İngilizce Dersinde Oynanabilecek Oyunlar 6

Simple past with was/were

Divide the class into teams of 2 to 5 students. Each team receives a handout, and completes the questions with their own ideas. Briefly check the questions are OK. Then have a class quiz – Team A ask team B as question, then Team B ask team C a question, and so on. Keep the score on the board. Students complete the questions in teams then do the quiz



Was/were Quiz


Complete the questions, then ask other teams.


1. Who was the first _______________________?


2. What was the real name of _______________________?


3. Where was _______________________ born?


4. What nationality was _______________________?


5. Who president of the USA in _______________________?


6. Where were the _______________________ Olympic Games?





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