8. Sınıf 2. Ünite LGS Deneme-4

8. Sınıf 2. Ünite LGS Deneme-4 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


Which picture shows John’s preference?













































Ceren : What sports do you do regularly?


Aslı       : I often play tennis.


Ceren : —-.


Aslı        : With my best friend.




  1. What do you need to play it?


  1. Who do you play tennis with?


  1. Do you play it with your parents?


  1. Why do you play tennis?



My father drives me to


school every morning.





Which picture shows the sentence above?




  1. A) B)










  1. C) D)


















Which option expresses the picture best?




  1. After I go to school by bus, I have breakfast.


  1. After I have breakfast, I run for the school bus.


  1. I run for the school bus when I have breakfast.


  1. D) I have breakfast. Then I walk to school.






Joe     : Which language do you prefer speaking?


Martin : I prefer French because —-.


Joe        : That’s interesting.




  1. I find it so romantic.


  1. It sounds boring.


  1. I think it is difficult.


  1. It is not fun.




Reporter : Do you follow the news?


Jeremy    : Yes. I pay attention to the news.


Reporter : —-?


Jeremy   : I watch TV news at least once per day.




  1. When do you read the newspaper?


  1. Do you like the TV news?


  1. What do you do in your free time?


  1. How do you follow it?























Which picture shows an activity in Tom’s likes list?


  1. A) B)













  1. C) D)



  • typical day in my life starts at about 7:00.




Find the same meaning with the underlined word.




  1. huge


  1. trendy


  1. ordinary


  1. unbearable




Answer the questions (9-10) according to the text below.


  Hi, my name is Selin. The things that
  interest me are computers, and
  technology. My favourite school
  subject is Information Technology.
  People say about me that I am skilled
  at using computer. I’d like to learn
  more about computers because I’d like
  to be a computer engineer in the
  future. I spend most of my free time
  reading books about computers and
  technology. As a teenager I should pay
9. more attention to my future job.
We understand from the text that Selin —-.




  1. is interested in fashion.


  1. needs to keep up with the latest technology.


  1. likes reading books about history.


  1. isn’t good at technology.






Selin would like to be a computer engineer because —-.


  1. she is worried about her future.


  1. she isn’t realistic.


  1. usually surfs the Internet.


  1. she likes technology and computers.





  • D


  • B


  • C


  • B


  • A


  • D


  • A


  • C


  • B 10 D