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8. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları 3 (ilk 3 ünite)

8. Sınıf 1. Dönem 2. Yazılı Soruları 3 (ilk 3 ünite) günceldir. Word dosyasını indirmek için          Tıkla İndir.


fashion – unusual – fold – celebrate – excuse- sew- intentions- swift –hard – ingredients – outfit



1.We are going to have a big party tonight to ______________ the end of the term.

  1. They want me to make a decision as soon as possible but I don’t want to make a ______________ decision.
  2. Mary doesn’t have any plans this weekend. In fact, She has no ______________ of going out. She’s going to stay at home and relax.
  3. I hope you have a good ______________ for not coming to the party.
  4. My sister is into cooking. She likes trying _____________ recipes such as spinach cake, chocolate sauced meat.
  5. I can’t cook İçli Köfte alone. It is a ______________ dish for me to cook.
  6. I need a new ______________ for the fancy dress party.
  7. My mother doesn’t ______________ at all. She always buys her clothes at the mall.
  8. Long dresses are in ______________ this year. Everybody wears them.
  9. Can you tell me the ______________ of vegetable pizza? What’s in it?



– Recipe of CACIK-

_______ pour two glasses of water slowly into yoghurt while mixing them.

_______ mash two cloves of garlic with a teaspoon of salt in a large bowl.

_______ First, peel the cucumbers and dice them finely.

_______  add yoghurt on the mashed garlic and mix them well.

_______ Finally, add the diced cucumber into the mixture and serve it cold.

a) peel         

b) slice           

c) boil           

d) stir         

e) fry       

f) roast   

g) chop




(    ) To cook something in hot water

(    ) To cut something into pieces with a knife.

(    ) To move something around with a spoon

(    ) To cook something in hot oil

(    ) To cut something into thin pieces.     

(    ) To take the skin of a fruit or vegetable




  1. I…………… soap operas. I think they are boring.        A) always                              B)  hardly ever
  2. I think country music is unbearable. I ………….listen to it. A)  usually                            B) never
  3. My school is close my home, so I ………… walk to school. A)  always                             B)  never
  4. I’m into fashion and I……….talk about fashion with my friends. A)  often                              B)  seldom
  5. I like being alone and I………….stay at home A)  hardly ever                     B)  always

“so that – beacuse – after –  before – when – while”

  1. Don’t stop stirring the soup _____________ cooking it.
  2. Can you slice the bread _____________ I can make some sandwiches for the dinner.
  3. I’d like to try Taco _____________ I like spicy food very much.
  4. In Brazil, they serve Feijoda only at noon _____________ it’s a very heavy dish.
  5. Fry the eggs and potatoes slowly _____________ the omellette doesn’t burn.
  6. _____________ cracking the eggs, add some salt into it and beat them well.
  7. Season the chicken with herbs and olive oil_____________ you put it into the pre-heated oven.
  8. Serve the dish immediately _____________ it is ready.
  9. A speacial machine presses the cocoa beans into liquid _____________ stirring it with milk and sugar to make chocolate.
  10. Mash the potatoes _____________ they are hot.


  1. “I am sorry but I can’t eat it. It is too …………….. for me. There is a lot of pepper in it.”


  1. A) salty B) sugar        C) spicy         D) tasty


  1. How long do you need to bake the bread?


  1. a) for thirty minutes b) thirty minutes ago
  2. c) three times a week d) three meters


  1. Altı çizili ifadenin yerine kullanılabilecek ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

Recep:How often do you hang out with friends?

İlayda: On Saturdays and Sundays.


  1. a) Every day a) On weekday a)On weeknights a) Twice a week


  1. Tuğberk: Which one do you prefer; travelling by plane or travelling by bus?

Yaren: …………….. It is faster.


  1. A) I don’t prefer any of them. A) I prefer travelling by bus.
  2. A) I prefer travelling by plane. A) I don’t like travelling.


5– (TEOG 2017-NİSAN)  

Tracy: I have got two tickets for the rock concert tonight. Shall we go together?

Susan: Yeah. That would be great. _________. What time does it start?


  1. a) I think it is unbearable a) I actually dislike music.
  2. a) I have nothing better to do a) I hope you feel better soon




6- (TEOG 2017-KASIM)      

Sally: Do you like eating French toast?

Jeremy: __________. I think it is tasteless.


b)That’s better     b) No problem

  1. b) Not really b) Sounds great


7- (TEOG 2017-KASIM)        

Anna: ______?                 Arda: By bus.


  1. a) When does he start work?
  2. a) Why does she go to work?
  3. a) Where does his father work?
  4. a) How does she usually go to school?


8- (TEOG 2017-KASIM)

Your friends invite you to watch an action movie. But you don’t like watching them. What do you say to refuse the invitation?


  1. a) It is a bad idea. I don’t like watching them.
  2. a) Sure. Action movies are my favorite.
  3. a) Sounds good. I like action movies.
  4. a) I’d like to. I’m into action movies.


9- Aşağıdakilerden hangisi verilen konuya uygun değildir?

“closing remarks of a letter”


  1. a) write to me soon
  2. a) see you later
  3. a) great to hear from you
  4. a) let me know as soon as possible





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