Ana Sayfa / Genel / 8. Sınıf 1. Ünite LGS Deneme-2

8. Sınıf 1. Ünite LGS Deneme-2

8. Sınıf 1. Ünite LGS Deneme-2 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.




Jack : Do you like listening to the music?


Paul : Not really. Why?


Jack : —- . How about joining us?


Paul : Sorry but I can’t.




  1. I love going to the theatre.


  1. We are organizing a bowling tournament.


  1. There is a rock concert at a nice place.


  1. We have great fun at slumber parties.






Julia and her friends like attending exciting activities together.




Which pictures shows an activity Julia and her friends like doing together?







































Mark : We are going to celebrate Susan’s birthday tomorrow evening. Would you like to come to the party?


Sarah : Why not? —-.


Mark   : OK. See you tomorrow then.




  1. That’s not a good idea.


  1. It sounds awesome.


  1. It doesn’t matter.


  1. I love talking about memories.







Who can go to the cinema with me?








George : I’m so bored at the moment.


Sally        : I have another plan.


Mert         : I am too busy.


Hakan     : I can’t because I must go home early.




Find the person who can go to the cinema with Merve.


  1. A) Hakan B) Sally C) Mert         D) George






Tom : “I need tactful and amusing people around me .”



Which person can be Tom’s best friend?


  1. A) Mary > Sharing is important for me.


  1. B) Matt > I don’t like aggressive people.


  1. John > I am always honest with my friends.


  1. Erica > A good friend should keep secrets.















Şule is my best friend. I can always trust her. She is also a loyal person.










Which picture shows a dish in the menu?








































  1. Imagine that you are at a restaurant and you would like to have a dessert. What do you say?




  1. I’d like to drink tea, please.


  1. Can you bring me a mixed kebab?


  1. May I take your order?


  1. A piece of apple pie, please.



Which sentence is TRUE for Şule and Leyla?




  1. They get on well with each other.


  1. Leyla does not depend on Şule.


  1. Şule is arrogant and tells lies.


  1. They always argue.




Answer the questions (9-10) according to the e-mail below.














  1. Angelina —-.




  1. refuses the invitation.


  1. is not going to attend the event.


  1. would love to join the activity.


  1. is sorry because she can’t go.




  1. Jess —-.




  1. is inviting Angelina to a family reunion.


  1. is organizing an event for his students.


  1. is sending an e-mail about his project.


  1. hopes to see his old classmates.








  • C


  • A


  • B


  • D


  • B


  • C


  • D


  • A


  • C 10 D