Task Based Learning Activities

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  1. Department of Tourism

Many students who are studying a second language are doing so because they are either living in the country where that language is spoken or they want to visit that country. We can make a task-based activity that will prepare them for the latter!

Ask your students to brainstorm what they remember seeing either in print or on TV when a travel destination is advertised. What stuck out in their minds? What made them want to go there? If they went there, what did they do while they were there? Did it meet their expectations?

Now have them think of a place in a country where the target language is spoken that they might like to visit. What is it about that place that draws them to it? What do they think of when they think of that place? Food, museums, scenery?

Now you can create small groups. If you already have a sense that several students are interested in the same place, go ahead and group them together. It will save time and arguments. If not, then either randomly divide the students or have them group themselves. Each small group should decide where they would like to travel, if that has not already been determined, and what they would use in a poster campaign to advertise that locale based on what they know about the place.

Because this activity requires gathering materials, the next step should be done outside of class—unless, of course, it is a class for much younger learners or other students that cannot do much research outside of class. In this case, you should divide the class, give each group a location and provide them with possible materials to use. The students will then design their own poster campaigns, complete with words and images, which they will then bring to the next class and present to their classmates as part of a tourism initiative.

As with other activities here, the students can vote on the best poster campaign. You can actually have several categories, including best use of visuals, best wording and most convincing—the one that gets the most students thinking, “I want to go there!”

Homework? Have your students write a letter to their parents asking for permission to go to the winning locale over Spring Break, being sure to explain why they want to go there, what they will do there and how, of course, being there will help their language to improve!