Task Based Learning Activities 5

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3-Problem Solvers

This activity can be adapted to almost any topic and can be restructured to any level. As the teacher, you can come up with a plethora of problems to present the students with. For example, you could describe a traffic problem that occurs in the city that your students live in. Tell them that they are part of a special committee responsible for brainstorming solutions and deciding on the one that best works for everyone in the community. On a more advanced scale, you could present a problem that a country is facing (i.e. an increasing number of refugees) and tell your students to work as UN aid workers trying to find viable options. However, if the students are advanced enough, have them write down common problems in their town, a country, or the world in general. Vote on which ones to use, or have one group switch papers with another.

Although this activity is a problem-solving task by nature, it includes other types of tasks, such as listing, comparing/contrasting, and evaluating. Be sure that each group comes up with multiple solutions before presenting the best one to the class. Simple, go-to responses should not be accepted- you really want to push them to brainstorm, listen to each others’ ideas, and evaluate pros and cons.