addict?
Sammy: Sorry, I didn’t understand. ——– Berivan: Do you spend much time on the Net?
a) What do you want?
b) How are things?
c) What do you mean?
d) Who is the sender?
50- Mark: – – – – ?
Jerry: I usually listen to music, go to the cinema, meet my friends and visit
my grandparents.
A) When do you visit your parents
B) Where do you go on your holidays
C) How do you spend your weekends
D) How often do you meet your friends
➢ Don’t share your password with anyone except your parents
➢ Never agree to meet an online friend in person
➢ Tell your parents if you see a bad online behaviour
➢ Never give strangers your personal information