2019-2020 8. Sınıf Seçmeli İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 5 (40 SORU TEST)











Choose the correct answer (40×2,5=100pts)


1) A : ………..do you play soccer?

    B : Twice a month.               

  1. a) How often b) When
  2. c) Where d) Why


2) A: …… films does she like watching?

    B: She likes watching comedies.          

  1. a) Who b) When
  2. c) What kind of d) How


3) A:Would you like to come over tomorrow??

   B: …………………………. I am going to study for my exam.

  1. a) Of course. b) That sounds great !
  2. c) Why not? d) I would love to, but


4) A: How about going to a rap concert this weekend?

  B: ……………………… I am going to meet my friends.

  1. a) I would like to b)Yes, that’s great.
  2. c) Of course     d) I have another plan ,sorry.


5) Boşluğa uygun olmayan ifade hangisidir?

I’m very happy to have a few ……………… .

You can depend on them and feel happy.

  1. a) friends b) buddies
  2. c) strangers d) close friends


6) Ali:We are going to a concert tonight. Fancy joining us? Arda:That sounds great, but ……..

 I must study exam.


a)I would love to      b)I’ll definitely be there

c)Awesome             d)I can’t make it.


7) Esra:……………………..

İremnur:Thanks a lot. I am full.

a)Shall we go for a walk in the park?

b)Why don’t we go to cinema?

c)Do you want to come over after school?

d)Would you like some pasta?



8) “I am sorry but I can’t eat it. It is too ……..

for me. There is a lot of pepper in it.”

a)salty      b)sugar         c)spicy      d)tasty


9)  Okan: ……………………..

      Sıla: At 7 o’clock.

  1. a) How do you go to school?
  2. b) What time do you get up?
  3. c) What do you do after school?
  4. d) Where do you have lunch?



________, crack the eggs into a mixing bowl

________, slice the tomatoes

________, put all of them into a pan

________, cook it for 5 minutes. Enjoy your meal!

Yukarıdaki tarifteki boşluklara sırasıyla hangi kelimeler gelmelidir?

a)First / Finally / Next / After that

b)After that / Next / First / Finally

c)Next / First / Finally / Then

d)First / Next / After that / Finally


11) Misem: What do you prefer wearing?

Seray : I like being comfortable and relaxed

so I wear ……………….

  1. a) casual clothes b) a uniform

c)formal clothes        d)trendy clothes


12) Boşluğa hangisi getirilirse yanlış olur?

‘True friends ………………………’

  1. a) are always with you when you’re in need.
  2. b) are like your true brothers.
  3. c) can not get on well with you.
  4. d) have a lot of things in common.


13) I don’t get on well with my sister. I always ……….. with her.

  1. a) argue           b) back up
  2. d) count on d) apologize

14) Mehmet: Are you doing anything Friday after school?

Gizem:  Nothing special.

Mehmet: Would you like to go to cinema with us?

Gizem: ………………

  1. a) Enjoy yourself b) That would be
  2. c) I hope you d) Yes, please.


15) Ali:……… does she play volleyball?

 Merve:She plays volleyball after school.

  1. a) How b) When
  2. c) Where d) Why





16) ………….. flour, egg, salt and sugar in a large bowl.

  1. a) Mix b) Boil c) Knead            d) Chop


17)  Ahmet is a very honest boy. He never tells lie. You can always ……………….. him.

  1. a) get on well b) argue
  2. c) back up d) count on


18) Teenagers usually use their PCs, tablets or smart phones to – – – – with their friends.

  1. a) keep in touch b) leave a message
  2. c) hang on a minute d) speak face-to-face


19) I’m going to visit my grandparents.
• I’m not feeling well.
• I have to study then.
• …………………………..
Boşluğa aşağıdakilerden hangisi gelemez?

a) I’m busy that night.
b) I have to help my brother with his project.
c) I’d love to come.
d) I’m going to be at work.


20) Arda : This is vegetable soup.

Umut: What is in?

Arda : Mushrooms, onions, carrots and zucchinis are……….

  1. a) snack  b) process
  2. c) ingredients d) recipe


21) Teens mostly write text messages by using short combinations of numbers, words and symbols. For example, – – – -.

  1. a) they prefer talking on landlines
  2. b) languages are changing fast
  3. c) they are fast and fun
  4. d) number 2 means “to”


22) You want to invite one of your friends to your party but she didn’t answer the phone. So you’d like to leave a voicemail. What do you say?

  1. a) Hello, Sarah. This is Martin. I’m having a party tonight. Would you like to join us?
  2. b) Hello, Sarah. This is Martin. I’m busy that night. I have to stay home.
  3. c) Hi, Sarah. This is Martin. Thanks for inviting me to your party. I’m going to be there.
  4. d) Hi, Sarah. This is Martin. I can’t hear you well. I guess it’s a bad line


23) ………………….. For example, they get up and go to bed late. They eat a lot of junk food.


  1. a) Playing computer games is a bad habit.
  2. b) It’s healthy for teenegers to eat fruit.
  3. c) Teenagers should have good habits.
  4. d) Teenagers have a lot of bad habits.
I. No, I’m free. I don’t have any plans.

II. What about going on a picnic?

III. Are you doing anything on Sunday?

IV. That sounds good.






25) When I come back home from school.  I usually have an apple before dinner. That is my favourite……


  1. a) snack b) yeast     c) mixture    d) recipe


26 ve 27. soruları tabloya göre cevaplayınız.



First, put the eggs, sugar, flour and milk in a blender.

Then, blend the mixture for one minute.

Next, pour ½ cup of mixture into a frying pan.

After that, heat it until golden, then flip.

Finally, serve your pancake with honey.









26) Ingredients of pancake are……………


  1. a) blend the mixture for one minute
  2. b) serve your pancake with honey
  3. c) eggs, sugar, flour and milk
  4. d) heat it until it turns brown


27)………. after pour ½ cup of mixture into a frying pan

  1. a) Put the mixture into a blowl
  2. b) Heat it until golden, then flip
  3. c) Put the eggs, sugar, flour and milk in a blender
  4. d) Serve your pancake with butter and jam



   Merriam: I usually bake it. I sometimes grill it.


a)What is in Kabala Pılav?

b)What do you need for making lasagna?

c)How do you usually cook chicken?

d)How often do you eat fish?

29) Linda: Do you like comedies?

     Susan: …………………… I like thrillers.


  1. a) Why not?      b)Yes, I do

c)Sure                   d) Not really.

30) Taylor: What do you think about Rihanna?

   Jenny: She is my favourite singer……….

   Taylor: I agree with you. She is really amazing

  1. a) She is really terrible.
  2. b) I hate her music style.

c)She has very impressive voice

  1. d) I prefer listening to Jennifer Lopez.


31) A:   I want to eat fish. How can I cook it?

       B:   You can …………….. it.


      Uygun olmayan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.


  1. a) Grill b) Fry   c) Spread      d) Bake


32) A: Here is a(n) ……………. place.

        What about visiting here again next week?


  1. a) Unusual b) Ridiculous
  2. c) Boring d) Unbearable


33) Ayşe :   Don’t depend on me.

      Cenk :   All of my friends count on me.

      Aslı   :   I don’t get on well with my friends.

      Mert :   I never  lie to my buddies.


 İyi bir arkadaşın özelliklerini kimler taşıyor olabilir?


a)Ayşe-Mert             b)Cenk-Mert

c)Mert-Aslı               d)Aslı-Cenk


  • Cameron: Hey Philip, what is your problem with the

 new boy?

      Philip: He is talking too much. It is ………


  1. a) fun             b) energetic
  2. c) unbearable             d) trendy


35) Dean: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

     Sam: ………….I am fond of playing the

bass guitar. 


  1. a) My friends and I have a rock band.
  2. b) We make a short movie.
  3. c) I really like reading magazines.
  4. d) I take martial arts course.


36) John : Do you like eating out?

Susan : Yeah. Why do you ask?

 John : – – – -?

Susan : That would be great.

  1. a) Are you good at cooking meals
  2. b) Can you tell me the ingredients of pasta
  3. c) Do you know how to make yoghurt at home
  4. d) Would you like to go somewhere special tonight



37) Ernst : Do you often have fish and chips?

Arnold : Yes, I often have it when I eat out.

Ernst : – – – -?

Arnold : Really delicious.

  1. a) How does it taste b) When do you cook it
  2. c) Why is it so expensive d) What are the ingredients




38-39-40. soruları tabloya göre cevaplayın.



Margaret’s Schedule

  3:00 p.m. 4:30p.m. 6:00p.m 7:30p.m 9:00p.m.
Mon Study Swim Rest Study Bedtime
Tue Go online Reading Rest Exercise Bedtime
Wed Study Swim Rest TV Bedtime
Thu Study Reading Rest Study Bedtime
Fri Study TV Rest Exercise Bedtime


38) How often does Margaret do exercise?


  1. a) Everyday                             b) Always
  2. c) Twice a week d) Once a month


39)  What time does she usually go to bed?


  1. a) She goes to bed everyday.
  2. b) She studies at three p.m. on weekends.
  3. c) She gets up early everyday.
  4. d) She goes to bed at nine p.m.


40) What does Margaret usually do in the afternoon?


  1. a) She studies. b) She watches TV.

c She goes to bed.               d) She reads




    1) George : A Turkish breakfast starts with a nice cup of tea,   

however – – – – .

  1. a) it is a tasty choise for dinner
  2. b) I really love traditional Turkish tea cups
  3. c) I always prefer orange juice in my trip to İstanbul
  4. d) Turkish people love it very much


2) Arnold : – – – – ?

     Bruce : I like going to the cinema.


  1. a) What do you do in your free time
  2. b) What kind of activities does Liz do
  3. c) What would you like to eat
  4. d) What is your favourite subject


2019-2020 8. Sınıf Seçmeli İngilizce 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı 5 (40 SORU TEST) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için Tıkla İndir.

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