8. Sınıf 1. Ünite LGS Deneme

8. Sınıf 1. Ünite LGS Deneme günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.




Aslı: To me, —-


Mary : Yes. It is important to tell the truth.




  1. having arrogant mates is bad.


  1. a good friend should be honest.


  1. sneaky people are around us.


  1. you and I get on well with each other.








Waiter : What would you like to have, sir?


Eric     : I’d like to have grilled chicken.


Waiter : —-?


Eric     : No, thanks. Just coffee, please.




  1. Would you like to have a dessert?


  1. Anything else to drink?


  1. Can you look at the menu?


  1. Do you want some more soup?










John        : —- ?


Jessica : It sounds awesome. Where are we going to meet?


John        : I will pick you up if you want.


Jessica : OK. See you on Saturday evening.




  1. How about a slumber party at my house?


  1. At the weekend, a local music band is playing. Right?


  1. Would you like to go the match with me?


  1. Do you know the place?
  1. Ali: “I would like to have chicken soup, please”




Which picture shows Ali’s order?








  1. A) B)















  1. C) D)












My best friend, Okan, is really a tactful and trutful boy. I think, —-.








  1. I can count on him.


  1. He does not support me.


  1. He is a bad friend.


  1. We sometimes argue.



  1. They sometimes have slumber parties with the girls, so they can chat about many things all night.



Which picture shows the activity above?


















































Erica    : How about going to the rock concert




Laura : —–. I don’like that type of music.




  1. Why not?


  1. That sounds fun.


  1. Yes, that’s a good idea.


  1. I’d love to, but I can’t.



I and my best friend always help and support each other.




  1. depend on


  1. back up


  1. get on well


  1. argue




Answer the questions (9-10) according to the invitation card below.























  1. The invitation card invites us to a —-.


  1. birthday party


  1. class reunion


  1. tea party


  1. picnic






Which one is TRUE according to the invitation card?




A We don’t know the date of the party.


  1. The party is going to be at John’s school.


  1. John is eight years old now.


  1. ) They will celebrate it at the weekend.






Answer key:


  • B


  • A


  • C


  • D


  • A


  • C


  • D


  • B


  • A 10 D