2019-2020 8. Sınıf İngilizce LGS 4. Ünite On the Phone Ünite Denemesİ


Choose the correct option to complete the dialogue.
Kevin: How do you keep in touch with your friends?
Sam: Usually with SMS. I find text messages very useful because ………… .

1. Which option completes the sentence best?
A) they cause a lot of problems.
B) they stop us talking to each other.
C) they are really difficult to use.
D) they make our lives easier.
Put the sentences in the correct order.
I. Same as always. Shall we meet?
II. Hello, Mike calling.
III. Everything is OK. What about you?
IV. Hello Mike, how are you?
V. OK. See you there, then.

2. Which is the correct order?
A) II – IV – III – I – V
B) I – II – III – IV – V
C) IV – III – II – I – V
D) II – I – III – IV – V
Look at the table and answer the question.
Communication among friends

3. Which sentence can be CORRECT according to the table given?
A) Suzy contacts Simon via SMS.
B) Paul keeps in touch with David by sending e-mails.
C) Simon uses instant messages while communicating with Paul.
D) Gabriel likes talking face to face with Mike.
Answer the question according to the dialogue.
George: ………………………………….?
Peter: Just a moment. ………………………?
George: I’m George from the tennis team.
Peter: I’m sorry she isn’t available now. ………………………………..?
George: No, I’ll call her later.
Peter: OK, I’ll tell her that you called.

4. Which question IS NOT asked in the dialogue?
A) Would you like to leave a message
B) Could you tell her to call me back
C) Who is calling, please
D) Could I speak to Melanie, please
Answer the question according to the graph.
Class 8-C Communication Preferences

5. The graph shows the communication types of class 8-C. According to the graph we can understand that ………………….. .
A) half of the class likes talking face to face interaction with each other
B) the number of messages is more than phone calls
C) social media is the least preference
D) most students use the Internet to keep in touch
Phone 25%
Text 20%
Social N. 45%
In person 10%
prepared by leventhodja

Answer the question according to the table.
How to make a phone call?
6. Which steps should we change to make a phone call?
A) 2 – 4
B) 1 – 5
C) 3 – 1
D) 5 – 4
Look at the survey and answer the question.
Our teacher Frank did a survey in our class about our communication preferences among our classmates. Here are the results;
 Twelve students communicate by making phone calls
 Eight students contact via e-mails
 Sixteen students keep in touch with social networking sites
 Four students like talking face to face

7. According to the results of the survey which is NOT CORRECT?
A) Forty students joined the survey.
B) Forty percent of the class uses Facebook or Instagram.
C) Twenty percent of the students like communicating in person
D) Thirty percent of the students use their phone to make a call
Suppose that your aunt phoned your mum and your mum is busy working in the kitchen. You answer the phone instead of your mother because her hands are dirty.

8. What do you say to your aunt?
A) I’ll get back to you in an hour.
B) Hang on a minute. I will get her.
C) Just a second. I will put you through.
D) I’m sorry she isn’t free now but she will ring you back soon.
Read the text and answer the question.
Kate: How do you keep in touch with your friends?
Mark: I usually use social networking sites.
Kate: For example?
Mark: My favourite application is Whatsapp. I like it because it’s cheaper than mobile calls and messages.
Kate: ……………………………………….?
Mark: Well, it’s totally free when you have a
wi-fi connection.

9. Which of the following completes the dialogue?
A) How often do you use it
B) What do you mean
C) Are you an Internt addict
D) How many people call you daily
Look at the list and answer the question.

10. Which sentence can be CORRECT according to the chronological order?
A) The invention of the telephone is before the radio.
B) People could use the telegraph after the telephone.
C) There are twenty years between the Internet and cell phone invention.
D) The history of communication started with messenger birds.
prepared by leventhodja

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