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8. Sınıf 2. Ünite LGS Deneme-6

8. Sınıf 2. Ünite LGS Deneme-6 günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.


I am Emel and I have a very busy weekend every week. I get up late and have breakfast with my best friend on Saturday mornings. I attend my music school from 11:00 to 13:30. I chat with my friends online in the evenings. I go to the movie theatre with my school friends on Sunday afternoons and I visit my grandparents and have dinner with them in the evenings.


What can be the best title for the text?


  1. Personal Traits


  1. Cultural Heritage


  1. Daily Routines


  1. Cooking Classes



  1. Kübra: Do you ever go to the gym?


Şule : Yes, I do, but I rarely go there. Three or four times a month. What about you, Kübra?




Kübra: Well, I never practice but I often play computer games. I think I am too lazy.


Which of the followings completes the dialogue?


  1. What do you think about doing karate?


  1. How often do you exercise?


  1. What sports would you like to try?


  1. Why do you do it?




  1. Oğuzhan: What do you do in your free time, Emre?


Emre : I usually watch TV. I love watching all types of TV programmes.


Oğuzhan: Well, I sometimes watch basketball matches on TV, but that’s all.


Emre    : ……………………………, Oğuzhan?


Are your grades good?


Oğzuhan: Sure, I always study and I get high grades.


Which of the followings completes the dialogue?


  1. What about your lessons?


  1. What do you do with your friends?


  1. How often do you go out?


  1. Where do you take basketball courses?



  1. Ersin : Who is your favourite singer?


Sandra: My favourite singer is Tarkan. I really love him.


Ersin : ………………………………… Why do


you like Tarkan?


Sandra: Well, I think I love his voice and the rhythm in his songs.


Which of the followings completes the dialogue?


  1. Do you like listening to pop?


  1. Would you like to listen to one of his songs later?


  1. I don’t know much about him.


  1. What types of music do you like?






1- I use my favourite smartphone application for chatting with my friends.


2- I would like to be a video blogger.


3- I’m skilled at writing comments on trending topics.


4- I enjoy spending most of my money on shopping online.





a-                                                 b-






c-                                                  d-





Read the sentences and look at the pictures above and match the sentences with the correct pictures.



  1. 1-d / 2-c / 3-b / 4-a


  1. 1-d / 2-a / 3-b / 4-c


  1. 1-c / 2-d / 3-b / 4-a


  1. 1-a / 2-d / 3-c / 4-b


  1. Özgür: I don’t like listening to opera. To me, it is really boring. I prefer listening to pop I think it is trendy. I love going to Hadise’s concerts because her concerts are very exciting and fun.


According to the text, which of the followings is correct?


  1. He can’t stand listening to Hadise’s songs.


  1. He isn’t interested in listening to pop music.


  1. He thinks opera is unbearable.


  1. He prefers opera to pop.






  1. Mehtap: I think, teenagers aren’t realistic. Another problem is that they don’t always follow the rules.


Ahmet : In my point of view, teenagers don’t behave fairly. They also don’t protect their cultural heritage.


Zeynep: To me, teenagers don’t learn much about their history and traditions.


Cem : I love using photo and video sharing applications and sharing something on social media.


Whose following does NOT show a personal opinion about the teenagers in Turkey?


  1. Mehtap


  1. Zeynep


  1. Ahmet


  1. Cem






  1. Serenay takes cooking classes once a week. She takes cooking classes with her best friend, Ceren , at a cooking school. She usually attends the classes at 09:00 in the morning on weekends.


Which question is NOT answered in the text?


  1. Where does she take the classes?


  1. How often does she take cooking classes?


  1. How does she go to the cooking school?


  1. Who does take cooking classes with?


  1. Angelica: Tell me, Joe. Which language do you prefer speaking, French or Spanish?


Joe          : Well, I think I prefer speaking Spanish.


Angelica: ……………………………………


Joe          : Because many people speak Spanish all


over the world.


Which of the followings completes the dialogue?


  1. How often do you practice French?


  1. Why do you prefer it?


  1. What school is she studying at?


  1. What are you interested in?




  Saturday Sunday
Skydiving Cycling
Plans Skating Trekking


Which picture does NOT show an activity that Mustafa likes doing on weekend?



  1. A) B)







  1. C) D)